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Dragon Quest XI PS4

7 Best PC Turn-based RPG

Are you a fan of RPG? Are you into turn-based RPG subgenre? If the answer is yes, then these game are made for you! Check the descriptions before playing.

Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei Liberation worldwide release - Wonder Gravity

7 Recommended Android RPG You Should Play in 2019!

We are now in the year of 2019, where the available games are getting better and better than few years back. For smartphone users it is a good news that the famous game developers have decided to be i...

Record of Grancrest War

5 Highly Recommended Anime-Styled Mobile RPG

Do you like anime? Are you a RPG lover? With a good mixtures of both RPG elements and anime-styled artwork, here are 5 highly recommended mobile RPG for you.

Oceanhorn Wallpaper

5 Attractive Offline Android RPG with Adventure Theme

Are you into adventure-themed game? Are you a fan of RPG? If both answers are yes, then you should check these attractive offline Android RPG with adventure theme!

I am Setsuna artwork

Top 7 PlayStation 4 JRPG You Should Play Now!

As the latest in PlayStation family, PlayStation 4 can offer you a much better gaming experience. Among its games, these are PlayStation 4 JRPG you should play immediately for its quality.

Muv-Luv Wallpaper

7 Recommended PC Visual Novel Suitable for Adults

PC has some good options of visual novel games that are suitable for adults. So for you age 18 and above, you must try these visual novel games for its quality.

Darkness Rises Characters

5 Recommended Android RPG for Adventure Lovers!

Among all of the available genres, adventure is one with the most lovers. Now in your Android device you can try these wonderful games. Check these games out!

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