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Cover Image for World of Final Fantasy

World of Final Fantasy Shows Quistis FF VIII and Another New Character

This week's issue of Jump Magazine reveals that Quistis Trepe from Final Fantasy VIII will appear in World of Final Fantasy, along with other new character.

Tactics-Style RPG Arcadian Atlas Logo

Tactics-Style RPG Arcadian Atlas Gets Pre-Kickstarter Trailer Debut

The Tactics-Style RPG Arcadian Atlas gets a trailer before starting the funding on Kickstarter! Check out the trailer here!

Final Fantasy IX Cover

20% OFF Price! Final Fantasy IX for Android and iOS is Out Now!

Rejoice! Final Fantasy IX for Android and iOS is available now for mobile users! There is a special promo 20% off until Feb 21! Get it NOW!

Medabots Girls Mission Will be relased on March 2016

Medabots: Girls Mission Debut Trailer Shows Off Robattle and Custom Break System

The latest entry for Medabots series has been announced early this year. Check out Medabots: Girls Mission debut trailer here.

Revenant Dogma is a new RPG for Android developed by Kemco

Revenant Dogma, The Latest RPG From Kemco, Has A Visually Stunning 3D Battle

The Latest RPG from Kemco has already hit the Google Play Store. Revenant Dogma boast a visually stunning 3D Battle with other unique features.

Target Acquired Cover Game

Target Acquired, a Megaman Inspired Endless Runner, Hit The Google Playstore as A Featured Game

Target Acquired is a Megaman inspired endless runner game. It was developed by Touchten Games, a game developer company from Indonesia

Digimon World Next Order Screenshots Cover

New Digimon World: Next Order Screenshots Show SkullGreymon and More!

The official website has released some new Digimon Word: Next Order screenshots featuring SkullGreymon, WarGreymon, and more!

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