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World of Final Fantasy Review – Catch All Mirages in Grymoire!

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General Information:

  • System                                       : Playstation 4 / Playstation Vita
  • Release Date                           : October 25, 2016
  • Publisher/Publisher            :Square Enix
  • Main Series                             : Final Fantasy

World of Final Fantasy (WoFF) is another spin-off game from Final Fantasy (FF) franchise. Like I said in my hands-on, this game use cute design for the characters and monsters. Many FF characters transform into super deformed design. Don’t make that design fool you because this game isn’t fluff like their cute face. for your information I played this on Playstation Vita.

You can watch the trailer below


The story about the twins, Lann and Reynn, who forgotten their past. Somehow, both of them are the Mirage Keeper in the Grymoire world. In order to remember their past they have to back to Grymoire and capture many Mirages they had lost. And so, they journey in the world of fantasy begun.

world of final fantasy review world of final fantasy review

In their journey they met small human called Lilikin that turned out to be habitant of Grymoire. The Lilikins has great problem because the Bahamutian Federation invade many regions to join them. They not hesitate to use violent way. Lann and Reynn cannot accept the Federation way and took action to help the Lilikins.

Actually, in the beginning the story is quiet simple. It’s the journey about brother and sister to regain their lost memories and save the world along the way. It has many funny dialogues that made me laugh and smile. But, even this game has many story chapters, the answer of every questions answered only in the last chapter. It’s quite confusing to gain many information at once especially this game didn’t have “theater mode” to re-watch past scenes of the main.

In the contrary, most of quest story (Intervention) could be re-watch as many as we can. We had to re-fight the battle too, though. All the Interventions is about Final Fantasy characters and their story life in Grymoire.

Score: 4


world of final fantasy review


The little brother one. He is cheerful and full of expression person. He is quite dumb and didn’t understand many difficult words. Sometimes Reynn has to explain everything to him to keep him on the track.


The older sister one. Like his brother she quite the spiritful person too even though she could face the situation calmly. Opposite from Lann, Reyn is smarter and responsible. She wield small blade as weapon in battle.

Enna Kros:

The mysterious woman. She is the one who suggest the twins to go to Grymoire and catch the Mirages. It seems she know the twins for very long time.


A Mirage that travel along with the twins and give some advice about Mirages and Grymoire.

This game didn’t have many original characters. But all the characters here are quite likeable and fun to watch. I like the twins, they are very cute and adorable. As for the FF characters, they are still like I know in the original game. Though, some history of them changed because they originally lived in Grymoire. To know which FF Characters appear in this game, you could see on our reports here.

Score: 5


WoFF not only gather FF Characters in one game but the monsters too. In the WoFF world, Grymoire, the monsters was called Mirages. These twins could use that Mirages to help them in battle. Besides that, they could change their form into Jiant (normal) or Lilikin (Chibi).

World of final fantasy demo 3 World of final fantasy demo 7

The Active Time Battle (ATB) system is used in this game like FF classic, the difference is Lann and Reynn could use their Mirages in battle. Their form in battle is important in battle, because size of the twins and the Mirages are matter in this game. The Mirages has three size type, S, M, and L. If the twins in their Lilikin form, they could use L size Mirage and stack above of it and use S size Mirage to stack above their head. And if the twins in their Jiant form they could use M and S size Mirages to stack above their head. Unfortunately, you couldn’t change form in the battle. As the story goes there will be a XL Mirage. This is special mirage and it need huge AP (Action Point) to be summon.

World of final fantasy demo 6

This stack is useful to strengthen Laynn and Reynn stats. I could unstack them whenever I want in battle, but it’s not recommended because they became so weak and could die easily. The twins could use ability to form group attack depends the Mirages ability and element they had. The ability will increase more as the Mirage grow. Each Mirages has their ability tree to gain more stats or ability, even to make them Transfiguration (evolve) but this is for the full game to know more about this. Some Mirage could be transfigured into higher size and I could change it back to original size. The most advantage thing are their stat and level will always carry over.

Imprism is the ability for the twins to capture the Mirages. In the demo you could imprism all Mirage include the boss. Some Mirages has their own requirement to Imprism. Like Behemoth has to decrease its HP to trigger the Imprism. There are some Mirages that has to attack them with some magic element or even I had to cure them. You could Imprism many Mirages in one battle but it has to different type. You could gather same mirage as long you have the its Prism. And you couldn’t Imprism stacked Mirages, you had to unstack them first.

world of final fantasy review

Not only attack and abilities, Lann and Reynn could use Champion summon to help them in battle. This Champion is FF characters like Cloud, Squall and Lightning. This Champion use star point and could only used limited time only.

Score: 5

Graphic and Sound

For visual graphic point, the playstation Vita version is inferior unlike the Playstation 4 had. You could see the comparison here. But it’s not bad point, for me at least. Because the graphic is quiet good compare many other Vita games. The framerate sometimes drop in some town. The loading screen was quite fast at first, but it became slower in the latter chapter. The loading screen in battle was the same especially if I met stacked mirages, it need more time to enter the battle.

World of Final Fantasy Jump Scan - Heart Quests & Snow Villier

The music here is really great. The arrangement from FF games is make me feel nostalgic. The voice acting is really good too. The VA match perfectly with the characters expression. I never switch to Japanese VO because i enjoy hear the characters with English VO.

Score: 3

Additional Appeal

This world of Grymoire is quite colorful and pretty. I could jump to another town to another with gate although this gate system is quite convenient but hassle to use. Because I have to back to Nine Wood Hills before jump to another town.

World of Final Fantasy Screenshots - 14

We could accept quest from townspeople and get some reward afterwards. There are special quest called Interventions, there we could see the story of another FF characters and help them in battle. I could retry this quest as many times I want. It’s useful to farm more items.

There is also a Coliseum where I could fight and capture past boss and capture them. In Coliseum also a place to play multiplayer and fight another player’s Mirage. I could trade Mirage too with another player here. There also another minigames in this game but it only avalaible in latter chapter.

There a DLC intervention too wiith new story and Mirage. Square Enix planned to make another DLC of Champions and Mirage. Like upcoming Champion DLC, Sora from Kingdom Hearts. And if you got the Day One Edition you could got Sephiroth Champion.

Score: 4

Replay Value

This game didn’t have New Game+, yes it’s disappointing. And for make it worst this game didn’t have extra slot save data, only one. Fortunately, this game didn’t have any missable item or Mirage. After beat the game I could around Grymoire again in the post game to gather what I missed. You could get Platinum Trophy just one playtrough.

Score: 2


World of Final Fantasy - Main characters

+ Funny characters and dialogues.

+ Enjoyable and fun battle system.

+ Great music.

– Only one save slot.

– No new game+

– No gallery to re-watch cutscenes.



Like I said before, WoFF looks like a game for children. After I played it, the environment are so nice and colorful. Something that rare in the gaming world these days. The battle has deep system and need strategy to win the battle. Even the visual design didn’t use HD graphic it doesn’t make a game being bad. I’m really enjoying this game and I don’t mind if this game get any sequel and I hope it still in the PSVita.

World of Final Fantasy already released in US region for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. You can read other related information about World of Final Fantasy here. Check the collector’s edition here.


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