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How to Be A Mage in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Mainly rely on the magic skills as the main source of damage, Mage is a class that might be difficult to level up at first but gets easier to progress as you go further in the game. Mage can then change to Wizard with powerful offensive magic AOE (area of effect) skills or Sage that have more defensive abilities.

Unfortunately, Mage has low HP compared to the rest of the jobs available. This job, therefore, is not suitable for those who want to hunt alone. Besides having low HP, Mage also have low defense. You would also need a high MP to even put use of Mage’s skill. On the other hand, their casting skill is able to put out an an enormous and effective damage to be used in the battlefield.

Chose your spells and cast them on the enemy.

If you have chosen to be a Mage then you need to level up your INT (intelligence) for a better attack as well as DEX (dexterity) so that you could use casting skill quicker. Other than those two, you would need VIT (vitality) as an additional stat. Below are the specifications on how you could achieve both Wizard and Sage builds.

  • Wizard Build:
    • Basic Leveling Build – VIT: 60-80, INT: 90, DEX: 50-75, LUK: 20-40
  • Sage Build:
    • Basic Leveling Build – INT, VIT, DEX, LUK
    • Hindsight – AGI, INT, VIT

There is all what you need to be a Mage, Wizard and eventually a Sage. Let me know in the comments below on other things that you want to know about Ragnarok Mobile. Any tips and tricks along with other RPG-related articles will come in the near future.

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