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Fantasy Life Review – Your World, Your Quest, Your Life

Fantasy Life

General Information:

  • System                                   : Nintendo 3DS
  • Release Date                      : October 24th, 2014
  • Developer/Publisher     : Level-5, Brownie Brown/ Nintendo


Level-5 was famous developed many great JRPG, like Dark Cloud and Rogue Galaxy. In 2012 they introduced new IP, a life Simulation RPG named Fantasy Life. This 3DS exclusive game has many feature like job systems, quest, and multiplayer.


The land of Reveria stretches far and wide, with lush meadows, bustling cities, and crystal shores. The moon, Lunares, shines brightly in the night sky over this peaceful land. But all this is about to change…

Who would’ve thought that a metorite would crash land in your very own house? And who would think that the fallen stone is key to a secret which could jeopardise the peace of the realm?

King Erik of Castele asks you to investigate… Along with a mysterious talking butterfly (your sort-of-sidekick!) can you uncover the truth of this unexpected event and save Reveria?

The story is quite straightforward because this game aimed for everyone. I enjoyed the story a lot because I met many funny characters and the story was heartwarming too. The minus point is I didn’t like silent-protagonist type game that much.

Score: 5/5


This game had many characters that involved in the story or just for job quest. Many of this character had unique design that impossible to forget. The characters in Fantasy Life was designed by Final Fantasy Illustrator, Yoshitaka Amano. All the character will join your party after their story end or after you completing their quest.

Score: 4/5


From the start of the game you could choose your gender, body type, skin colour, hairstyle, face shape, eyes, voice. You also had to choose the Life you’ll start your adventure with but don’t worry, you can change it later. The focus in each Life is to fulfill your master challenge to rank up your Life. There are 12 Life you could choose, these Life divided to 3 classes.

Combat Life: Paladin, Mercenary, Hunter and Magician. These Life focuses in melee and ranged battle because the stat increase for STR, DEF, or INT depend the Job you chose.

Gatherer Life: Woodcutter, Miner and Angler. These Life specialize to gather material and items found in Reveria including logs, ore, gems and fish.

Fantasy Life (18)

Crafting Life: Cook, Tailor, Blacksmith, Alchemist and Carpenter. Most of the quests in these Life is crafting new items such as food dishes, clothes, weapons, armour, potions, furniture and more. Crafting these items requires you to first collect materials that can be collected by the Gatherer Life.

Although when you in Gatherer or Crafting Life, you still could fight the enemies but not as strong with Combat Life. To change Life, head to any of the Guild Offices found in Castele, Port Puerto and Al Maajik.

The battle is action-based but really simple. Just pressing one button to attack and when Special bar has filled you could use special attack. Each Life has their own special attack but with Gatherer and Crafting Life their special command just for gathering or crafting.

You could bring one or two allies in battle if you asked them to join. The level and stat allies is matched with our characters and they had their speciality like dark or holy attack. Some allies could use heal and buff for you.

I like this kind of gameplay, the battle was simple but with so many things to do. Each Life is so important yet so fun to play with. It’s so easy to change your Life one to another without any requirement.

Score: 5/5


The graphic in Fantasy Life use 3D super deformed model. Even the monsters model were so cute. The background is so colorful and beautiful too. The music handled also the person behind Final Fantasy, Nobuo Uematsu. The music, without question was great. The music each realm has unique music that match their environment. The world map music was also beautifully made and the music will change when time change to night. Each Life has their theme song too and it’s so cute. You could heard it after your reached master rank.

Fantasy Life (14)

Score: 4/5

Additional Appeal

Main City (Realm) in Fantasy Life is Castele because all your master Life is in this realm. But there also another realms that will accessible as the story progressing on. Each realm has their field area with new monster and material you could gather. There also a bunch of quest from townspeople and the quest will keep coming so there many reason to revisit another realm once in a while.

Fantasy Life (17) Fantasy Life (16)

Fantasy Life had so many quest list that you could completed. Not only main quest for story but also quest for rank up your Life, each Life has their quest from respective master. Also the most list quest was from townspeople, one people could has another request when we completed the first time.

Fantasy Life (3)

Fantasy Life has a paid DLC with new expansion for more content. New realm, new story and new rank for your Life to become a Creator. You could also connect with your friend with multiplayer to help each other to defeat strong monster or exchange item.

Score: 5/5

Replay Value

There was no end in this game even after the main story has ended. After credit you could doing some quest, visit another realm and level-up. So there was no way you could miss anything here. You could also play the new story and reached the Creator rank if you buy the Origin Island DLC.

Fantasy Life (19)

Score: 3/5


+ Unique job system.

+ Quest that making this game longer to play.

+ Fun gameplay

– Slow progressing character’s stat

Final Score 4.5/5


fantasy life

This game is for me is a pure and complete RPG that I dreamed of. There’s nothing boring in this game, everything was fun. I really enjoy playing with crafting Life. Making something like playing mini game and it’s so funny saw our character doing that. Also this is the only game that make you feel battling a super hard boss when cutting tree or fishing. It’s super exciting!

Fantasy Life is already released for Nintendo 3DS.


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