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Ultra Detail Figure Kingdom Hearts: Sora and Riku

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Kingdom Hearts series has almost reached the third sequel in the main series. It is going to be released in 2019, and many of Kingdom Hearts fans are excited for the actual release. To help the fans ease the excitements, Square Enix released teasers and gameplay demo which ended up in increasing the level of excitement. Sadly, Kingdom Hearts III was said to be the last of the main series.

As a Kingdom Hearts series fan, I feel kind of sad to know that Sora’s adventure might end in the third sequel. Worry not; there is a possibility that Square Enix will create the spin-offs of the series which will not end the story of Kingdom Hearts universe. But let us not being gloomy about it, since there is something more fun to discuss: Ultra Detail Figure Kingdom Hearts: Sora and Riku!

Sora - Kingdom Hearts Ultra Detail Figure

Sora is the main protagonist in most of Kingdom Hearts series. He is a Keyblade wielder, who possesses a strong sense of justice and values friendship. He lives on Destiny Island along with Riku and Kairi. This ultra detail figure of Sora successfully depicted Sora’s character in the first Kingdom Hearts. His big grin and the Kingdom Key are well made that it shows exactly like in the game.

Riku - Kingdom Hearts Ultra Detail Figure

As I said before, beside Sora there is Riku who was a childhood friend of his in Destiny Island. Although Riku might be a cold person sometimes, but we can’t deny that he is Sora’s best friend. Riku proves to be someone who is important to Sora and care about him deeply. In his ultra detail figure form, Riku’s cold personality is still easily noticed, with his trademark smirk and white hair.

Both of the ultra detail figures are made from PVC to deliver the best in quality and similarity with the in-game look. Both figures height approximately 100mm (3.9”) and originally from Japan, made by the PERFECT-STUDIO as the sculptor. I highly suggest these two UDF (Ultra Detail Figure) for you collectors who seek a high quality display figure of the Kingdom Hearts series’ characters.

If you are a Kingdom Hearts series’ fan, I suggest you to visit Play-Asia.com now and check further details of Sora UDF here and for Riku UDF here. Remember, the items are produced in limited availability so grab it fast while you still can. For sure you are not the only Kingdom Hearts fan out there, so what are you waiting for? Happy hunting!

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