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#ThrowbackRPG – Top 7 Unique Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts

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A game without a weapon is impossible. A genre such as RPG usually has a wide selection of weapons. Like in Kingdom Hearts, you will find a weapon called Keyblades. Its original form used the shape of a sword-like key chain. Unlike a common sword, we will not find any sharp edges in Keyblades. You will perform more whacking than slashing in the entire game with the key-shaped sword.

In my playtime, I’m a Keyblades collector. I love to collect all of the available Keyblades. My only reason is because every Keyblades has a unique shape, and also different abilities, making Keyblades-hunting become more exciting. For players who haven’t pay attention too much with Keyblades, or for those who wants to know more about this unique weapon, here are top 5 Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts.

7. Lady Luck

Lady Luck - Kingdom Hearts

This keyblade might look girlish, with dominant pink color but it is one of the strongest Keyblade at some point. The design was actually depicting the four suits of playing cards (hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds). This Keyblade can be obtained after unlocking the access to White Trinity Marks. Its location is in Wonderland world, precisely inside Lotus Forest.

Despite of its girlish appearance, this Keyblade is very useful at certain point of the game. It raises Sora’s max MP by 2 and also significantly boosts Sora’s magic and summon power (especially Tinkerbell and Mushu). Not only that, this Keyblade is highly powerful in both magic and strength, making it becomes a good option for equipped weapon right after we got access to the White Trinity Marks.

6. Divine Rose

Divine Rose - Kingdom Hearts

Similar to the Lady Luck design with girlish look, Divine Rose was one of the good options for dealing physical attack. What makes this strong Keyblade looks unique is that it has the rose flower on the tip of it, followed by green vines and a dominant violet color on the base of it. Divine Rose can be obtained after speaking with Belle in Hollow Bastion library, as soon as you have access to Hollow Bastion again.

As one of the strongest Keyblade in the game, this Keyblade is a preferable choice for damage dealing-Keyblade. Divine Rose is a powerful weapon that is difficult to deflect, means that it can break through enemy defenses most of the time. Not only that, it capable of dealing a string of critical blows with the critical rate multiplied by 2.

5. Lionheart

Lionheart - Kingdom Hearts

Unlike the two of the Keyblades above, this Keyblade is less colored. Lionheart has a silver-metal appearance with the lion head decoration at the tip of it. Lionheart is actually designed to resemble Leon’s revolver gunblade, which is why the design was pretty much lookalike. Lionheart can be obtained after defeating Leon and Cloud in the Hades Cup in Olympus Coliseum.

As one of the Keyblades with unique design, Lionheart is also a good choice as a weapon. It raises Sora’s max MP by 1, and also enhances magic and summon power. With a good reach and the ability to deals great physical damage, this weapon is become a recommended option for equipped weapon, although you might have a wider selection at the moment of you get this Keyblade.

4. Oblivion

Oblivion - Kingdom Hearts

Oblivion is without a doubt one of the strongest Keyblades in the game. The design is somewhat gothic, with a purple-colored diamond at the base of it. To get this Keyblade, we need to return to Hollow Bastion after locking its keyhole and through to the Grand Hall area. This Keyblade is located in the place where we fought Riku, hidden within a chest on one of the ledges there.

Oblivion was said to possess colossal power, but it will reduce Sora’s MP by 1. As far as I know, usually a Keyblade with reducing MP effect will possess a mighty power in its physical attacks. Oblivion has a better reach than the original Kingdom Key, and not only that, it has a ridiculous critical bonus effect (x4), making it one of the best damage-dealing Keyblades in the game.

3. Pumpkinhead

Pumpkinhead - Kingdom Hearts

Pumpkinhead might not be one of the strongest Keyblade in the game, but it is one of the unique Keyblades. The slender design with black color makes this Keyblade somewhat majestic compared to the other. It has a simple design, but it is beautiful enough to catch any player’s attention, especially those who were a fan of Jack Skellington, the giver.

Pumpkinhead might be the longest Keyblade in the game, making it has a good reach compared to the other. Not only has a long reach, Pumpkinhead also able to deal a string of critical blows. With the critical rate multiplied by 2, it is probably enough reason to make Pumpkinhead as one of the coolest Keyblades in early level in the game.

2. Oathkeeper

Oathkeeper - Kingdom Hearts

Oathkeeper is probably the most beautifully-designed Keyblade in the game. The dominant white color on its body with a star-like decoration on the tip of it, and a bird wings-like decoration surrounding the handle makes this Keyblade has a graceful appearance. Kairi will give this Keyblade to you after you rescued her from Hollow Bastion. She will appear in the Secret Waterway of Traverse Town.

By wielding Oathkeeper, Sora will have max MP increase by 1, and enhanced magic and summon power. It is also capable of dealing a string of critical blows with the critical rate multiplied by 2. Fundamentally, Oathkeeper is the symbol of Sora’s memories of Kairi. That is why, it has a keychain with the shape of star made from Thalassa Shells that once were given to Sora by Kairi in Destiny Island.

1. Ultima Weapon

Ultima Weapon - Kingdom Hearts

Ultima Weapon is the best Keyblade in the game. The design is somewhat strange for me, with the combination of yellow and green colored pattern, but it has the best attack and stats. As the ultimate weapon for Sora, getting it requires a lot of effort. To obtain it, we need to collect 5 Lucid Gems, 5 Power Gems, 5 Thunder Gems, 3 Mystery Goo, and 3 Gale before creating it in the Synthesis Shop.

Acquiring those materials will requires a lot of grinding, as most materials often came as a rare drop of some monsters. But once you obtain it, max MP increase by 2 and maximum power and attributes in is your hands. Not only that, it also has critical rate multiplied by 2 and +4 critical bonus. For those who call themselves a real RPG enthusiast will want to get this one for sure as final weapon for Sora.

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Although Ultima Weapon is the best weapon in the game, I will choose Pumpkinhead personally. The simple yet elegant design is the reason why I chose it. Moreover, this Keyblade is one that has less competitor—unlike the other that has more strength and capabilities but came altogether at the same time with the other great choices. Which one is your favorite? Please share your comments below.

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