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Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition - Level up

3 Tips & Tricks For Gaining AP Fast – Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Yeah like the title says, this time I'll give you tips & trick for gaining AP (Ascension Point) Fast, pretty excited right? So go grab your beer and have a toast with me for I am also excited to t...

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition - Battle with Bloodhorn

7 Beginner Tips For Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Chapter 1 Review has been posted recently. The game is very exciting but, sometimes we can get confused about what to do and how to do something. So this time I'll give...

Ace Attorney Characters

7 Most Unforgettable Non Main Characters in Ace Attorney Series

Ace Attorney has many series which contain exciting plots and many characters. It also has some important and unique non main characters throughout the series. Here are 7 most unforgettable non main c...

7 Most Epic Battles in Final Fantasy Series

Final Fantasy with its whole lot of series contain a lot of bosses and super bosses. Although players will face a hard times dealing with them, it is still so much fun. Here is 7 most epic battles in ...

The Seven - The Last Remnant

#ThrowbackRPG – 7 Unique Remnant Weapons in The Last Remnant

Weapon plays an important part in RPG. Weapon function, ability, and appearance are also crucial. The Last Remnant is one of the RPG that values weapon in the shape of remnants, Here are 7 unique remn...

Modern Classic RPG

7 Modern Classic RPG that You Should Know

The modern times has affect games in many ways using technology. Even with hi-tech enhancements, we can still find a lot of modern RPG with classic style. Here is 7 modern classic RPG that you should ...

An Octave Higher Featured

Top 7 Visual Novels from Indonesia which Highly Recommended to Try

More great VNs are coming and some of them originated from Indonesia. Here's the list of visual novels from Indonesia you'll like to play!

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