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7 Beginner Tips and Tricks for Persona 5

The Phantom Thieves are here!

Persona 5 is the latest entry to the Persona series. Sure enough, its mechanics, gameplay and storyline would be rather similiar from the previous installment of Persona 4. What makes them both different, one of which, is the scale of the game itself. While Persona 4 is located in a suburban area of Inaba Prefecture, Persona 5 takes place in the capital of Japan that is Tokyo. It is trying to appeal to the more modern audience after all.

There is so much things that is happening and to do, and even many people to befriend than before. Not to mention the battle sequence, the number of characters, and the new upgraded style to the game as well. That is why, even for beginners and old-timers of the game itself, I bring you the top seven tips and tricks for Persona 5.


Who wouldn’t love having a talking cat?

When you noticed the cat named Morgana being imprisoned around the first dungeon for the few hours into the game, then you would know that you have no choice of leaving him alone. Being curious with your power and your characteristic made Morgana to constantly follow you around as soon as you escape the dungeon. If you have played Persona or have known the series, you realize that there is no such character unlike Morgana before.

In the Persona series, we are always taught to look out for the people in the Velvet Room, Igor and Elizabeth in Persona 4 for example, for answers on what to do or what will happen perhaps. Which can be a tiring or frustrating moment for the players even of having to go especially when there is a time constraint of not being able to freely wander day and night in the first half of the game.

Your companion slash advisor all day long!

Overtime, having Morgana around can be incredibly helpful on your day-to-day basis as well as in your crime-fighting and otherworldly basis. He is a great addition to the Persona series overall, while bringing out the personality of the closed-off character and connecting each characters wonderfully. In the real world, to other people, he looks like an ordinary cat. Whereas once you stepped into the other world, he turns into her own persona of a cat-like thief.

Once Morgana makes his way into your life, he will drop hint after hint at you. Some of these are very clear instructions, while others are suggestions. Regardless, talk to him and listen at his advice. He is great for telling you where you should be going and even how you should be fighting.


Look out for the clues of the enemy’s weakness.

As a frequent player of the Persona series, I am thoroughly familiar with how Persona 5‘s battles are. It might not come up to the newcomers of the game to strategize right after the battle is in commence but that is just how Persona 5 does it. It gives you the ability to learn the enemy, even when you don’t know its weakness, to better understand and remember which enemy is vulnerable to which type of attack.

Be strategic when fighting an enemy as a team.

If you have the chance to just fight one creature early on in the palace (when they aren’t much of a threat), you can learn about their weaknesses. This is crucial to success. Now that you know their weaknesses, you can spend later fights combo-ing enemies into oblivion by using ‘1 More’.

If you keep encountering a certain enemy but can’t figure out its weakness, consider going back to the nearest Safe Room to respawn them. This way, you can keep killing early enemies and practicing against their tactics. Knowledge is power in Persona 5, and if you forget that you will struggle through the first palace.

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A number of items you could use on your teammates.

Being the main protagonist, you are able to use and try different kinds of Personas to match the enemy’s weakness and battle them easier. The same thing is also happening to the kind of weapon of your choosing. Your teammates are able to be upgraded based on their weapons to easily stun the enemy.

Ryuji can also use this sick Shotgun!

Remember that items also allow your teammates to perform certain roles. For example, we gave Ryuji a better bat that is purchased and strength gear that is found in the palace. This turned him into our go-to bruiser, who could deal massive damage as long as our other teammates were supporting him.

Morgana was extremely useful as a healer, as he didn’t have gear for damage in most scenarios. Ann’s fire spells allowed her to do some really heavy specialty damage, as well as put tougher enemies to sleep. Figure out what your style is, and build a perfect combat scenario around your friends and their skills.


This Jack-o’-Lantern can be your persona if you persuade it enough.

As you play through the game, you’ll come across tons of Shadows that call be captured to become your Personas. Even if it means getting rid of one you’re currently holding, try to capture every new Persona you can. This will help a ton with late-game fusions and for your second (or later) play through.

A lot of the early Personas you pick up can be fused into more powerful ones, and then those can be fused together! Always check what they can fuse into while also keeping what you need for your Confidants on hand. However, all Personas you capture have the same base stats and abilities, so you don’t need to catch repeats in most cases.


Exploring Tokyo by yourself can be somewhat rewarding.

You’ll find out early on that not everyone is interested in getting to know you right away. That is relevant to the fact you are being stamped as a bad influence at the very beginning of the story. This is actually quite a different aspect of the main trait that is the Persona series to evolve, which might look like an exchange student who transfers to another new school and found out that the main protagonist has a hidden power he or she didn’t know before.

Throughout the Persona franchise, I find that Persona 5 might be the only story that makes sense from the character’s perspective. You actually do have the need to refute those false accusations and make it up by helping others in need, thus, increasing your social status in the eyes of other people. Or, in extreme cases, you steal their heart and being the Phantom Thief.

Texting is a frequent thing that you need to pay attention to.

Increasing your social stats, such as Charm and Knowledge, is important for these sorts of people. If someone texts you at night or during the day to hang out, even if it won’t give you a rank up with their Confidant rank, consider saying yes. Being a yes-man to other kinds of tasks might also give you a chance to boost your social stats, reputation with the inviter as well as someone else who might meet up with you, unique items, and more.

You might be a (somewhat) silent protagonist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t talk to people. Social links with your Confidants are the key of the whole Persona franchise, so get to know people around you more. More so than just that, listen and talk to strangers out in Tokyo area of the game. You can learn a lot about the world around you, things that will happen in the future, and more, just by being observant and patient.

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Loving the new style of the dates on Persona 5.

Similar to other Persona games, you do have a sometime to infiltrate a dungeon or area if you pay close attention to the calendar before the due date. You do have a spare time, and for that, spend it wisely. There are some activities, raging from having to divide the day by hanging out in the school’s club to establish connection with classmates, working in a part-time job to have some allowance money, and many more.

Spend some time to work and get money for an extra allowance.

In the early pace of Persona 5, as an example, you will have 14 days to infiltrate the palace and steal Kamoshida’s heart. No matter what you choose to do from here on out, it should be in service of success in the dungeon. You could go and buy items with the limited funds that you have, or you could jump straight in. Either way, you want to give yourself as much time as possible.

If you start earlier and find yourself struggling in the palace, you can always take a day off to buy medicine or weapons, cleaning your room or read a book even. Taking days off and managing your time in between your infiltrations may be the best way to go in the game.


Your dream team can be your closest friends.

Speaking of managing time, you would also need to make time to hang out with each and every character from your party member. Spending sometime with them means increasing your bond and their power as well. While other games use the bonding moment as a way to tell each of the characters backstory, the Persona franchise amps up to utilize it as a moment to level up the bond that would be useful in the battle sequence.

You could check how well you are with the others and your own life.

There are, in total, 9 playable characters including the main protagonist. For example, the first teammate you will meet is Ryoji. You will have several opportunities to hang out with Ryuji outside of school. While this does take up valuable time, it is for the best. Not only do you get to learn some of the reasons why Ryuji hates Kamoshida so much, but you will also strengthen your bond with him. Once you get his bond up to three—which is possible before you enter the palace—Ryuji will gain a small chance to follow up your attacks with one of his own.

That is all that I could share with you about the beginner’s guide for Persona 5 in general. The game isn’t hard, but if you don’t know about how to play it beforehand then you would be in having a troublesome moment. Leave a comment of how this article do down below. Look out for more tips and tricks for Persona 5 as well as other game review in the upcoming future.

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