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Top 7 RPG with Best Soundtracks

RPG with Best Soundtracks

Soundtracks are an essential factor of a good game. It applies to all game, including RPG. Good soundtracks will results in good outcome. Whenever I play a game, soundtracks are the factor that will boost my mood and enthusiasm. Like when I play a boss battle, I will expect a soundtrack that can sounds like a war cry to boost my adrenaline.

Most RPG fans are getting used to play their favorite games while listening to the beautiful soundtracks. It is because most RPG was presented with nice selection of soundtracks. From past to present, here are top 7 RPG with the best soundtracks.

7. Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts Wallpaper

The music for this popular Square Enix action-RPG (read here for another details) is composed by Yoko Shimomura with orchestral music arranged by Kaoru Wada. If you don’t know, Kaoru Wada is the music composer for many popular anime (Inuyasha, Samurai 7, D.Gray-man, and many more) and the famous Ace Attorney games. Together, they made a good team composing music for Kingdom Hearts.

Utada Hikaru (Japanese pop star) is also contributed in this game; her songs have been used as the main theme of the game. Hikari and Passion are Utada Hikaru’s singles that is used in the Japanese version of the game, while the English version used Simple and Clean and Sanctuary. Check Kingdom Hearts Orchestra to know about the latest worldwide performance with Yoko Shimomura on stage.

6. Persona 4

Persona 4 Wallpaper

Persona 4 is the fifth installment of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series published by Atlus. The mastermind behind all of the nice soundtracks in this game is Shoji Meguro, whom also acts as composer, arranger, and producer at the same time. Between the list of soundtrack there are also songs with vocal by Shihoko Hirata.

The most favorite soundtracks of Persona 4 are: Pursuing My True Self, Reach Out to the Truth, and Aria of the Soul, with Pursuing My True Self used as the opening theme. In the process of making the soundtracks, Shoji Meguro was helped by composer Atsushi Kitajoh (Growlanser VI and Trauma Center: New Blood) and Ryota Kozuka.

5. Bastion

Bastion Wallpaper

Bastion is a fantasy-themed action-RPG game developed by Supergiant Games and published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. The man behind the nice sets of soundtracks in this game is Darren Korb, a songwriter and composer. This was the first project of Korb to compose music for a video game.

Not only composing the music, Korb also wrote the lyric for all of the soundtracks. The soundtrack feature four vocal themes: Build That Wall, What’s Left Undone, Mother, I’m Here, and Setting Sail, Coming Home. Supergiant Games originally never intended to release a full soundtrack album for Bastion, but because of the high demand, they decided to answer their fans wish.

4. Xenoblade Chronicles

Xenoblade Chronicles Wallpaper

Xenoblade Chronicles is an action-RPG developed by Monolith Soft and published by Nintendo for the Wii. The amazing soundtrack for Xenoblade Chronicles is made by six people: Manami Kiyota, ACE+ (Tomori Kudo, Hiroyo Yamanaka, and Kenji Hiramatsu), Yoko Shimomura, and Yasunori Mitsuda.

If you don’t know, Yoko Shimomura is the composer for Kingdom Hearts series (as explained before), while Yasunori Mitsuda is known for Chrono and Xeno series. The ending theme Beyond the Sky was written by Mitsuda and sung by Japanese singer Sarah Lin. The official soundtrack album for the game was released by Dog Ear Records in 2010.

3. Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X Character

I guess Final Fantasy X is one of the game ever been played by any RPG lovers. The popularity of the game made by Square Enix proved to be on top of mind of every player at that time. Final Fantasy X was originally released in 2001 for PlayStation 2, and later released in PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita with better graphics.

The man behind the enchanting soundtracks of this game was Nobuo Uematsu, who has been involved in Final Fantasy projects since long. The most popular theme of Final Fantasy X is Suteki da ne, which sung by Japanese folk singer Rikki. The other theme that was really popular at that time was Zanarkand, which was an instrumental piece. The original soundtrack which was released in 2001 consists of four discs that have 91 tracks.

2. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Star Ocean Till the End of Time Wallpaper

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is the third main game in the Star Ocean series, made originally for PlayStation 2 by Square Enix (now available on PlayStation 4). The exciting battle with great theme is what Star Ocean is, especially the boss fights. The Star Ocean series also has a bonus dungeon, with its trademark soundtrack that will accompany you along the dungeon.

The man behind the entire excellent soundtrack was Motoi Sakuraba, whom already has a long-time relationship with tri-Ace projects. He is also the man who created the popular soundtrack of Star Ocean series: Mission to the Deep Space. The soundtrack for this game was released in four parts, including the Arrange Album and Voice Mix version.

1. Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross Logo

Chrono Cross is one of the classic RPG made by Square for PlayStation in 1999 (check here for another info). It is the successor of Chrono Trigger, with enhanced graphics and soundtracks. The instrumental theme of this game is really enchanting that you can enjoy listening to it without playing the game at all. Yasunori Mitsuda is the man behind it all.

He is also the music composer of Chrono Trigger and Xenogears, which were the classic RPG masterpiece at its time. He created the soundtracks with Southeast Asian feels, mixed with Greece taste of instruments. The popular soundtrack of this game is: Radical Dreamers, and not to forget the greatest opening theme of all classic masterpieces: Time’s Scar. Chrono Cross original soundtrack was released in 1999, and consists of 3 discs.

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Those great games above are popular RPG that has soundtrack enough to enchant its players. Most of it released the original soundtrack of the game to fulfill the fans wish. If I were to choose, I will choose Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy X for music listening time, and Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time’s soundtrack to boost mood in exploring the dungeons and battling bosses. What about you? Please share your thoughts below.

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