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Edelweiss Review: A Ticket to Paradise

Edelweiss Cover

General Information:

  • System                   PC
  • Release Date       December 15, 2006 (Japan), July 10, 2008  (World Wide)
  • Developer            Overdrive
  • Publisher              M-trix & Overdrive (Japan)
    MangaGamer (English)

It’s every man’s dream to be stuck on an isolated island and attend a former all-girls high school with his best friends. The school was claimed to be a no man’s land. With that previous sentence, I think you can expect what might happen in the story. And please note that this visual novel has some mature scenes, although that won’t get evaluated in this review.

Below is the opening movie.


Edelweiss Visual Novel

Edelweiss Visual Novel

Kazushi and his buddies are bored with their poor grades and boring high school life. One day they hear about an exchange program to an all-girls school on an isolated island and they went through a tough test to get there, hoping their unpopular life with girls will change. Once they arrive, they discover the school’s secret: it teaches the secrets of alchemy and how to handle them. Later, they meet the girls and have to help them, as each one has a problem that can’t be solved by them.

I believed every visual novel has their own mood, especially when you just start playing it. I feel this visual novel is giving a fresh start from the mood and setting. The character interactions are funny and interesting enough to make you sit and reading till the end.

Score: 4


Edelweiss Visual Novel

At the beginning, there was no choice at all in the game. It’s like the game is entering introduction phase until after some time later it decided it’s time for a player to pick which heroine they like. Like every other visual novel, basically player just need to read and pick from several multiple choices till it gets to one of the endings.

Score: 1


Edelweiss Visual Novel

Kazushi Haruma

New sophomore, the main protagonist. He is less pervert compared to his buddies and often needs to remind them to behave themselves. Unluckily often get dragged into trouble by their buddies. He is brave enough to take some risks for friends and especially loved one. In most of the CG, his bangs covering his eyes.

Mei Ibuki

She is a teacher and protagonist homeroom teacher and also teaches Alchemy and a librarian. She seems wise and understanding because she prefers to solve things through talking rather than physical punishment. She has a mature charm but unexpectedly she got a childish aspect whenever she tries to find a stupid joke. When she drinks, her personality changes and she starts bawling.

Kamoike Ran

First impression I get when she met the main protagonist was she is a money-grubbing person. Even it was very clear from her character design, bringing a bag with a $ sign on it. And she still does as the story progress. Her ideas always revolve around money. She is really bad at Alchemy. She is very easy going and swindle the boys out of their money by claiming to know everything about the school.

Aozora Haruka

She’s the principal granddaughter, born and raised on the island. She’s nice, kind, friendly, and innocent. She’s not used to be around guys but still taken an interest in the newly transferred boys. She’s never been in love and seems to be the type of little girl who dreams of sweet romance. She sometimes tries to get away with something by saying she’s the principal’s granddaughter with an innocent face.

Hinata Mizuki

She is very athletic and a little boyish, making her so popular amongst the girls. She loves to swim; in fact, the reason why she enrolled at Eiden is so that she could swim in the ocean whenever she wanted. Due to her lack of experience around boys, at first she comes off as not welcoming towards the boys, but she actually yearns to be in love. Also, she loves fancy accessories, just like any other girl.

Amamiya Natsume

A freshman girl. Kazushi gets the impression she’s a violent girl when he first met her. A mysterious girl who is not very talkative and hardly has any friends, and no wonder because she has a sharp tongue.

Takase Sakura

She is a bright and energetic girl who’s friendly to everyone. She’s even able to hang with the guys without any constraints because she went to coed junior high.

Fujisaki Rin

She is a modest and caring person. She is best friend with Sakura and can often be found together with her.

Appo (Toshiaki Jin-nai)

He’s idiot, very sensitive, the noisiest and very straightforward about telling his pervert desire. He was called Appo, because it sounds like an apple, by looking at his figure.

