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Legrand Legacy Review – The Fatebound Who Lost His Memories

Legrand Legacy - Artwork

General Information

  • Platform: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
  • Release Date: 24 January 2018
  • Developer: SEMISOFT
  • Publisher: SEMISOFT, Mayflower Entertainment, Another Indie


Legrand Legacy - Screenshot

The story revolves around the main protagonist named Finn, who leads his companions while having amnesia and a strange power that he doesn’t know at all. The story begins as Finn introduced as a slave who must fight in a coliseum. The arena prohibits the fighters to kill each other, but Finn ended up killing his opponent which makes him received punishment for what he did.

Legrand Legacy - Gameplay Screenshot

Later on, he will be saved by an old man who requested him to help his daughter to survive from illness. Along with his companions, they are known as the Fatebounds whom believed to be able to save the world from destruction caused by the war between Fandor and Althea. The plot of this game is quite simple, a protagonist who tries to find out who he is while trying to save the world.

For some people, the plot of a game is really important while some don’t think so. Although Legrand Legacy has a simple plot and storyline, I think it is still worth it to play this game while enjoying other stronger factors of the game such as the gameplay or the graphic/sound.

Score: 3


Legrand Legacy - Gameplay Screenshot 4

If you are a fan of classic RPG, or if you are a 90’s gamer you will notice that this game adapt the gameplay mechanics that were booming at that time. The developer itself stated that this game is a nostalgic love letter to classic JRPG. Playing this game reminds me of some memorable RPG titles in classic console such as PlayStation.

Roaming around the towns and dungeons and then moves from point-to-point really feels like playing The Legend of Dragoon in PlayStation. The enemies which were visible in the dungeons reminds me of Grandia series and how we explore the world map with tiny-sized character reminds me of the time when I played Final Fantasy series back then.

This game brings back the turn-based battle that probably being loved by many of the classic RPG gamers. We all know that when classic RPG firstly appeared, Final Fantasy owned the stage and successfully introduced the turn-based battle system that was still used until now. Although it has similarities with some classic RPG, Legrand Legacy has the closest connection with The Legend of Dragoon.

Legrand Legacy - Gameplay Screenshot 5

The proof is that ACT (Action Circle Tempo) which was being implemented in the battles, where we need to press certain button at the right time to unleash stronger and successful attacks (similar to what we can find in The Legend of Dragoon). Our attacks will be stronger when we pressed the button at the right time in the yellow area, and will miss if we did not press anything at all.

Every character will be allowed to carry four kinds of items, which also means that we must consider our strategy upon fighting certain enemies. Element does matter in this game, so we need to pay attention to what kind of element that the enemy has. There are also three main weapon types that we can use for our characters, where each type being stronger and also weaker to the other types.

We can also recruit NPCs and place them in a castle like in Suikoden series. What’s more, if you played Suikoden series before, you will notice that this game has another similarity to it with the existence of War Battle, where we will control the generals and armies to win the battles; each general has their own strength and weakness.

Score: 3.5


Legrand Legacy - Key Visual


The main protagonist who lost his memories and don’t know how he ended up in the coliseum. He can get over zealous protecting his loved ones.


An adventurous wanderer who is chasing after the Beast of the Old World as foretold in an ancient prophecy. She has some fiery spirit that puts people off, but deep inside she has a gentle heart.


A typically quiet and modest person but always excited to talk about beautiful things she writes in her diary. The game theme Suteki na Mono is inspired by her diary and sang in her mother’s tongue, the Norn language.


She is the protector of the Dathi Tree in the Finnias swamplands. Her unique fighting skill is second to none, thanks to her hundreds of years of training in solitary confinement.


A person that is full of himself, sarcastic, and deceitful. In spite of his confident exterior, he hides a painful past and an unusual physical condition.


This nonhuman character is a reigning champion of the arena in Ostia. He is a relentless fighter who is peerless in strength with sharp wit and quiet demeanor.

The characters in Legrand Legacy have their own background, just like the characters in other RPG titles. Although I found nothing surprising for each character’s background and characterization, it is still nice to play a game with differentiated characters.

Score: 3


Legrand Legacy - Battle Screenshot

The graphic of this game actually isn’t that stunning in this era. We can still find the beauty of its pre-rendered background, but overall not as good as the modern games nowadays. But still, I find that the artwork is beautifully drawn and I think the quality is still comparable to modern games artwork such as in Final Fantasy series or Kingdom Hearts series.

The other good thing is that Legrand Legacy has FMV (Full Motion Video), which can make the depicting of characters in the game looks more real. This kind of feature is also available in many of Final Fantasy series. The quality of the FMV in this game is not that bad, although we can find other games which can delivers that kind of scene in a better appearance.

Legrand Legacy - Beta Trailer Screenshot

The strong point in this game resides in its soundtracks, in my opinion. The orchestral-like music fits very well with the scenes and battles in this game. The battle theme might remind us to the Final Fantasy series or The Legend of Dragoon’s era. Overall, the soundtracks used in this game are fascinating enough to boost our mood in playing the game.

As the game theme’s singer, Emi Evans (also contributed in NieR: Automata) successfully delivers the high quality sound to every player’s ears. Suteki na Mono was sung beautifully; the ethnic musical instruments that were used are also the one responsible in delivering the enchanting audio. I believe that the sound factor in this game is good enough to be able to cover some other weaknesses in the game.

Score: 4.5



  • Well drawn artworks
  • Beautiful soundtracks
  • Gorgeous background visuals
  • Memorable classic turn-based combat


  • Too long dialogues
  • Weight limits
  • Character rendering in 3D isn’t that great for a modern game
  • Battles depends too much on the pressing of button


For Legrand Legacy Steam gives a score 6 out of 10, Metacritic gives 67%, and GOG.com gives 3.6 out of 5. Rating from those websites are taken when this review are being written.


Playing Legrand Legacy really brings back the old times. It feels like you are playing classic Final Fantasy and The Legend of Dragoon all in one package, but with the improved graphics. Although graphics is not the main strength of this game, there are still a lot of factors that will give us reason to play it. For you who love classic JRPG, Legrand Legacy is the answer among many other modern games.

Legrand Legacy is already available in PC.

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