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Fairy Fencer F Review: Fairize!

Fairy Fencer F Image

General Information:

  • System                    PC, PS3, & PS4 (improved version)
  • Release Date        October 10, 2013
  • Developer             Compile Heart
  • Publisher               Compile Heart

To be honest, what I like the most from this game are the soundtrack and the battle system. It’s been quite a while since I hear many compelling soundtracks in one game. And Compile Heart clearly put some effort into the battle system.

Below is the game official trailer.


Fairy Fencer F Screenshot

The story revolves around a young man named Fang who at first accidentally freeing a fairy named Eryn from her Fury weapon because Fang heard it can grant any wish, but he was actually freeing Eryn for food wish. Later he learns about a conflict between a goddess and an evil god in the past. The two deities powers sealed each other and the power vanished from the world.

These leftover weapons left by two deities are called Furies and warriors that wield them are Fencers. Fang is a now a Fencer after he freeing Eryn. He was forced into a journey to unseal the goddess. By a strange coincidence, Fang met Tiara, another Fencer and get caught up in the struggle between the goddess and evil god.

The story might not be anything special or even cliche at first, but the characters’ interaction are still funny and charming enough to keep the player interested. And also after some time later, there’s an unexpected twist in the story.

Score: 3


Fairy Fencer F Screenshot

Fairy Fencer F has fun and brief turn-based battle system accompanied with an engaging battle song. Characters are able to move around on the battlefield. Moving behind an enemy and attack to deal the most damage. Player can have up to six party members fighting by switch them at any time.

Each one is also very unique and has different element, main weapons, special ability (for example Fang has Serious Face ability, which increases his damage 50% but everything he does costs SP, even normal attacks), and can enter Fairize (like Super Saiyan mode) when their gauge full (see the purple gauge above the character’s face in the image), after ¾ of it is full, Fairize could be utilized.

Any attack with skills or magic, and enemies attack can be skipped/fast forward. This is an excellent option that personally every RPG should have! So player won’t get bored by looking at the same attack over and over again and makes the battle very brief, not consuming time (include conversations). Option to zoom in & out also available when you battle, so when engaging battle player can look from up close.

Fairy Fencer F Screenshot

Fairy Fencer F Screenshot

From Win Points (WP), which characters will gain from level up. Player can use WP to increase parameters, learn skills, magic, abilities and unlock other weapons combo (sword, scythe, gun, etc). Despite each character have their own main weapon, their Fury can also change to another weapon and this can turn over the battle favour because each enemy has their own weakness.

Fairy Fencer F Screenshot

Dungeons are short, lack of interesting features in general, also in the main story there is certain times player must go back to the same dungeon. It could be said that the enjoyment relies mostly from  the battle system. But not to worry, all dungeons possess a single save point just before the dungeon’s boss.

And then, there’s a world-shaping, an action to stab a Fury to the dungeon player gonna enter. Each of these Furies can cause a number of effects such as boosting attacks or increasing the experience and money or lower the defense from the battles found inside. Although that means player won’t be able to equip that fairy to the battle.

Fairy Fencer F Screenshot

At the dungeon, player can also change between character to walk around and do many other things like jumping, attack enemy before the battle start, etc.

Fairy Fencer F Gameplay

Also, another interesting to do is Godly revival. The action of freeing the Furies that were stabbed to the God. Player will have to select which God/Goddess they want to unseal. Each time trying to free the Fury the player will enter a battle (kinda like mini boss battle), and each Fury has different level too.

Score: 5


Fairy Fencer F


A lazy, careless, gluttonous, narcissistic, and rude male protagonist. The reason he wants to revive the goddess is also for his own good. He has the attitudes you normally wouldn’t expect from the main protagonist. He has no backstory at all before the main story begin. As the story progress, Fang becomes more caring to people around him especially Eryin and Tiara. His skill element is fire.


Her pride is high, and is a bit tsundere mixed with masochist when abused by Fang with his words (perhaps it was meant to be funny & comedic). She bears a big secret related to her origin. Tiara’s skill element is water.


She thinks Fang is an idiot but nevertheless still cares for him. As the story progress, she started to soften up to the point she sacrificed herself just to save Fang.


She is a Fairyologist, she’s always thinking about her research that every single fairies that joined the party will first be ‘examined’ by her. She has a sloppy and laid back personality. Also, she doesn’t realize yet that her beauty can make men’s hearts skip a beat. Her skill element is earth.


