This desert world can be harsh and unforgiving. But look carefully and you’ll find that it’s filled with life, from plants and animals to desert-dwelling tribes.

One of the tribes that lives here is called Seedlings. Special Seedlings, known as Children of the Great Tree, have the power to partner with a water spirit to form what’s called an oasis. An oasis is a safe place for everyone to enjoy.

Unfortunately, the desert is being invaded by a mysterious entity known as Chaos. Chaos takes over the souls of living creatures and turns them into monsters who roam the desert


Latest News

Ever Oasis Launch Trailer

Ever Oasis Launch Trailer Is Revealed!

Ever Oasis is coming today! Prior to its release though, Nintendo has released the game's launch trailer. Check Ever Oasis launch trailer here!

Ever Oasis Gets Overview Trailer and Some Character Details

Ever Oasis Gets Overview Trailer and Some Character Details

Trailer after trailer, today we get to see another trailer for Ever Oasis! Accompanying it are the game's characters details.

Ever Oasis Field

Ever Oasis Field Is Shown in the Newest Trailer

Ever Oasis gets a new trailer giving us its beautiful landscape. This newest trailer shows the game's field exploration! Watch the trailer here!

Ever Oasis Introduction Trailer

Nintendo Released Ever Oasis Introduction Trailer

A month after revealing its release date, Grezzo and Nintendo released Ever Oasis introduction trailer! You can watch the 2-minutes trailer here!

JRPG Ever Oasis Release Date Finally Revealed!

JRPG Ever Oasis Release Date Finally Revealed!

An update about one of many games that is revealed at last year E3! Ever Oasis' release date has finally been revealed! When? Check it for yourself!

Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Direct Sep 1st 2016 Report: Dragon Quest VIII Delayed, Yo-Kai Watch 2 Release Date, and More!

During the event of Nintendo Direct held on September 1st 2016, more information regarding new games, new items, and release date are announced!

Make Your Own Oasis in Ever Oasis , A New RPG from Nintendo

Nintendo has announced their new IP for 3DS titled Ever Oasis at E3. This RPG developed by Grezzo (Ocarina of Time 3D, Majora’s Mask 3D). As Player, you have mission to create Oasis with your partner,...

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