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#ThrowbackRPG – Top 7 Unique Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts II

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As a fan of Kingdom Hearts series, I can’t stand of doing nothing while knowing that every series has their own unique Keyblades, including Kingdom Hearts II. It makes me want to know more about Keyblades and collect those as many as possible. What is great is that every Keyblades has their own unique design and abilities, and getting some of it will require a great effort.

As a continuance from the prior article about Keyblades, here are the top 7 unique Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts II that you should know.

7. Hero’s Crest

Hero Crest - Kingdom Hearts II

Hero’s Crest appearance is somewhat similar to the Olympia in Kingdom Hearts. It has Greek taste architecture in the design. The color of Hero’s Crest is similar to Olympia too, with the dominant white, gold and gray colors. There is also a star-shaped tooth at the tip of this weapon. To obtain Hero’s Crest, we need to defeat Hydra in the Olympus Coliseum, the same place where you get Olympia.

Having a similar appearance, this Keyblade is better than the Olympia in terms of reach. If you feel that Olympia is somewhat too short, this Keyblade doesn’t have that issue. Not only that, Hero’s Crest has another useful effect. It increases the damage of the finishing moves in the air, relative to the number of hits in the combo.

6. Rumbling Rose

Rumbling Rose - Kingdom Hearts II

This Keyblade represents nature and its wildness, which is why it makes Rumbling Rose is pretty cool. With a wild look, represented by thorns, claws, and roses, this Keyblade successfully caught my attention, at probably the other players too. As you might have guessed, Rumbling Rose is Beast’s property; it is available after we reunite with Beast in the Beast’s Castle.

Rumbling Rose is known for its great strength, which is why it is reputed to be the third highest strength increases of all Keyblades. Not only that, it also has Finishing Plus ability; allowing finishing combo moves to be unleashed successively. It is especially useful in Valor Form (Sora’s physical attack mode), adding an additional finisher to the combo.

5. Sleeping Lion

Sleeping Lion - Kingdom Hearts II

Just like Hero’s Crest having similarities to Olympia in prior game, Sleeping Lion also has similarities with a Keyblade in the first Kingdom Hearts series. Exactly, it is sharing similar appearance with Lionheart, with more complex design. Sleeping Lion’s color is more darkish gray, with Griever’s head on the tip of it. To get this Keyblade, you need to talk to Leon before the second visit to Space Paranoids.

Sleeping Lion is a well-balanced type of Keyblade. It has balanced strength and magic power. What is good about this Keyblade is that Sleeping Lion increases ground combo moves by 1. The Combo Plus ability is really a big help to an action-RPG type of game which involves a lot of hack-and-slash actions. To add more, Sleeping Lion has a fairly good reach of attack range for Keyblades.

4. Guardian Soul

Guardian Soul - Kingdom Hearts II

If you have ever played Final Fantasy X before, you might have a clue about this Keyblade’s origin. Well, it has similarities to Auron’s final weapon called Masamune. Even without knowing about Masamune, you will still notice that it is Auron’s just by looking at its colors which resembles Auron’s clothing. In order to get this Keyblade, we need to defeat Hades in the Underworld of Olympus Coliseum.

Guardian Soul known to be in the third highest strength bonus in the game, same like Rumbling Rose and Sleeping Lion. It also has a fairly good reach for a unique Keyblade. Furthermore, it has Reaction Boost ability which increases damage dealt from reaction commands. This ability is pretty useful to be used in battles like when we face Master Control Program.

3. Fenrir

Fenrir - Kingdom Hearts II

This Keyblade has some connection with Final Fantasy VII. Fenrir is the name of Cloud’s motorcycle. Having a name from his motorcycle, Fenrir’s design is somehow similar to Cloud’s Buster Sword (with bandages), but in a slender appearance. To get this Keyblade, you need to speak with Cloud after defeating Sephiroth in Radiant Garden, then return to the Dark Depths to speak with Sephiroth.

Being as Cloud’s possession, Fenrir has considerably high attack power. It is actually the strongest Keyblade available; its strength even surpasses that of Ultima Weapon. Not only that, Fenrir has greater range than Ultima Weapon. It also has Negative Combo ability; means Sora can only attack with combo finishers. Despite of its great strength, it decreases maximum ground and midair combos by 1.

2. Fatal Crest

Fatal Crest - Kingdom Hearts II

This Keyblade has the appearance of a dragon’s head and body in black. Fatal Crest’s appearance is a skeletal dragon-look Keyblade without any resemblance of a key, unlike most of the Keyblades that we know. This Keyblade also has a curved body, which was rarely seen in other Keyblades. In order to get this Keyblade, we need to complete the Goddess of Fate Cup. Fatal Crest will serve as its reward.

With its intimidating look, Fatal Crest has more connection with magic rather than strength, making it good for usage with Wisdom Form. Using this Keyblade increases strength during MP Charge, and allows unlimited chaining of combos. Which means, when we equip it we will be able to strike the enemies without stopping between combos, since the combo finishing move is disabled.

1. Ultima Weapon

Ultima Weapon - Kingdom Hearts II

Although there are some Keyblades that has more strength than it, Ultima Weapon is still the best Keyblade that you can count on. Unlike the Ultima Weapon in prior game, this version is much more elegant and beautiful with light bluish color. To create this Keyblade, we need to collect: 13 Orichalcum+, 1 Orichalcum, 1 Mythril Crystal, 1 Dense Crystal, 1 Twilight Crystal, and 1 Serenity Crystal.

Acquiring Ultima Weapon needs an incredible amount of effort, without a doubt. Personally, I think it is somewhat harder compared to the prior version of the game. Ultima Weapon also has a well-balanced strength and magic stats near or at the maximum, unlike any other strong Keyblades. Beside its considerably great attack reach, it has MP Hastega ability; recovering our MP gauge more quickly.

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Just like before, even though I put Ultima Weapon on the first place in Kingdom Hearts II, I will choose the other as my favorite. Since I’m more of an attacker-type, my choice goes to Fenrir. Beside its cool appearance, it has a great attack reach and damage, making it to be the strongest in physical attack. Other than that, I prefer a rough-looking Keyblade rather than a beautiful Keyblade in appearance.

What about you, which one of Kingdom Hearts II Keyblades is your favorite? Feel free to share your thought below.

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