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Steins;Gate 0 Review – Is Steins;Gate Really Exist?

General Information:

  • System                                     : Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, PC
  • Release Date                         : November 29, 2016 (NA for PSV and PS4)
  • Developer/Publisher        : 5pb., Nitroplus/ PQube
  • Main Series                             : Steins;Gate


Steins;Gate 0 is a direct-sequel from visual novel Steins;Gate. Even that, the story is not continuation from True ending from the first game but rather a alternate history where Rintaro Okabe failed reached Steins;Gate. Like the game before, this game has many branches of ending and the choices still based from Okabe’s phone. For your information, I played this on Playstation Vita.

You can watch the trailer below


After long journeys via world lines, Okabe returned to his daily life, albeit crushed by the regret and misery of not being able to save “her.”

While helping out in a college seminar in order to finish off what “she” had already started, he comes across Professor Alexis Leskinen and assistant Hiyajo Maho, who were both on the same team and school as “her.” There, he discovers “Amadeus,” a system still in the stages of development that can store human memories inside computers.

Okabe was told that the Amadeus had “her” memories stored inside, and was requested by Professor Leskinen to cooperate with him as an Amadeus tester by means of conversing with “her” through a monitor. The system was inputted with “her” memories before “she” had ever met Okabe.

Upon encountering “her” installed within this architecture, Okabe’s life begins to change completely…

steins gate 0 (4) steins gate 0 (7)

In Steins;Gate 0 we are not only see Okabe’s point of view but sometime the PoV would changed to another characters, I found this was nice changed from prequel because the story involve with many characters so I could saw another event where Okabe not present. Unfortunately, this is not explained the whole story that much. With so many forced plot and weird conspiracy going on. The good thing was the ending route didn’t like choosing romance flag anymore.

I’m little disappointed with the story of this game. It’s not like the story was bad but kind of letdown than the prequel for me. Unlike Steins;Gate where the story flow straight slowly and then back to the start with nice pace, the pace in Zero was confusing because Okabe experienced many jumps back and forth to another wordline. Maybe I would understand better if I wrote the number divergence meter to connect all timeline story. I just failed to understand how worldline would change because Okabe picked or not picked a phone call from Amadeus.

Score: 4


The old cast returning in Steins;Gate 0 and of course with some new characters. About the old cast. You could see in my Steins;Gate review because they weren’t changed much except Suzuha.

steins gate 0 (12)Maho Hiyajo

A Scientist from Institute of Neuroscience at Victor Chondria University in the United States. She came to Japan as research assistant to Professor Alexis Leskinen, also she is Makise Kurisu senior at work  and has good relationship with her. When she knew what tragic fate Kurisu met in Japan, she hoped will find a clue what happened to her from Rintaro Okabe. She always got trouble because her height was too short despite already became an adult.




steins gate 0 (1)Suzuha Amane

This Suzuha was different from Suzuha we met in Steins;Gate, because this Suzuha was from wordline where WWIII would occur in the future. She is more serious and stern than Suzuha from alpha worldline.  After failed to convince Okabe to reach Steins;Gate, Suzuha stayed in Future Gadget hoping that Okabe would changed his mind. She also secretly searching someone from the future that separated when they time traveled to the past.




steins gate 0 (1)Kurisu Makise (Amadeus)

An A.I-programmed memory storage developed by Scientist from Victor Chondria University. The system is able to convert human memory data into digital data and create an externally-stored version of a person in the form of an A.I. Okabe became a tester to always communicate with Amadeus with his phone.




Alexis Leskinen

A professor at Victor Chondria University and the mentor of Maho Hiyajo and Kurisu Makise. He is also a senior researcher at the Brain Research Institute. An outgoing, imposing but very kind man, Dr. Leskinen is both a respected scientist and a “big child”.






The old characters didn’t change much but they still involve with the story somehow. Some new characters seems forced to fit in the story. But overall, the characterization was really good for the new and the old cast. I found “normal Okabe” less annoying but saw his depression was really sad, though. The most weird one was Kurisu Makise, I mean the real Kurisu not Amadeus. The Kurisu who Maho knew felt different from Okabe’s, even the sprite art was different. It’s like they’re saw two different people.

Score: 4


The gameplay wasn’t different from before, Still using Phone Triggers system. Okabe’s phone take effect to make choice that affect with flow of the story like answer or ignore calls. Now to change route, the key moment was just ignore or accept the call in some moment. Email feature now changed into “RINE”. RINE is app chatting message in Okabe’s phone. You could choose what kind of reply you want and give sticker to reply. The reply was instantly too, not like before where I had to wait longer. What kind of reply you chose was not matter anymore. The gameplay system now more simple than before just like another VN game. I’m little dissapointed because it’s what make Steins’Gate unique of its own.

Score: 3

Graphic and Sound

The characters design was changed for all characters. Now it’s like more anime-ish style than artistic like the first game. Still, the CG art still beautiful like the prequel. Personally I like the old art better but the new one still have nice design. I just don’t like they changed old cast sprite with art from the first game whenever flashback scene occurred, because the art style with the new one was too different. It’s so weird, if the developer really changed the art style they should had changed entire sprite for flashback too not just picked from the old game. And for the voice acting just like usual, it’s really great for all characters.

steins gate 0 (6)

Score: 3

Additional Appeal

When the Phone trigger still there, the system just became like a common visual novel. The gallery menu where we could see CG and hear the music still there, but the CG menu was buggy. I couldn’t see some image even though i already got 100% collection.

Score: 2

Replay Value

steins gate 0 (5)

Just like the first game, You have to replay again to achieve new ending. But it never necessary to replay from the beginning, the branch part was in the middle of the story. You could have many save before choosing. To get 100% achievement you have to reply the different email, so replay it’s a must.

Score: 2


+Interesting story

-Buggy text

-Annoying bug in the CG menu



stein gate 0 (11)I like how this sequel didn’t ruin happy true ending in the first game. This game has to exist to make the story of the first game make sense. Although the developer had to add not necessary plot and character but this is how Okabe fighting to make Steins;Gate exist. Maybe I‘m not satisfied with this game but this story still good to follow especially if you want to know Okabe’s life in Beta worldline.

Steins;Gate 0 already released in US region for PlayStation 4  PS Vita  and PC

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