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Turn-Based RPG

7 Turn-Based RPG Games with Amazing Story and Good Ending (No Spoiler)

Players usually choose a title to play because of its gameplay, a nice storyline and a good ending. Here are some turn-based RPG titles to be considered because of those factors.

Necrobarista Character

7 Most Anticipated Visual Novel Games for You to Play in 2018

2018 is coming with new spirit and new visual novel games. Here's the list of the most awaited ones!

Purrfect Date Logo

7 Great Romance Visual Novels from 2017

2017 is the year of romance visual novel games, and here are the list of 7 great romance VN games for you to try.

Best Android RPG Games

7 Best Android RPG Games that You Can Play Offline!

Android games usually uses co-op features to play with other players, but that doesn't mean that offline RPG are worse. Here are 7 best Android RPG games that can be played offline.

7 Powerful RPG Heroines You'll Fall in Love With

7 Powerful RPG Heroines You’ll Fall in Love With

In the past, women often perceived as a weak being that needs protection all the time. But as the time goes on, women are now on equal terms with men in many aspect. Even in video games nowadays there...

7 recommended RPG with enticing love story

7 Recommended RPG with Enticing Love Story

Love is universal, to the extent it can be the selling point in RPG. Let's check out these 7 recommended RPG with enticing love story

10 recommended new RPG IP you should know

10 Recommended New RPG IP You Should Know!

A good distraction is always welcomed, especially in gaming world. Let's check out the 10 recommended new RPG IP you should know

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