Pippin is Fencer who is a mysterious, unknown living thing. People often mistake him as a fairy instead whenever Pippin is with his fairy who looked like a human. The sword stuck in its head is completely unknown. His skill element is lightning.


She is a silent and cold Fencer, her fairy partner, Karin, interprets her words for her. At first, the only word she says is ‘kill’ due to her only purpose in life. After joining Fang’s party, she changes by gradually regaining her humanity. Her skill element is ice.


The first time Sherman appears, he seems to be a kind and generous man who is calm-headed and seems to think before he acts. This usually results in him being said as Fang`s opposite. However, he also carries a more dark and forceful personality, one that is willing to do nearly anything in order to achieve his dream.


Galdo is simpleminded but passionate Fencer. His accent appears to be a regional dialect. He wields a scythe-shaped Fury and battles Fang the first time he meets him. He dislike how cruel Zenke is, and after seeing how Fang is different from him, he got a new respect for Fang and decided to join Fang’s party. His skill element is wind.


He is one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Dorfa, a Fencer. A lone swordsman, he is extremely stoic and honorable (willing to die a warriors death). But he will yield his honour when his sister Emily is involved, so as to not have her suffer.


She works as an informant. And sometimes greedy about it. Her informations are always valid. She plays on looking like a cute little girl to avoid suspicion.


He is one of the main antagonists of Fairy Fencer F. He is a descendant of the Vile God, but his origin is unknown. Despite of his calm demeanor, he hides a ruthless personality.


One of the Four Heavenly Czars of Dorfa. He loves brutal, bloodthirsty fights and takes pleasure in doing misdeeds.


She is one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Dorfa and a Fencer. She appears at first to be a gentle and loving person when she plays harp for children. But she is truly a dark young woman who will put forth every effort in order to further Dorfa’s goals.

Overall character development, most antagonist characters stays as the evil antagonists, some changed and joined protagonist’s party. In the middle of the story, the lazy protagonist, Fang showed determination when a sudden turn of event happening. And in the end, he made even more effort to end the conflict.

Score: 4

Graphic & Sound

Fairy Fencer F Screenshot

Fairy Fencer F has anime-like 3D models. Mostly visual novel like appearance conversation. But it was nice that they made all the characters have a little movement despite being 2D (like Trinity Universe for example.)

I’m glad the English localization still keeps the dual audio. When I play with the Japanese voice, sometimes the dubbing doesn’t match with the translation, although only a little.

I like many soundtracks in this game, some are nice, epic, engaging, or even have a vocal. Because these days not many soundtrack in other games fancy me, so this Fairy Fencer F is quite rare. There’s even a song composed by Nobuo Uematsu.

Score: 5

Additional Replay

Fairy Fencer F Screenshot

Fairy Fencer F has paid DLC costumes (no story DLC). Although there are several costumes which player can buy with in game money too. Side quests are mostly tedious, like gathering items or defeating monsters, but it’s quite useful to gain some money. And also another freeing Furies quest from Lola (collectibles Furies). And sub-event talking with other characters in the party and NPCs.

Score: 2

Replay value

Fairy Fencer F Screenshot

For the NG+, all items and stats transfer except the broken Fury parts (you can see from the picture above, notice the Time Played and the Total Time), it’s my second playthrough. Difficulty doesn’t increase, nothing increases making almost useless. And thus, concludes this game lacks replay value, could feel too short for some players (could be finished in less than 30 hours). One playthrough is enough, even when you didn’t accomplish all the challenges.

Score: 1


Fairy Fencer F Screenshot


+ Great Soundtrack

+ Nice Graphic

+ Unexpected Plot Twist

+ Skippable Battle Scene

+ Fun Combat System


– Cliche Moments

– Secret Playable Characters could be Missed

– Lacks Replay Value

– A bit Fan Service Moments and Rude words

Final Score: 3.5/5

Story: 3

Gameplay: 5

Characters: 4

Graphic & Sound: 5

Additional Appeal: 2

Replay Value: 1

From IGN, Fairy Fencer F got a score 7.3 out of 10. From Metacritic got 71%. Ratings from those websites are taken when this review is being written.


Fairy Fencer F is good and entertaining to play. Maybe not so great as it has several cliche moments and some context in the game which are not suitable for all-age (for example, fan service and rude context). But JPRG fans would still love this game. The story is quite engaging, fun and brief battle system. Overall, this game is worth playing.

Fairy Fencer F is already available for PS3, PS4, and PC.

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