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Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Review – When Two Worlds Collide

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Review

Mario Bros is one of the most famous Nintendo’s trademark. He is back with the latest entry in Mario & Luigi RPG Series, which is Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. It is also known as Mario & Luigi RPG: Paper Mario Mix, which was initially released in Japan on December 2015. This game is developed by the Alpha dream Corp. If you are eager to know more about this game, you can check this Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam review before deciding to hands on the game.

This game is similar to Mario &Luigi: Dream Team with the RPG element. The same graphic and game engine, but I bet all players expect to see something new in this latest game which is available to North America region starting from 22nd January 2016.



Prepare to meet the dweller of Paper Mario World. They are accidentally unleashed by Luigi, when he tries to fix a hole in peach’s castle, releasing them from the mysterious book to the Mario & Luigi World. Those who came out from the book is not only Paper Mario and paper peach but also, Paper Bowser and his paper minion. His ambition to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom is still the same, having the same interest with his counterfeit Bowser finally joins force with the paper-villain.

Meanwhile paper Mario together with Mario and Luigi, wandering around to gather the paper-world resident. With whole a new and exciting adventure and bring some unique move and special abilities from paper world to take-on every challenge that lies on their path. In order to restore this turmoil created by Bowser and his paper companion.



In general, the gameplay is similar to the previous Mario & Luigi RPG series still turn-based and our timing is the key to achieving victory in battle. There is an additional party member besides Mario and Luigi; paper Mario which enables the trio moves like Trio Hammer, Trio Drill instead of bro move. The paper flat Mario also has a special ability to pass through narrow space collecting treasures hidden in the thick inter-pipe space, he can also glide in the air longer than the normal Mario.

The classic RPG element in battle plays a major role in this game similar to the previous game and so as the in-battle control for Mario and Luigi. Paper Mario also get special command to create copies of himself which when he uses his hammer the copies will split and target all enemies. In this game the trio will be provided with the Battle cards which can be used to the party advantages. Beside the normal battle, the player will control a giant papercraft of certain character each with unique abilities to battle another papercraft boss.



This mixing of Paper Mario and Mario Bros world is really good twist off both for the fan or newbie gamer. Plus Yoko Shimomura composing catchy in-game music blended with nice graphic. The dialogue and funny interaction between the characters are somewhat entertaining.

For me personally I love this game battle mechanic which is not boring (need responsive timing to land on ferocious attack) and can be somewhat addictive. On the other hand I think the story way too simple, even for beginner gamer can easily predict the storyline.

From some user review in rating sites such as IGN, Metacritic and most of GameFAQs reader who own this game is satisfied with this game like Baranis in Metacritic who said that the battle system is better than the previous version. Zeron, one of GameFAQs user that feel that the sidequest and mini games not that entertaining, but still the overworld is beautifully designed and fun to explore for the secret that is not easily found.

Despite the great gameplay, this game’s story did not developed well enough to inspire those seeking fancy plot. Some player regrets this and feels that the twist could create more twisting plot with the crossover.



  • Innovative Mixed up of two games
  • Good and Funny Script
  • Sweet Music and Good Graphic
  • Good Mechanic in Battle and action



  • Crossover have better storyline potential
  • Repetitive boring Toad hunt



Despite there will be various score among users, I look for the fair rating at some website and found that IGN site only gives 5.9 out of 10 mark, Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam considered as mediocre game according to IGN in contrast, GameFAQs reader gives mostly positive comment resulting to 4.1 out of 5 marks and Metacritic user gives a positive feedback that leads to 77 marks out of 100.

For my own rating, I will give it 7 out of 10.




This Mario &Luigi: Paper Jam review concludes that this game succeeded in bringing tons of classic character in the new adventure. With the normal difficulty and average gameplay time this game suitable for a young RPG gamer who is not demanding for complicated story, finest graphic detail. Also it has friendly language also not much explicit violence in the game.

Some veteran gamer can still found this game pretty challenging. Are you interested or not to give it a try?

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