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AFK Arena Tips – Advanced Guide in Saving Esperia

Advanced Guide

AFK Arena is surely one of the best mobile games to play. Released by Lilith Games, AFK Arena is able to let the players get stronger while being AFK. The early part of AFK Arena may be too easy as it’s meant for the player to get used with the game. While getting in the middle and end game, AFK Arena can be a little bit pain in the rear. So, if you are frequently got stuck, seek these advanced tips of AFK Arena.

Advanced Guide in AFK Arena – Handling the Hard Fights

As what has been stated in AFK Arena beginner’s guide, power level does not matter that much. Positioning and heroes faction can make the battle way easier instead of having high power level. As you are already in the mid or late game, you must have numerous different heroes in your stash.


With many heroes that you can put in party, you can do experiment to see the skill of the heroes that fit well with each other. For example, Lucius has a skill that can make other heroes protected with a shield. This is surely one of the best skills that can turn the battle flow. So, try to get heroes that have this kind of skills in which can make your low power level party vanquish stronger enemies.

Advanced Guide in AFK Arena – Be Wise in Spending Resources

In early game, you might thing that leveling heroes seems to be an easy task to do. But, once your characters reach level 80+, you will realize that you cannot advance the hero level due to not having enough hero’s essence. So, in order to level up your heroes, you will need huge amount of hero’s essence.


One way to get good amount of hero’s essence is by buying it at the store every day. You can buy 100 hero’s essences for 500k Gold. This can take time, but, you have to do it to upgrade your cavalry.

Advanced Guide in AFK Arena – Focus on Some Selected Heroes

You may already know that leveling heroes needs lots of resources. Hence, focusing on leveling only some heroes is a good idea. You can focus resources to level up 5 or 10 heroes from different factions to get the faction advantage. Then, you can equalize the level of other heroes from the Resonating Crystal feature.

Resonating Crystal

If this method does not help, you can try to have 2 of the strongest heroes to be at a higher level. This method works best if you make your 2 best DPS heroes have higher level when they upgrade their skills. So, while these 2 heroes can deal huge amount of damage on their own, the other heroes can put the enemies as tank and diversion.

Advanced Guide in AFK Arena – Always Use the Ascend Feature when You Can

You may already realize that every hero has tier level. The higher its tier, the stronger a hero can be. To get heroes with higher tier level, you can use the Temple of Ascension to upgrade the hero tier level. By doing so, you can combine heroes to make them upgraded to a higher hero tier.

Temple of Ascension

Advanced Guide in AFK Arena – Getting Better Equipment

While not significantly upgrading the power level, equipping gears can make your heroes stronger. Every equipment can also be upgraded using Gold and spare equipment. If you have many unused equipment, upgrading the ones you are using is not a bad idea. So, try to do this when you are stuck in some part of AFK Arena.


So, those are some tips that you can do to make better progress in mid and late game of AFK Arena. While you can get lots of resources by being AFK, getting stuck in a level for one or two days is frequently happening in AFK Arena. Therefore, don’t get frustrated if you don’t make any progress in AFK Arena recently.

AFK Arena is now available on Android and iOS 

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