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AFK Arena Tips – Earning and Spending Diamond Effectively

Spend and Earn Diamonds

Diamond is one of the most useful resources in AFK Arena. By using Diamonds, you can buy lots of thing in AFK Arena, including, heroes scroll, rare equipment, and many other handy items. While earning diamonds is pretty hard to do, spending them is pretty easy. Hence, learn these tips on how to earn and spend diamonds effectively.

AFK Arena Earning and Spending Diamonds Getting Diamonds

As you know, AFK Arena is a free mobile game but with many micro transactions. You can buy diamonds with real money. But, AFK Arena has many sources where you can get diamonds for free. One of them is through finishing the campaign and bounty quests. Since you get it for free, you need to put some effort to get a lot of diamonds this way.

Earning Diamonds

Other method to get diamonds is by joining the Arena of Heroes every day. When the game has a new update or hot fix, AFK Arena also rewards the players with good amount of diamonds. So, don’t forget to login into the game after an update to redeem the rewards.

AFK Arena Earning and Spending Diamonds Spend Diamonds on 10 Hero Scrolls

Getting heroes is one of the most crucial things to do to get better party. By buying hero scrolls, you can get many heroes to be used as ascension materials. Therefore, you can get heroes with higher tier level and make your battle party stronger.

Hero Scrolls

AFK Arena Earning and Spending Diamonds Buying High Tier Gears

Other than hero scrolls, diamonds should only be used to buy high tier equipment, especially when you are still in early or mid-game. Having high tier equipment is a great boost for your party power level since it will eventually be useful for some time in the future. Therefore, if you see high tier gears being sold at the general store or Arcane Labyrinth store, it is not a bad idea to spend some diamonds on them.

Better Equipment

AFK Arena Earning and Spending Diamonds Don’t be too eager to Use Spare Diamonds

You may already know that diamonds is pretty hard resource to get. When you actually spend money to the game to buy diamonds, spending them on many different aspects is not a problem. But, if you are a free player, be wise on spending them is a must. Therefore, if you have spare diamonds after buying hero scrolls or equipment, be sure to save them until next spending.

Be Wise with Diamonds

So, those are some tips on earning and spending diamonds in AFK Arena. Since it is a very valuable resource, it is very suggested you to spend them on hero scrolls and high tier gears only. Then, you save spare diamonds until you have enough for spending them on those two things.

AFK Arena is now available on Android and iOS 

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