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Witch and Hero Review – A Retro classic RPG to save the witch

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General Information:

  • System                                       Nintendo 3DS (Digital only)
  • Release Date                            April 18, 2013
  • Publisher/Publisher                FK Digital / CIRCLE Entertainment

When I first saw this game on demo section in the Nintendo eShop, I was attracted and watch the trailer, and my first comment was “oh this game is just like created from RPG maker”. But I downloaded the demo anyway because I like game demos and it’s a RPG. Surprisingly, I couldn’t stop play this game until the message to buy the full game. Before I knew it, I addicted with this game.

You can watch the trailer below:


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You play as a hero accompanied by a witch, taking on the evil Medusa, whom had destroyed many villages with the monsters that served before her. But you are still too weak and defeated easily by her. Together with the witch, even she was cursed by Medusa, the Hero dragging her and went on journey to take revenge with Medusa.

This game’s story is really, really simple, like reading a children storybook. It’s cute, funny and heartwarming.  But still, this game was never focused on story but quite good for a game like this. At least it has a cute ending.

Score: 3



Witch and Hero has unique way to defeat the monsters, that’s you must bumping the Hero into the monsters. The monsters HP will decrease as well as the Hero but if you die, it’s not a game over. The Hero’s HP will fill in again each time his HP reach zero. You could move the D-pad button right and left simultaneously to make The Hero’s HP fill in quickly.

The main point in this game is not only to defeat the monsters, but also to protect the witch who is petrified (because of Medusa’s curse). We couldn’t move her and she is just standing in the middle. You could cure her status for a while with the monster’s blood that you collected. When she in that state, she could shoot a couple of magic to help you defeat the monsters. When I said the main focus was to protect the witch, it’s because if the witch die then the game will be over.

witch and hero review 3 witch and hero review 4

The game is focused in the lower screen, but it can be controlled by buttons only. A bunch of monsters will appear and trying to attack the Witch. Then the Hero must defeat the monsters before they could reach the monsters. The Witch only has two types of magic. The magic “Fire” that only shot one direction, you could control the direction of that magic with L or R button.  Then “Tornado”, it’s all around magic so it didn’t need to be controlled.

The monsters would drop blood to cure the Witch’s status, gold and sometimes the treasure chests. The damage taken by the Hero would increase his power to activate the “Holy Sword”. It’s like limit break for both the Hero and the Witch. The witch will be cured and her magic power will be increased, as for the Hero his HP won’t drop when bump the monsters. The battle will end when the boss in each stage is defeated.

witch and hero review 5 witch and hero review 6

When game over, you still get the HP and gold but you could only got the half of from the that battle. There’s a shop too but it doesn’t sell any equipment or items like ordinary RPG games. The shop only sells attack, defense, speed and two types of magic. All of it was to increase both of heroes stat to make them stronger. The stronger they are, it would make the battle easier. Just bump the monsters once and the monster will defeated.

For me the gameplay that make the player have to die to get stronger is a bit annoying. The main purpose is not to attack the monsters aimlessly but to cure the Witch and defeat monsters together. I think it’s cute and addicting for the same time. It need strategy for how to get rid many monsters and focus to the witch at the same time.

Score: 3



witch and hero review 7

As the title said, the characters in this game just the Hero and the Witch. They didn’t have a story background, but it seems they traveled together for a long time and has quite strong bond between them. The Hero’s motive to save the witch even after beaten badly by Medusa is quite cute. For the main enemies, Medusa, She is just wanted to destroy everything. No real character development or any new characters, only plain couple heroes and the usual evil villain.

Score: 3


Graphic & Sound

This graphic game use 8-bit style like an old game in SNES era. But nothing wrong with that, not all retro style game is “old game”. I never met any lag and the movement was very smooth. This game is colorful very suitable with the mild theme they given. In the other hand, the design of characters and monsters were not very original, though. I saw many familiar designs from some popular games.

The music is really good in this game. It didn’t make me bored in battle. Even the world map music was good too. When the boss came, the music change with more intense tone like a notice to us that stronger monster already came. When area change, the music was changed too and the music was very fit as well.

Score: 3


Additional Appeal

witch and hero review 8

The RPG vibe in this game is really strong. Like many RPG where the heroes had to travel all the world to the main stronghold of the enemy, The Witch and the Hero are similar with other typical RPG games.

They visit many places in their journey to the castle of Medusa. Places like desert, beach and the snow mountain. The monster type even matches with the place states, like we met the snowman in the snow mountain and shark in the beach.

Score: 3


Replay Value

After finishing the game, there are one stage that has survival mode and time trial mode. The survival mode is the challenge to beat many monsters as many as you could. Then the Time Trial is the challenge to survive in 3 minutes. There also a hard mode to replay the game from first stage with the stat and level carried over from the last boss.

Score: 3



+ Cute and fun story

+ Addicting gameplay

+ Enjoyable music

–  Doesn’t have many stages




This game has its own charm despite being simple and small. Cute, fun, attractive gameplay, and great music. 8-bit games on console handheld not always bad. The gameplay is what matter when playing a game. If you love waster-time game with retro style, this game is perfect for you. Also it’s cheap anyway. If you interested, you could also see our article about good Retro RPG games here.

Witch And Hero is already avalaible on Nintendo 3DS

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