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Geralt vs monster

Top 7 Longest Open World RPG

Open world RPG gives you freedom to explore the vast world. Among the many, are these top 7 open world RPG that are longer than the others.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia DLC and Season Pass Announced!

5 JRPG Music Composers You Should Know

Music plays a very important role in JRPG. Many times we are mesmerized by the games's soundftrack. Behind the melodies, are these 5 JRPG music composers.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Fortuna Talent Agency

Top 7 RPG Set in the Modern Day According to Metacritic

Some players love the medieval setting while some others don't. If you are the latter, here are the top 7 RPG set in the modern day according to Metacritic.

Arc-the-Lad-R main piccq1

Top 7 Underrated and Forgotten RPG

Beneath the popular and mainstream titles, there are still hidden gems within RPG world. Here are the top 7 underrated and forgotten RPG you must find.

Final Fantasy XI logo

Final Fantasy XI Bring Arts: Shantotto & Chocobo

Who can stand Lady Shantotto's cuteness? I guess no one. And now, she is entering the fray as Final Fantasy XI Bring Arts: Shantotto & Chocobo!

Grisaia Phantom Trigger - Feature

Top 7 Visual Novels on Steam

Steam helps us a lot by rpividing many kind of games we need. Worry not for visual novel lover, here are the top 7 visual novels on Steam you can find.

Nier Automata main pic vuhds

NieR: Automata Play Arts Kai: YoRHa No. 2 Type B DX Edition

It is the time to witness the beauty of the main protagonist of the game in NieR: Automata Play Arts Kai: YoRHa no. 2 type B DX Edition with upgraded parts!

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