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Ever Oasis Review – Let’s Build An Everlasting Oasis!

ever oasis

General Information:

  • System                                       : Nintendo 3DS
  • Release Date                          : June 23rd 2017
  • Developer/Publisher        : GREZZO/Nintendo

Ever Oasis a new JRPG from creator of Mana series and the team behind this game also developed The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D. This game was about creating a peaceful Oasis from evil Chaos. With action-based battle and gathering element in dungeon full of puzzle. Ever Oasis has a lot great thing in just one game.

You can watch the trailer below


This desert world can be harsh and unforgiving. But look carefully and you’ll find that it’s filled with life, from plants and animals to desert-dwelling tribes.

One of the tribes that lives here is called Seedlings. Special Seedlings, known as Children of the Great Tree, have the power to partner with a water spirit to form what’s called an oasis. An oasis is a safe place for everyone to enjoy.

Unfortunately, the desert is being invaded by a mysterious entity known as Chaos. Chaos takes over the souls of living creatures and turns them into monsters who roam the desert.

ever oasis demo (2)

The main story really straightforward and quite short but with the main focus here just the chief and Esna, i think it was fine. The story about a chief and water spirit creating peaceful Oasis in the middle of dessert full of Chaos was really classic story but Ever Oasis could make me enjoy this kind of story. It just the pattern quite repetitive, like Chaos attacking Oasis → searching new settlement→ clear dungeon→ Chaos Gone then repeat. At least it has some nice conclusion for the story.

Unlike the main story, the sidequest story seems unfinished. The most one that me disappointed was the sidequests were only for Seedling who had Bloom Booth. All Seedling that became resident of your resident had some backstory about theme if you level up their Bloom Booth. Each Seedling has 4 part of story, but this is quite frustrating to follow their story. With many Bloom Booth and many materials they need, I couldn’t open their story right away. Sometimes I forgot their story and I couldn’t follow their updated story. If only this game has some kind of summary for each Seedling.

Score: 3


This game has may characters who will came to your Oasis and became resident there. But the most important characters only The Chief (player) and Esna. Of course there also another characters from another race will jon your adventure.


Your name is Tethu (male avatar) or Tethi (female avatar), and you are the younger sibling of a great chief. He saved you when your home was attacked, and now you must become chief of your own oasis and keep it safe from Chaos. You also have the wind power of Green Gale, which will come in handy.





She is the last water spirit, and has been waiting for ages for a Child of the Great Tree to find her. Now that you have, you’ll work together to grow and expand your oasis.





Tethu as silent-type protagonist stil have may expression and reaction in the middle conversation, so he/she didn’t too passive at all. It really pleases me this game had protagonist like that because I could enjoy the story more. Esna also very likeable, cheerful and cute. Although she just had conversation with Tethu but she also watch another resident and talked about them.

Sadly, I couldn’t remember most of residents that much. They weren’t as many as Suikoden Characters though but because they were mostly just there to stay at Oasis they just forgetable. Unlike them I felt more empathy for the Antagonist. Their backstory were cliche as well but I like how the developer treat their characters here.

Score: 3


For battle, This game use action-based battle with real time battle and your other party played by A.I. But you could change your main so freely. Tethu held a sword for battle. The sword-type weapon is best against beast enemies. Other party held different type of weapon and very useful for certain type of enemies. You could see a colorful damage icon when you hit enemies or you could see the party status in the menu for what enemies they best at. The battle is so easy. I just need to press A for weak attack and X for heavy attack also dodge-roll with Y. But if you attack aimlessly the enemies could took advantages of you, especially with so many enemies at once. Overall the battle is fun and simple but if only we could change party freely outside Oasis that could be better. The equipment also can be changed at Oasis only and just for Seedling, we couldn’t change another race equipment which is weird. You can level up when you are back to your Oasis and my HP also recovered.

ever oasis demo (8)

The restriction for changing party members make the exploration the dungeon really annoying. Each member only have one skill to gather materials or to solve puzzle or didn’t have any at all. I could just warp back to the Oasis because we could warp wherever we are but it really inconvenient to back and forth to change party member. The dungeon puzzle still really easy, sometime maybe it will confusing at first but if you bring right skill and weapon you could solve the puzzle. Also you could take all hidden treasure whensolve the puzzle.

A Seedling came to your Oasis seeking for help because of Chaos in the outside. As a Seedling ask for your help, that was a request for you to finished. When you finished it, that Seedling will become a permanent resident in your Oasis and they will open a shop to make your Oasis grow bigger. The shop called Bloom Booth, could you customize whatever you want. Like place anywhere or change its color. I have to provide the Bloom Booth with any material their needed to grow. As their grow they will evolve and my Oasis will leveled up too. Growing the Bloom Booth also make the owner and villagers happy. Providing Bloom Booth and grow your Oasis would have bigger chance to new resident came to your Oasis. Each a Seedling booth want to leveled up, they would ask a new request for you to fulfill.

Score: 3

Graphic and Sound

Because the setting in this game are the dessert the design and music had middle east environment. All the Seedling had modified arabic name. The design of all race are really cute but the Drauk and Serkah design almost the same, they just has different skin color and cloth.

Score: 3

Additional Appeal

This game mostly just a dessert and dungeon although each dungeon and area has their own uniqueness but it still just the dessert. The most colorful place in this game was only in your Oasis. After two months its release this game didn’t have any DLC content.

Score: 3

Replay Value

Ever Oasis didn’t have New Game plus but after the credit, you will back before you enter the last dungeon and your Oasis could grow further. New residents also added latter that only came to your Oasis after you beat the game. Also you could try to beat new challenge to beat super high level boss.  This game doesn’t need to replay from beginning at all

Score: 3


+Fun Gathering elemnt

+Easy and simle gameplay

-Troublesome way to change member party and equipment



The game really fit my expectation from the demo. More depth and challenge for its system make you cannot stop playing. Sometime managing Bloom Booth could be frustrating but I could solve the problem so easy and fast. This game really great although I hope this game could be more amazing than this.

Ever Oasis already released in US region for Nintendo 3DS

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The game really fit my expectation from the demo. More depth and challenge for its system make you cannot stop playing. Sometime managing Bloom Booth could be frustrating but I could solve the problem so easy and fast. This game really great although I hope this game could be more amazing than this
  • Fun Gathering Element
  • Easy and SImple Gameplay
  • Troublesome way to change member party and equipment
Story - 6
Character - 6
Gameplay - 6
Graphic and Sound - 6
Additional Appeal - 6
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