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Narcissu Side 2nd Review: The Life and Death Drama Continues

Narcissu Side 2nd Cover

General Information:

  • System                    PC
  • Release Date        May 15, 2007
  • Developer             Sekai Project & Stage-nana
  • Publisher               (Japan) Stage-nana & Kadokawa Shoten & Sekai Project
  • (English) Agilis & Sekai Project & Haeleth

Similar to previous Narcissu, the story will involve sickly protagonists. The drama revolves around them with side characters in which are healthy.

You can see the intro below



Narcissu Side 2ndNarcissu 2nd Screenshot

The visual novel centers around Sakura Setsumi, the heroine from the original visual novel. The time and setting take place seven years before the first Narcissu while Setsumi was still just a regular outpatient living at home near the hospital. She meets Himeko, a former 7th-floor helper at the hospital. But unexpectedly, one day Himeko end up in the same ward that she had spent so much time volunteering at. One summer day, while Setsumi was going to the hospital for an examination, she meets Himeko and their long summer days continues.

The story will depict people Setsumi met and circumstances that formed her character. Also, it will have several characters POV other than Setsumi.

Score: 4


This visual novel only has a single ending. It does not contain any decision points at all unlike a lot of visual novels. Approximate play hours are about 2 – 10 hours depending on how fast you read or take your time.

In this visual novel, the box with the text occupies part of the screen, usually at the bottom. It has minimal gameplay, limited to click/scroll to advance the story, no fast forward button. Like the first Narcissu, if you play it on PC, you scroll up to look at the story log. It also has footnotes which can be turned off in configuration.

Narcissu Side 2nd Screenshot

When you start the English version, you will be given several options to choose. First, from 2 different translation: Agilis and Haeleth. The difference between each of them would be their choice of words, as you can tell the difference. If you’re wondering which has the best translation, it depends on your taste actually. After choosing translation you can choose between voiced or unvoiced option. I would suggest you to pick the voiced option if you want to get into deeper feeling.

Score: 1


Setsumi Sakura

Setsumi Sakura

Voiced by: Rino Ayakawa

A quiet 15-year-old middle school girl who befriends with Himeko. Throughout the game, she shows having a hard time telling her mother about didn’t like the croquette her mother keeps bringing to her from her workplace (but Setsumi still ate them), and also about her friendship with Himeko, the 7th-floor resident. In the end, Setsumi’s finally be able to tell her parents about her friendship with Himeko but still remains silent about disliking croquette.

Himeko Shinohara

Himeko Shinohara

Voiced by: Natsumi Yanase

A 23 years old girl 7th-floor resident who loves cars and looking at maps. She thinks of herself as a pseudo-Catholic and even saying so to others throughout the game. Even when the terminal illness has taken over her, she never change and still proud of herself.

Chihiro Shinohara

Chihiro Shinohara

Voiced by: Yuko Goto

Himeko’s younger sister. A strong-willed Catholic and a 7th-floor volunteer. After her sister falls ill, she has a bit communication problem with her sister because Himeko keeps pushing her away. But she still remains kind and gentle throughout the game.

Yuka Akishima

Voiced by: Yukiko Iwai

Himeko’s best friend. An outspoken and tsundere person. Her interests and tastes are opposite to Himeko. Still care about Himeko even after Himeko decided to stop interacting with her.

Little Girl Narcissu Side 2nd

Little Girl

Voiced by: Mamiko Noto

A 7th-floor patient that Himeko was charged with in the past. A pure and innocent girl who longs for her parents. Although she doesn’t get as much part as Himeko, her action is what draws players sympathy the most in this game.

Setsumi’s Mother

Working part time at a local lunch shop to pay for Setsumi’s hospital fees. Her motherly feeling towards Setsumi never change.

Score: 4

Graphic & Sound

Narcissu Side 2nd BackgroundNarcissu Side 2nd Background

The backgrounds are very narrow. But unlike the first Narcissu, this 2nd one is more advanced in terms of graphic, visual effect, has more voice over, and it even has animated intro. Setsumi’s appearance is also better.

However, unlike a lot of visual novels, when each character talks, it didn’t show their face or name as you can see in the screenshot here. Playing unvoiced mode might be quite confusing.

Narcissu Side 2nd Scene

The story is accompanied by beautiful soundtracks and yet at the same time sorrowful. The sound effect is just right.

The voice actresses for the characters did a good job in voicing them well. They didn’t sound flat at all. There are some lines which get voiced in a lower voice, very fitting with the character feels.

Score: 4

Additional Replay

Narcissu Visual Novel

Like the first Narcissu, the Extras and Epilogue & full credits will pop up on the title screen after you finished the game. You can listen the soundtrack played in the game from the extra section. But so far that’s the only thing you’ll get after you finished the game.

Score: 1

Replay value

Narcissu Side 2nd Chapters

Very low. A single playthrough is enough to understand the whole story. Unless you have forgotten the whole story (which I doubt it) or just wanna relive the feels.

Score: 1


Narcissu Side 2nd Screenshot


+ Dramatic & Inspirative Storyline

+ Great Soundtrack

+ People who Enjoy Sad Story will Like This Visual Novel

+ No Sexual Content

+ Short Story to Get by


– No Romance Plot

– No Branching Plot

– Minimal Gameplay

– Minimalist Graphics with Very Narrow Window

Final Score: 2.8/5

Story: 4

Gameplay: 1

Characters: 4

Graphic & Sound: 4

Additional Appeal: 1

Replay Value: 1


While the plot might not be as interesting as the first Narcissu. It still has the appeal to make you read through the end. If you have read the first Narcissu, you would get more feels as this second Narcissu is depicted from Setsumi’s side. Also, note this, the climax of the story is totally worth to read. It may even bring tears to your eyes.

Narcissu Side 2nd is available now for PC. Read more post related to Narcissu series here.

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