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Fastest Ways to Get Silverstar in Laplace M

Laplace M Tips Silverstar

In Laplace M, Silverstar is one of the most useful currencies. When your character has reached level 50 or above, you will need abundant of Silverstar to upgrade equipment, skills, and cards. If you don’t have enough Silverstar, you will be unable increase your BR since you cannot upgrade your items.

Well, I am sure that you don’t want that to happen since the competition of the players is way too intense. So, make sure that you always have a good amount of Silverstar by doing these tips in Laplace M.

Easy Silverstar in Laplace M – Feed the Dog

The first easy way to get Silverstar is by feeding the dog of your friends or guild members. Each time you give them food, you will get 8.000 Silverstar. You can do this up to 15 times every single day. So, by just feeding the dog, the amount of Silverstar you can get every day is up to 120.000.

Laplace M Dog Feeding

Easy Silverstar in Laplace M – Defeat World Bosses

By defeating world bosses, you can obtain 20.000 Silverstar for each of the bosses. There are numerous world bosses in Laplace M and in many different locations. So, be sure to slay them all to get huge amount of Silverstar.

Wolrd Bosses

Easy Silverstar in Laplace M – Clear Daily Ancient Ruin

When you clear the ancient ruin, you can get 35.000 Silverstar every day. The fact that you can do this every single day is so tempting. Also, the elite monsters that you kill in the ancient ruin will give you up to 50.000 Silverstar. So, if you do this properly, you can get 85.000 Silverstar every day from this event.

Ancient Ruin

Easy Silverstar in Laplace M – Bet at Horse Racing

At horse racing, you do betting and cheering. When you bet on the player that wins the race, you can get some good amount of Silverstar. You can join this event every Wednesday at 8 PM. Tips for winning the betting, just choose the player that has the highest amount of supporters. By doing so, the chance of guessing the winner is higher.

Horse Racing

Easy Silverstar in Laplace M – Join the Bug Catcher Event

You can join the bug catcher event up to eight times every day.  The amount of Silverstar you can get is quite high if you do this as many times as you can. So, don’t waste this event to get a lot of Silverstar in no time.

Bug Hunt

Easy Silverstar in Laplace M – Participate in Guild Dance and War

Participating in guild dance and guild war can give you tons of Silverstar. For the dance only, you can get 100.000 Silverstar every time you do it. While in the guild war, the amount of Silverstar you can get depends on the rank of your guild. But, the amount is pretty much worth it when you need Silverstar a lot.

Guild War

Easy Silverstar in Laplace M  – Fight in the Temple of Light

Other than guild dance and war, you can join the guild event, Temple of Light. When you accomplish the event, you can get many rewards that include Silverstar, EXP, and items. So, when there is the Temple of Light event, be sure to be part of it.

Temple of Light

Easy Silverstar in Laplace M  – Ruins Duel

To get a lot of Silverstar, you can join in Ruins Duel. Similar with the guild war, the amount of Silverstar you can get depends on the rank that you achieve. The higher the rank, the more Silverstar you can obtain.

Ruins Duel

Easy Silverstar in Laplace M  – Use the Truesight

Every day, the game allows you to use the truesight feature eight times a day. You can make use of it get the hidden treasures spread all over the Laplace world. To know where to find those treasures, you can ask your friends or guild members, or you can see the visual guide of the treasure’s spot in the internet.

Laplace M Truesight

If you follow these tips, the amount of Silverstar that you have will never run out. Also, you will be able to spend as many Silverstar that you want to upgrade your character’s capability and increase the BR as high as possible.

Laplace M is now available on Android and iOS

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