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The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky First Chapter Review – The Biggest Adventure in Liberl

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General Information:

  • System                                       : Playstation Portable/PC
  • Release Date                          : July 30, 2014
  • Developer/Publisher        : Nihon Falcom / XSEED Games
  • Main Series                             : The Legend of Heroes

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky First Chapter is another game from The Legend of Heroes series. A turn-based RPG with 2D sprites and beautiful 3D background. The story also very interesting. This game also the first part of trilogy, the second and the third chapter already publish by XSEED in the west. For the information I played this in PC (Steam Version)

You can watch the trailer below


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Enter, the Bracers: an organization established to serve as police and intermediaries alike, holding above all else the peace and safety of the lands under their jurisdiction. Whenever a citizen is in need of assistance, he or she may place a request at the local Bracer Guild — and be it monster extermination, crime prevention or even peace talks among warring nations, the bracers will do whatever they can to resolve the matter cleanly and efficiently. Some matters require a gentler touch than others, however. When an orbalship transporting a legendary bracer named Cassius Bright suddenly goes missing, said bracer’s daughter, Estelle, and adoptive son, Joshua, must join forces in search of him across the entire Kingdom of Liberl.

The story start with slow pace with just accept quest, finish it and accept another one again until the story finally showing the interesting part. The end of chapter always gave me the curious feeling to see the next story.

Score: 4


The main Characters are the newbie Bracer from Rolent, Estelle Bright and Joshua Bright. Both of them travel across Liberl to polish their skill to become full-pledged Bracer like their father. Each town they meet another Bracers and also the native, together they resolve the problem that befell in their town.

Estelle Bright

trails in the sky fc (8) estelleThe protagonist of this adventure. Works as a bracer trainee and has a bubbly personality with a never-give-up spirit and a general tendency toward beelining straight for whatever her heart may desire. She also tends to have a ‘hit first and ask later’ approach to life. Well-trained in martial arts, she wields a bo-style staff with incredible ease – despite the fact that its length is greater than her own height.




Joshua Bright

trails in the sky fc (7) joshuaA young man adopted into the Bright family five years ago. His jet-black hair and amber-colored eyes give him a cool, somewhat distant appearance. Has a very calm, rational disposition, which  means he’s typically left running after his much flightier, more spontaneous sister. Also works as a bracer trainee, and specializes in wielding two blades at once.




Olivier Lenheim

A traveling musician from the northern suprepower of Erebonia. Proficient in every instrument from piano to lute – and he loves to flaunt that fact. Few are more narcissistic than he, and his abundance of self-confidence often mixes with his tendency toward absurdly inappropriate speech and behavior for an unfortunate cocktail of mischief and mayhem.




Scherazard Harvey

trails in the sky fc (5) ScheraA powerful bracer known to her peers by the nickname, “The Silver Streak.” Trained under Cassius, and is thought of as something of a big sister by Estelle and Joshua. Only problem is, despite being a very kind and caring woman at heart, she’s also a VERY heavy drinker – bringing with it a whole host of bad habits that tend to get her in trouble.





Agate Crosner

trails in the sky fc (4) AgateA no-nonsense, in-your-face bracer known to his peers (for obvious reasons) as the “Heavy Blade.” Swings around a disproportionately huge sword with ease, intimidating onlookers with his plainly obvious might. Always has a sour expression on his face, and regards novice bracers like Estelle and Joshua with a cold, superior and somewhat disciplinary attitude.




Tita Russell

trails in the sky fc (3) titaProfessor Russell’s granddaughter, and a real orbal prodigy. Has a bright, innocent personality that ensures she’s well-regarded by just about everyone she meets. Despite her mature dispostion, however, she can also be quite childish: when she sets her mind on something, she becomes as obstinate as can be. In addition, if you put her in front of any sort of machinery, she’ll completely tune out the world around her.




