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Partner-Based RPG Digimon World 3 Opening Movie

5 Partner-Based RPG Games with Awesome Story That You Must Play

Partner-based RPG games are usually strong in the gameplay, but how about their story element? Find out some of the best with good story here.

Old but GOLD

Blast From The Past, 10 Old But GOLD RPGs

10 of our selected old games that are still worth to be played in this next generation era.


10 Years Development History of What Will Be Known As Final Fantasy XV

10 years of grueling battle developing this game should have been really worth it.

Final Fantasy XV feat

10 Most Anticipated RPG Games in 2016

Here's a small list of upcoming most probably best RPG games that are going to be released this year.

RPG with TIme Travel Theme - Chrono Cross

7 Nostalgic RPG Games With Time Travel Theme

Time travel theme is a unique theme for an RPG. Find out some of nostalgic RPG games with this theme. Is your favorite one listed here?

Sephiroth at Nibelheim Incident

5 Most Tragic RPG Villain Characters Ever

They may be a villain, but they also have sad or tragic fate too. Find out the most tragic RPG Villain characters that you may know here.

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