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7 Beginner Tips for Dragon Quest XI

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Dragon Quest XI can be pretty difficult to comprehend even for the old-timers of the series. New characters, along with its contemporary stories and gameplay, might be an issue even for me as the newcomer for the Dragon Quest series. Therefore, I provide you 7 Beginner Tips for Dragon Quest XI in order for the players to better understand the general picture on how the game is running.


Dragon Quest XI Fighting Sequence

As your journey starts, you’ll soon find yourself accompanied by a number of party members, each with their own unique skill set. There’s a total of eight party members available in the game, but since you’ve only got four active slots to fill during combat, choosing the right team composition can make or break the next encounter.

The ideal mindset when building your squad is to aim for two melee and two magic characters. By doing this, you can make sure all bases are covered on both magical and physical fronts, ensuring that if anything happens to a member of either specialties, there’s always someone else there ready to cover the rest of the characters.


Leveling Up in Dragon Quest XI

The experience, on the other hand, is divided evenly over the course of the game play with each characters. So it is certainly crucial for you as the player to pay attention to the easiest way to farm EXP points. The enemies are constantly reappearing in each area you go to, so you won’t need to worry about not being able to grind EXPs. Sure enough, that is one of the main methods that you could do, but it will take a long amount of time.

Battle with Metal Slimes in Dragon Quest XI

One of the most important enemy to pay attention to if you want to achieve high level of EXP quickly is Metal Slime. These metallic variants are a series mainstay and reward you with heaps of experience that can instantly level up characters. However, they generally try to flee battle so you need to hop on them quickly. If a metal slime appears in battle of any kind, absolutely target them first and foremost.


Erik’s Character Builder

While everyone does gain the same amount of experience, most of which are based around specific weapons. Each character has a separate wing for their equipable weapons, as well as one of two unique wings that grant them special abilities based on their background. The most important thing on what not to do when it comes to building up a party member is that you will try to stretch them out to cover several categories.

For example, Erik is a rogue that has access to swords, boomerangs, knives, and his own unique tree guile. If you attempted to put points into all four of these wings, then Erik would have access to a handful of beginner skills for the three weapon types, but his overall stats and attack strength would be lower than someone who specialized in only one or two of the wings.

Dragon Quest XI’s Equipment

Each character has separate wing for their equipped weapons, as well as one of two unique wings that grant them special abilities based on their background. The more powerful and useful abilities are almost always hidden away further into the respective skill tree wings too, so you’re better off picking a single weapon that works for your composition and focusing on that over trying to be a jack of all trades.


Dragon Quest XI’s White Cove

Since the game mostly run on a slow-pace, it surely indicate the players to explore and know more about the world that is Dragon Quest XI. You will look at your map frequently, which might be a good thing since there’s a helpful text box in the upper right that will give you some quick guidance about where to go next as you continue on your quest to save the world. And you’re be able to see the surrounding areas as you figure out where you’re going.

A Large Chest in Dragon Quest XI

Most areas are, trully, a path to get from Point A to Point B, with diverting paths and dead ends. These will usually lead you to a treasure chest with a valuable item inside. Similarly, look behind things or inside any objects. There’s usually a treasure chest behind the main building in an area, a statue etc. It’s a lot of work to explore every twist and turn, but the things you pick up are going to help you on your journey.


Dragon Quest XI Menu

Between the 400 monsters, 200 weapons, 100 materials, 44 side quests and the dozens of locations and pep powers, there’s just a ton to keep track of while playing Dragon Quest XI. For the most part, you’re not going to care about or even have to think about all of those things, though, until you need one specific item or need to do one specific move.

In the menu, ‘Attributes’ will let you see each party member’s current stats. If you select them, you can then cycle through all of their spells, abilities, skills and—most importantly for those few side quests—their Pep Powers and the requirements to activate them. The ‘Miscellaneous’ option in your menu is where you’ll find the rest of the useful information.

Dragon Quest XI Menu

‘Traveller’s Tips’ will let you revisit the basics of the game’s controls and mechanics. You’ll also find the ‘Quest Catalogue’ here to help you keep track of the errands you’ve picked up during your travels. Under ‘Info’, you’ll find some general behind-the-scenes information about your game like ‘The Story So Far’ or a list of the monsters you’ve fought and defeated, along with an ‘Item List’.

Each option in under the ‘Item List’ will let you filter what you want to look at — like weapons, armor and materials. When you dig into that information, you’ll be able to find the stats and general in-universe information about that item. More useful, though, is the ‘Found In’ and ‘Dropped By’ lists. This will let you track down any specific item you’re looking for without having to wander all across the area of the game.


Dragon Quest XI’s Fun-Sized Forge

This forge requires a mini-game to create items, but is a much faster process and requires fewer items than previous crafting systems. You can only use the Fun-Size Forge at camps, so make sure you spend some time in the great outdoors to take advantage of it. With the Fun-Size Forge, you can craft new gear for your characters, after finding recipes from around the world.

Later in the game, when what you buy in shops matches or outpaces what you know how to make, the Forge is still useful. Unless you’re desperate for a specific piece of equipment, or you’re after multiples of the same bit of gear, there really isn’t much reason to start crafting.


Casino in Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest XI‘s currency fits like most other RPG games on the market, in the form of gold. It can be earned mostly from doing battles and even quests of the townspeople. But, if you ever get tired of continuing to explore or fighting even, another idea of earning extra gold is to play either Roulette or Slot Machines in the Casino at an area called Puerto Valor.

Rainbow’s End Bank in Dragon Quest XI

Another tip is to craft rather than to buy items or weapons or armors. Compare the prices and the items needed to craft them at the camp on the Forge mentioned beforehand. The third tip is to deposit your money into a Bank. Whilst this is certainly nothing new, it is almost rare to have a Bank within a game of an RPG genre. You never know when you will die in-game and that fifty-percent penalty that gets deducted from your gold is rather high.

That is all that I know there is to know about the first several hours of playing Dragon Quest XI. Have you known about the tips and tricks I have explained above? Let me know in the comments below and check more articles alike for more tips on Dragon Quest and other RPG games in the coming future.

Dragon Quest XI is available now for PC and PlayStation 4.

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