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Adventure Bar Story Review – A Tale To Become The Best Bar in The Country

Adventure Bar Story 1

General Information:

  • System                                   Nintendo 3DS (Digital Only)
  • Release Date                      February 19, 2015
  • Publisher/Publisher       Rideon Japan/Circle Entertainment

Adventure Bar Story is an RPG set in a fantasy world in which you go on adventures with party members and manage a bar. This is game was originally a mobile game then after the successful release, this game remade into Nintendo 3DS in 2014.

At first, I thought this game like time management game with RPG element in it. When I play the demo, this game has more than managing a bar. With turn-based gameplay system and also cooking element I really enjoy beat the monsters to gather mats and tried many experiment to create new recipe.

Watch the trailer below:



Adventure Bar Story 2 Adventure Bar Story 3

Siela and Kamerina run unsuccessfully Kamerina’s Bar, after the death of their parents. This is because Kamerina has lack of talent in cooking. When the shady owner of the most successful restaurant in the town tries to buy their establishment by driving them out of business, Siela takes charge of the cooking duties. But with the poor condition of the bar, Siela must collecting different mats and recipes around the different locations in the kingdom with the help of her close friend and main supplier Fred. Siela embarks on an adventure to make Kamerina’s Bar the best restaurant in the Cassel Kingdom.

Actually the story is quite simple, to make Kamerina’s Bar a successful restaurant in Cassel Kingdom. It has some deep and interesting story. Not just about the bar but also about the Cassel Kingdom and some history about it. As the day passed, Siela will meet with other party companions who will help her. There will be also a side story about other characters.

Score: 4


The main goal in this game is to successfully manage the bar by selling the menu with the food that Siela made. The sale is not only depending on the food’s price, but also in Sales Forecast and Customer’s Satisfaction. All that food could be sold out in one day if the forecast sell has higher stars and the customer satisfied with it.

All the food is also useful for the party because to level up they have to eat. This is not like any usual RPG out there but this is the unique point of this game. The food could give the party EXP and also additional effect, like STR+10 or Heat/Cold Resistance. There limitation to eat for one character per day, if they’re already full they could eat again for tomorrow. One character could have one effect only, so it’s really important for set up a party what to eat before go to the field.

Adventure Bar Story 5 Adventure Bar Story 4

The higher the sales it could increase the bar’s rank. This task is essential to both advance the story and gain money to buy mats and items. As the bar gains ranks with by getting higher sales and winning competition points, more dungeons and mats become available. The player must manage adequately the needs of the bar and the needs of the characters experience in order to progress in the game.

The food could only made with mats and tools. I could buy both in the item shop but the mats could be gathered in the fields too, and that’s a cheaper way to get some mats. Even I could experiment to make a food, the recipes also important. Recipes can be found by talking to a random non-player character (NPC), opening chests, stealing from monsters, or by experimentation. The game also gives hints depending on certain conditions to make it easier to discover recipes.

Adventure Bar Story 6 Adventure Bar Story 7

Like I said, this game used turn-based gameplay system. All characters use different type of weapons and they could use two type of weapons, like Siela could use two-handed sword and bow. The magic system depends on experience points gained in different categories by defeating monsters. Different dungeons have different type of monsters, which in turn have different characteristics and give different types of magic experience. To unlock new skills, a character must gather enough magic experience points from different categories.

Score: 4


At first the party are only Siela and Fred, but eventually Siela will meet another companion. Some of them maybe a bit spoiler but I will explain some main point about them.

Adventure Bar Story 8


She is !6 years old girl who runs the bar with her sister, Kamerina.  At first she just doing a small errand in the bar, but after the great matter, she became the manager to save it from Gustav. Without she know, she is very great in cooking far better than her sister.


He runs a item shop near Kamerina’s Bar. His shop sells many kind of Mats also the equipments and Items. He is the one who suggested Siela to attend the cooking contest in the castle. Kamerina’s Bar is regular costumer in his shop.


She is the student of Wizard Academy in Casselburg. She is quite talented at magic but she is still wanted to grow. After eating apple pie in Kamerina Bar She is in love with Siela’s cooking because she really likes sweets.


He is an elite student in Wizard Academy. He also came from respected family. Although he has great talent at magic, he became curious when he saw Alfine grow stronger at magic.


He is a member of Adventurer’s Guild also a regular costumer in Kamerina Bar. He loves to go treasures hunting and completing various quests to earn some money. Likes drinking beer.


A member of the band thief but recently she traveling alone by herself. Slightly trained in the art of stealing she is sometimes helpful in battle. Even she is thief, she will pay back someone who helped her. She also eats a lot.


Siela’s older sister, she is beautiful and has kind personality. Because of that Kamerina’s bar always has regular costumer although Kamerina has no talent in cooking. Although she didn’t join the battle, she still managing the Bar.


She appear in the late chapter of story. She is an elf who lived in the hidden forest.

The characters in Adventure Bar Story are quite diverse. They have their own background story and battle style, although only few of them involve in main story.

Score: 3


In the 3DS version this game graphic has improved greatly from mobile version, which is became really good. The graphic is quite colorful and character sprite could change expression too. But sometimes I met some lag in the battle especially when casting spell. The loading time sometimes took a bit long. The music itself is good but nothing special about it.

Score: 3

Additional Appeal

Adventure Bar Story 9

As the story goes, Siela will go around new place and new city. Each place has their unique monsters and mats that could be found there. Someplace like Desert needs effect heat resistance because it will damage the characters. Fortunately the game is nice enough to inform us before going to certain place. I could change costume for characters in battle too but it’s only for Siela and Lidia

Score: 3

Replay Value

This game has quite a lot recipe to be collected, some recipes can be obtain after beat the main story. There are also sub bosses that can be found after the end game and also took new equipment. Also you can also take a challenge to make the highest total sale a day.

Score: 4


+  Challenging battle system

+ Cooking content is fun

– Repetitive gameplay

Final Score 3.55


I’m interested in this game because of cooking element with some grinding and battle. Although this is just a small game, I’m really enjoying this game. Adventure Bar Story is quite solid RPG game, I’m really glad buying this game. Really recommended for RPG and Simulation lover.

Adventure Bar Story is already avalaible for Nintendo 3DS

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