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Character from Trails


How do you want to play your Role-Playing Game? Japanese Style? Or maybe Western Style? Or even both? Let's talk more about it here

Tidus saw blitzball stadium - FFX

Role-Playing Game : The History and What Defines A Game As RPG

When you heard the word RPG. What is the first thing pop out inside you head? Let's discuss about what RPG trully is!

Dash Quest Logo

Top 5 Android Retro RPG

Take a peek on our version of top 5 retro RPG for the android system.

Pokemon GO Logo

6 Suprising Ways Pokemon GO Can Be Useful For Daily Life

Ever since Professor Willow giving us our first Pokeball to catch the first Pokemon. Pokemon GO is nowmaking a difference around the world.

Students on evening after school festival

Top 5 Mystery/Horror Visual Novel Games With School Setting

With monsters, murder on the loose, ghost, and many other scary things. These are not a visual novel where you wish you are the protagonist at.

Pokemon in our daily life

How the ‘fake’ Pokemon from Pokemon GO impact our Real Life now

It's been almost 1 month since the Pokemon GO been released and they are now walking around in our real world, the impact within the society is visible .

Pokémon GO Cover + Mobile Game

Pokémon Go Guide – from How To Get Pikachu as Starter to Save Your Phone’s Battery

The most anticipated mobile phone game, Pokemon Go, is out now. You still don’t know how to play this game? Even this main point of this game to catch Pokemons but you can do a lot of things. Here som...

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