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Top 7 Most Useless RPG Characters

Final Fantasy IV Wallpaper

A game consists of a lot of characters in it, the same goes with RPG. Some of it even has a huge numbers of characters in it. Aside from the main character, there are supporting RPG characters that can be useful, while some are not. Although they might have unique appearance, those characters are considered useless. There are some factors that made those characters are considered useless.

A character can be considered useless for some reasons: because they join too late in the game, plays a very small portion of the storyline, or maybe because it takes a lot of effort to make the character become more useful for the party. Those factors are some of many reasons why those characters are unable to standout in the story, even though some of them have a nice appearance.

Among a lot of useless characters in RPG, here are the top 7 most useless RPG characters that hardly catch our attention while playing the game.

7. Cloud (Final Fantasy Tactics)

Cloud Strife - Final Fantasy VII

Cloud is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VII and the most popular persona among the RPG characters. Although he isn’t a silent protagonist, Cloud doesn’t speak too much at first. As a former SOLDIER’s proud swordsman, he became arrogant and selfish. After he discovers about his past, he began to value friendship and starts protecting others, even the Planet.

Maybe with all his personality and characteristic above, nobody would think that Cloud will be on the list. But in Final Fantasy Tactics, all those qualities are useless. The problem is the mountains of trouble in getting him aren’t worth the effort. Besides, after going through some quests he will join you without any weapon. Getting his weapon requires us to do more quest. Sounds trouble enough?

6. Kimahri Ronso (Final Fantasy X)

Kimahri Ronso - Final Fantasy X

Kimahri is a playable character of Final Fantasy X and one of the members of the Ronso tribe. He is one of Yuna’s guardians and also has the responsibility to ensure her safety during the pilgrimage. Having a fierce feline-like appearance, he is a loyal protector of Yuna. In battle, he has Lancet skill which allows him to copy certain moves from monsters, and using them in Overdrive mode.

In my playthrough upon playing Final Fantasy X, Kimahri isn’t my favorite at all. He rarely speaks, and his role in the game is very minor with an unknown background of himself. He is a character who can move around the Sphere Grid faster than the other. That makes him an all-rounder, but also lack of personality and characteristic, making it difficult for him to be a unique persona in the party.

5. Amarant Coral (Final Fantasy IX)

Amarant Coral - Final Fantasy IX

Amarant or known as Salamander in the Japanese version is a playable character of Final Fantasy IX. He is introduced as Red-headed Man until we are able to input his name. In appearance, Amarant shows different characteristic with his tall build and bluish skin even though he is identified as a human. Started mysteriously, later we will know that he is classified as a monk/ninja with his throw skill.

Amarant is not the worst character in the series; he is able to deal heavy damage by throwing items and casts offensive/defensive abilities with Flair. With the existence of Trance mode in Final Fantasy IX, his Flair skill can change to Elan and has the multi-target effect to allies or the enemies. But even with that, Amarant has a role that will easily replaceable. There are more party members who easily surpass him.

4. Edward Chris von Muir (Final Fantasy IV)

Gilbert - Final Fantasy IV

Edward Chris von Muir or also known as Gilbert is a playable character from Final Fantasy IV and its sequel Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Edward is the crown prince of Damcyan and in line to become the seventh king of the kingdom. Although he has political background and responsibilities, he shows greater interest in music. He often leaves the kingdom and ventures as a bard with his harp.

A lot of Final Fantasy fans seem to agree with placing Edward on the list; some of them even insist to add him on the list. That is none other because of his low physical and magical stats in battle. Not only that, his abilities: Bardsong, Salve, and Hide seems fail to standout in battles. Besides, what’s the point in fighting if your only purpose is to hide while the other party members struggle between battles?

3. Cait Sith (Final Fantasy VII)

Cait Sith - Final Fantasy VII

This weird-looking creature is really one of the characters in Final Fantasy VII. When I first met him in my playthrough, I hardly notice which one is actually him: the giant stuffed toy moggle or the loud-speaking cat above it. And apparently, Cait Sith was the last one. As a character, he has weird Limits: Dice and Slots. The last one is weird enough, where it could kill all party members if the reel goes wrong.

In my playthrough upon playing Final Fantasy VII, I never had any reason to start a battle with Cait Sith in it than to just having fun in ridiculous way. He started incredibly weak, so you need to train him a lot until he has ungodly proportions. The question is: who want to go that far when you have other reliable party members? Also, Cait Sith is known to have Limit Breaks which are randomly troublesome.

2. Poshul (Chrono Cross)

Poshul - Chrono Cross

Poshul is a chubby, pinky dog from Arni Village. She is the Leena’s pet, and and they lives together, with her having a personal dog house decorated with a warning sign. She is known to enjoy running around with kids in front of the Chief’s hut and chomping on Heckran Bones. She accompanied Serge on his quest to find the Komodo Scales; of course, with a bribe of a Heckran Bone.

Many players admit that Chrono Cross is one of the best PSX RPG with its many qualities, including the wide selection of playable characters. As one of the characters, Poshul has high HP and fairly high attack power. But it seems that isn’t enough to make her stay in the party. Being the first recruitable character, there are a lot more characters in the game that will overpower this pink shih-tzu easily.

1. Qlon (Suikoden)

Qlon - Suikoden

Unlike any other characters above, Qlon isn’t playable. He acts as a gate keeper in the town of Antei. During the Toran Liberation War, under the ruler Milich Oppenheimer he had to greet the visitor and say: “Welcome to Premier L’Amour”. But after the Liberation Army took over the towns and areas of Kunan Region he joined the Liberation Army and later he will be the keeper of Toran Castle.

Aside from his role as a non-playable character, Qlon is pretty much worthless for the entire party. His only job is to be a door greeter in the entrance of the castle gate. While the other non-playable character is still much of use with blacksmithing, cooking, or farming, his only purpose in the game was only to say: “This is (your) Castle. I feel so good.” Did it sound important enough to you? I think not.

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Although those characters didn’t standout too much in the game, but all the games they were in are actually the best in its era. Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy, and Suikoden are known to be some of the best RPG that ever made, meanings that there must be a lot of cool and important characters in it. But now after reading the list above we all know that there are some who are considered useless too.

If I have to choose, I think Amarant is the most useless RPG characters in my own opinion. As long as I can remember, the only thing I remember about him was his weird appearance, not his potential or abilities. It means finishing the game without him won’t bother me at all. So who do you think are the most useless RPG characters? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

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