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Top 7 PlayStation 3 Visual Novel Games

Who said PlayStation 3 games consist only of adventure and RPG games? Take a look at these wonderful PlayStation 3 visual novel games made specially for you!

Gundam 40th Anniversary Project Wallpaper

Gundam 40th Anniversary Best Anime Mix – Beyond

Are you a fan of Gundam? Here is a good news for you: Gundam 40th Anniversary Best Anime Mix - Beyond featuring 40 popular theme songs from the series!

Final Fantasy XIV - Benchmark Trailer Screenshot

5 Best Free to Play Multiplayer RPG You Must Try!

RPG used to be played alone back then. Now it has developed greatly and lets you play it in multiplayer through these 5 best free-to-play multiplayer RPG!

5 Best Android RPG You Can Play on Low-Spec Smartphones!

Who said you can't have nice RPG on low-spec smartphone? Open your eyes, because you have these 5 best Android RPG you can play even with only 2 Gb RAM!

OverHit Wallpaper

5 Mobile RPG with Fantastic Graphics in 2019

Mobile devices are unable to host games with stunning visuals? That was old time. Now, try these 5 mobile RPG with fantastic graphics yourself and feel the difference from back then!

Ni No Kuni II E3 2017 Trailer Shows Colorful Gameplay!

7 Recommended PC RPG You Musn’t Miss!

Do you like playing on PC? If you do, then you must try these 7 recommended PC RPG. With its quality, for sure you can't miss those games!

AxE Alliance vs Empire Wallpaper

5 Best Android Action RPG with Hack and Slash Combat

Do you like hack and slash combat while playing RPG? If you like it, then these 5 best Android action RPG are definitely made for you!

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