Pierre (Masao Horikawa)

He’s on the same page as Appo. Even though his nickname isn’t Japanese, he is 100% Japanese. Because he thought it’s cool to have a western name. He and Appo always try to be the center of attention and often saying inappropriate remarks, making girls look at them disgustingly.


Other than a pervert, he’s actually a very sensitive and super shy guy, unlike his physical appearance. And sometimes showing being negative too.


The way he talks is not clear at all but the boys still understand him and they even look up to him. He carries bread everywhere he goes and easily triggered when someone called his bread “stupid”. He is hard to read and violent sometimes. But he sometimes appears when you’re the least expect him, helping the boys through out the hard situation.


A strong teacher who teach the boys with physical punishment because he thought anything else won’t work for them. It’s like tough love.

Hu-sen (Kazuko)

She and Rei despise the boys so much, especially after the case when the boys did something inappropriate. Even though they were the one who were excited to have boys in the school. But an accident made her had a change of heart, she becomes friendlier and falls for Appo.

Rei Andou

She has been best friend with Hu-Sen for a long time. When she’s upset, she can shout in a really loud voice. Unlike her strong and bulging appearance, she’s actually really sensitive. After an accident, together with Hu-Sen she changed and accept the guys better. And she eventually falls to Daigo.

Hisae Aozora

Principal at Eiden Academy. Also Haruka’s grandmother. Even though there is a time when she’s mad when the boys did something unforgivable, she still didn’t suspend them in the end.

The boys are not used to be around girls. At first, they keep showing inappropriate remarks and action that makes them get hated. As the story progress, they slowly get along with the girls and some girls who used to despise them even becoming friendlier to them. It’s interesting to see this development. And any girl player chooses from the multiple choices will eventually develop feelings to the main protagonist.

Score: 4

Graphic & Sound

Edelweiss Visual Novel

Edelweiss Visual Novel

Each time when characters’ talks, their mouth will make a movement. And after several seconds their eyes will blink too. These simple gestures are trivial, and yet gives more realistic touch and that’s a big plus. Especially coming from a visual novel that is quite old.

The female characters are average to pretty in terms of graphic. The male characters other than the main protagonist, however, are ugly if I’m being honest. Some player might find the characters’ art a bit unappealing. However, the background arts this game provides are stunning.

Players can also change the text message colour from the system to their liking. The voice actings are great, each dived into their character’s personality really well. Although there are several lines which characters said but aren’t written. If you understand Japanese language a bit you would feel like there are several missing translations.

Score: 4

Replay Value

Edelweiss Extra

No additional replay. After the visual novel has been completed at least once, extra will pop up. From extra, player can view CG (computer graphics) artwork they have seen, replay mature scenes they have viewed, and listen to the vocal songs they have heard in the game. Each heroine has different ending song.

Edelweiss Screenshot

If you are interested to see other heroines’ ending, then yes, it’s worth a replay. Play time is medium, average like most visual novels. Player can also change the setting to skip unread text to fast forward the story.

Score: 3


Edelweiss Screenshot


+ Multiple endings

+ Varying ending songs

+ Nice graphic

+ Daily high school life theme bathed with some humour

+ Alchemy related context


– The stupidity and pervert thing some characters did may feel cringy

– Many noticeable typos can be found in the English translation

– Some ugly characters

– Some dirty jokes

– Some rude words

– There are several sentences that have the dubbing but are not written

Final Score: 3.1/5

Story: 4

Gameplay: 1

Characters: 4

Graphic & Sound: 4

Replay Value: 4

From the Visual Novel Database (vndb) website, Edelweiss got 1662 total votes, with average 7.18 out of 10. Ratings from the website are taken when this review is being written.


If you like humour with a bunch of idiot and pervert guys in their puberty life, then you would enjoy a good laugh when playing this visual novel. Expect some dirty jokes along the way. If the characters’ art is good enough for you and you can overlook many apparent typos, then you should give this visual novel a go. As the one who played it for the second time after finishing it a few years ago, I’d say this visual novel is worth playing.

Edelweiss is already available for PC.


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