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AFK Arena Tips – Progressing Fast and Quickly for Beginners

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AFK Arena is a mobile, idle game that attracts its players through its riches. There are numerous people who have played the game for quite some time to grind and get strong parties and guild. For those who have just started playing AFK Arena, it must be very appealing to get along with those veteran players. Hence, follow this simple beginner’s guide to make a great progress in AFK Arena quickly.

AFK Arena Beginner’s Guide – Don’t Focus Too Much on Power Level

Every AFK Arena player knows that heroes have power level. You might think that the higher the power level, the better your party is. But, it does not work like that in AFK Arena. Putting heroes with the highest power level in your party is good, but, you need to consider the hero’s faction, too.

Power Level

When you put heroes from the same faction, they will get bonus status boosts. These bonuses vary each faction. You can see this information in the hero faction menu to know what bonuses you can get when putting heroes from the same faction in your party. This way, your party will get a lot stronger instead of putting heroes with the highest power level. In addition, each faction has its strengths and weaknesses. So, be careful when choosing hero faction in your party.

AFK Arena Beginner’s Guide – Do Experiment A Lot

Early game, you might only try to level up 5 core heroes as your main party. This is okay if you still at the few first campaign world missions. If you are getting in the mid-game, you feel that your party is not strong enough. Then, don’t be afraid to experimenting different heroes to be put in your party.


You don’t have to do a lot of grinding to get all the material needed for experimenting new heroes. You can reset your hero’s level back to level 1 at Rickety Cart at Ranhorn to get all the materials back. This is a great way to try new heroes to make your party stronger in no time.

AFK Arena Beginner’s Guide – Time Will Make You Stronger

Implied in the name, AFK Arena is a game where you will still get lots of progress even when you don’t actually play the game. It means that you don’t have to put a lot of time to grind in AFK Arena. Just put your focus on another activities or games and come back to AFK Arena to claim your AFK rewards.

AFK Rewards

AFK Arena Beginner’s Guide – Always Do the Daily and Weekly Quests

By accomplishing quests, you will earn quest points. You can use the quest points to get rewards, such as, diamonds, hero summons, and many others. Surely you need those rewards you get from exchanging quest points. Thus, daily and weekly quests are not that challenging to finish. Therefore, try to finish these quests as you progress through the game to claim many useful rewards from quest points.


AFK Arena Beginner’s Guide – Game Currencies and Its Functions

AFK Arena currencies sure are a bit confusing to new players. There are numerous types of currency in AFK Arena, and each of them has its own function. The first is Gold, which is used to level up heroes and buy items at the general store. Then, there are two types of experience, Hero experience and Player experience. I think it is clear enough what are they used for.


Now, there are three types of coins in AFK Arena, Hero Coins, Labyrinth Coins, and Guild Coins, in which they can only be gotten and used at the respective feature. Next, there are Arena Tickets, used to participate at PVP feature, Hero’s Essence for level up heroes at certain levels, and Crystal, which is used to unlock more Resonating Crystal slots.

Lastly, there is diamonds, which is used to buy many of the greatest items in AFK Arena, such as, hero summons, high tear items, and many more. You can get diamonds by completing quests, or by purchasing with real money. As AFK Arena is quite generous in giving diamonds to the players, it is your choice whether you want to spend money to this game or not.

So, that is all of what you need to know about AFK Arena beginner’s guide. To get good in AFK Arena, you don’t actually have to spare a lot of time in playing. Just spend some time to do other activities and you will still get good progress in AFK Arena. Hence, you don’t have to actually play the game in order to be good in AFK Arena.

AFK Arena is now available on Android and iOS 

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