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Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy! – Getting All the Available Jobs

In Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy!, you can get many different job that you can apply to Chocobo’s playstyleEach job offers distinctive skills and abilities that you can apply to make up strategies to beat the game’s challenges.

To get all the available jobs, you need to accomplish many different missions or tasks. Of course you will have to do this in order to get all the things that the game offers to you. In this guide, a list of all the available jobs and how to get those is shown below:

Getting Jobs – Freelancer

Freelancer is the basic job. At the start of the game, you will always be a freelancer. The abilities of this job are mostly attacking enemies in 1 tile radius. Later, you can get dig (get an item once every dungeon floor), and haste.


Getting Jobs – Knight

Naturally, you can unlock this job when progressing through the game’s story. After you accomplish the memories of Mayor Gales, you will automatically unlock knight job. In this job, you can get slowing skills and Aegis Skill that can apply protection to you or your buddy.


Getting Jobs – Black Mage

In order to get the black mage, you need to get to the 10th floor of the Temple of Flame dungeon. Near the gate, you will see the job memory for black mage. The abilities for this job are mainly elemental spells. You can also get the manaward spell that can nullify magic damage temporarily. The spell meteor can also be learned that can damage all enemies in 3 tile radius.

Black Mage

Getting Jobs – Thief

Getting the thief job is a bit tricky. First, you need to find the green trap tile. Step on it and you will get to either dungeon shop or the dual. If you managed to get to the shop, steal the large, yellow bag to unlock the thief job. As seen from the job’s name, you can learn the stealing ability. Alert skill is also a nice add because you can see the floor layout, including enemies, traps, and items.


Getting Jobs – White Mage

Accomplish the Pastor Roches dungeon to get this job. At the last floor of the dungeon, there is the white mage job memory that you can pick to unlock the job. Most of the white mage’s skills are healing and assisting abilities. You can also get the raise ability that allows you to revive a buddy.

White Mage

Getting Jobs – Dragoon

Complete the Mejas memories dungeon to get this job. You need to pick up the dragoon job’s memory before exiting the dungeon. In this job, you can get piercing and jumping abilities. You can also get the dragon power skill that can empower attacks.


Getting Jobs – Scholar

You can get the scholar job at the 10th floor of the Guardian of the Water dungeon. The job’s memory is located near the gate. With this job, you can appraise all items in bag. You can also boost the effect of medicine and books. The last skill, Mystical Tome, you will randomly cast Flare, Meteor, Sleepga, or Slowga to the enemies.


Getting Jobs – Red Mage

To get the red mage job, you can just simply accomplish the Charlotte’s memory dungeon. Red mage’s abilities are the combinations of healing and elemental spells. At the maximum level, you can get multicast spell that reduce the spell’s SP cost to 0.

Red Mage

Getting Jobs – Beastmaster

After completing Camilla’s memory, you can go to Alta’s memory dungeon, which is a treasure hunter memory. Complete it and you will get the beastmaster job memory. Many of the beastmaster’s abilities are enhancing status, such as, healing and adding attack as well as defense. You can also get the Assemble ability that allow you to switch buddies once every dungeon floor.


Getting Jobs – Dark Knight

You can unlock dark knight job in the clock tower after beating Croma on the 30th floor. The abilities of dark knight are quite unique. Many of the spells are a sacrificial technique that will get you something else as the result.

Dark Knight

Getting Jobs – Machinist

Clear the past Cid’s memories after you have beaten the game once and playing the post-game feature. Machinist’s abilities are specialized in putting traps on the floor. With those traps and mines, you can damage and/or immobilize the enemies.


Getting Jobs – Dancer

To unlock the dancer job, you need to complete the Roddy’s memory dungeon first. After that, complete the water dungeon and unlock Claire’s memory dungeon. You can find the dancer job memory in Claire’s dungeon. Maybe, the only good ability that the dancer job has is the Grand Finale that heals HP and cures all status effects.


Getting Jobs – Ninja

You can get the ninja job memory in Volg’s dungeon after unlocking the post-game feature. When using ninja as the job, you can learn the escaping abilities. You can also damage the enemies with shuriken abilities.


Getting Jobs – Alpha

You can get the alpha’s job memory by beating Omega in the Interdimensional Rift. But first, I must warn you that this is not an easy task to do. If you managed to get this job, maybe sharing the job’s abilities is very nice thing to do. *wink* In maxed job level, Alpha will learn Mysterious Card ability that will randomly cast one of its seven spells.

Alpha Getting All the Jobs

So, those are the available jobs that you can get through playing the game as well as the summary of the job’s abilities.

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Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy is now available on Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4

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