Kloe Rinz

trails in the sky fc (2) kloeA student at the Jenis Royal Academy in Ruan. On her days off, she helps out at the local orphanage, and is regarded by the children there as a reliable, gentle and kind young woman. Has a pet falcon named Sieg who always remains by her side.





Zin Vathek

trails in the sky fc (1) zinA burly martial-artist from the Calvard Republic in the east. Although he works as a bracer, his real reason for coming to Liberl is to participate in the annual Martial Arts Competition held in the royal capital. Has a very clean-cut and approachable appearance, and a kindly, big brother-esque demeanor. He’s also rather fond of.



This is the most part I like about this game, the characters. This is just a playable characters but they very likeable and everyone of them felt very important to the story. The NPCs also has blend nicely with another characters, none of them wasted in the story.

Score: 5


Battle in Trails in the Sky is turn-based with grid area for the characters and enemies. During the character’s turn, the player can move or make an attack. An additional component in combat is AT Bonuses which grant bonus effects at certain turns throughout the battle, visible on the AT Bar. Besides attack, the characters could use Arts and Crafts.

trails in the sky fc (10) trails in the sky fc (3)








The Arts are magic spells based form the Quarts I equipped to each characters, it could element based or just for healing. Orbment Slots are the insertion of Quartz to enable the execution of various Arts. Everyone could be anything as I could equip any Quartz for them but certain slots are restricted to only a specific element. Using arts need some turn to execute the spell.

In other way, Crafts are specific for each characters. Crafts use CP ( Crafts Point) and the gauge increase when the characters attack or attacked by enemies. This craft attack is useful not just for attack, but for healing, buff and debuff. S-Crafts are powered-up Crafts that can be performed once a character has over 100CP but completely depletes the CP gauge upon using it.

trails in the sky fc (1)

Sometimes I felt the battle kind of slow, especially if you had low level equipment. It force you to always updated your equipment with limited money. But somehow I managed to battle the boss even I skipped many normal battle.

Score: 4

Graphic and Sound

trails in the sky fc (6)

The graphic is so good. XSEED doing a great job to bring this HD version to the PC. The environment feels old, but it can’t be helped because this game originally released in 2004. It didn’t bother me anyway. The character’s sprite also very expressive with the dialog, it’s very enjoyable to watch.

The music is also nice to hear but there some music just repeated in every place like village music. Even the town has their own music. Nevertheless the music is very nice. The playable characters had voice acting too in the battle. I didn’t pay attention with their voice acting (because I didn’t hear it much in battle) but it fit with their characterization.

Score: 3

Additional Appeal

As Bracer, Estelle and Joshua has a job to help citizen of Liberl. They could bump someone in need in the middle of their other quest. If they finished any quest both of them would be rewarded with money and BP (racer Point). The point will help them to get higher rank as Bracer, the reward as they rank up was great as well. As for money this is great source to got money if you don’t want trade Sepith.

trails in the sky fc (5)

The quest is both enjoyable and frustrating. Sometime I had to battle many monsters with status effect or the quest had to force me to back and forth to someplace far away. This game didn’t have any minigame, unfortunately. Even this game had fishing section, but that just one-time only and Ididn’t consider that as minigame at all. And this is the only game that make the treasure chest talk back to you with ridiculous and silly words.

Score: 3

Replay Value

trails in the sky fc (4)

This game had new game+ after finished for the first time. I could carry over all anything except Bracer Point. I never consider to play it again right away because I completed the all the quest in one playthrough. The save clear data could be transferred to Trails in The Sky: Second Chapter as well, but I didn’t try it yet.

Score: 3


+ Great Story with great dialogue

+ Many interesting characters

+ Fun gameplay

– Slow start for the story



This game maybe old with outdated graphic and gameplay, but the story and characters still very fresh and enjoyable. This is really make me appreciated older JRPG more. Trails in the Sky: First Chapter is a  great game and I really can’t wait to play the Second Chapter to see continuation of Estelle and Joshua story.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky First Chapter already released in US region for PSP and PC.



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