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Top 7 Insanely Tough Secret Bosses in RPG

Final Fantasy XV - Accolades Trailer

The existence of bosses in a game is to make the goal becomes harder to reach than normal. They are created to give the player a hard time, but apparently there are some who enjoyed messing around with bosses. Among the other bosses in RPG, there are bosses who are harder to beat than the other; sometimes making the player went crazy upon trying to defeat them. And here they are:

7. Culex (Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars)

Culex - Super Mario RPG

This casual-looking game isn’t as easy as it looks. It has Culex, also known as the Dark Knight of Vanda as an optional hidden boss of the game. Although it isn’t obligatory maybe some perfectionist player or challenge-seeker will try to face him and defeat him in battle just to taste the hard part of the game. But be wary, since this hidden boss is more powerful than the main antagonist of the game.

6. Lingering Will (Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix)

Lingering Will - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

The Lingering Will is the mind of the Keyblade wielder Terra. It serves as the secret boss of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. This heavily armored foe is insanely tough, since it can respond our attack equally with diverse arsenal of attacks. Whether we focus on negative combos, magical attacks, form swapping, and other strategies, are still not enough to make this fight an easy one.

5. Sephiroth (Kingdom Hearts II)

Sephiroth - Kingdom Hearts

Sephiroth is known as one of the most popular villain in RPG. He is actually a main antagonist of Final Fantasy VII, but he also present in Kingdom Hearts II as an optional boss. As Final Fantasy VII’s final boss, this one-winged angel fights like two-winged demon. He came back from Kingdom Hearts with a boatload of health and of course, his devastating attacks. But, if you seek for a challenge try visiting him in Radiant Garden’s Dark Depths.

4. Emerald and Ruby Weapon (Final Fantasy VII)

Emerald and Ruby Weapon is the two optional superbosses of Final Fantasy VII. Although it isn’t obligatory, players usually tries to fight and taste these two extremely difficult bosses’ strength and ended up getting frustrated for being failed. This duo has extreme amounts of HP, highly devastating attacks, and nearly impenetrable defense, even better than the main antagonist: Sephiroth.

3. Penance (Final Fantasy X)

Penance - Final Fantasy X

While Final Fantasy X is famous for Tidus’ laughing scene, this monster is no joke. The most powerful superboss of Final Fantasy X has 12,000,000 HP, regenerating arms with half a million HP each, ultra-devastating attacks; one called Judgment Day that of course can hurt you really bad with insane amount of damage to the entire party, while also draining an unfathomable amount of MP.

2. Naglfar (Final Fantasy XV)

Naglfar - Final Fantasy XV

While people know more about 72 hours boss fight with Adamantoise, Final Fantasy XV still has a secret superboss that can destroy us easily. Meet Naglfar, the superboss in Final Fantasy XV fought during Wondrous Weapon sidequest. It has the ability to resist all weapon types and can deliver a devastatingly powerful attack. Fighting Naglfar requires a lot of patience and effort, even with your full-powered party.

1. Yiazmat (Final Fantasy XII International)

Yiazmat - Final Fantasy XII

The last Elite Mark in Final Fantasy XII has over 50,000,000 of HP (no, you’re not misreading it). Defeating this super-superboss of Final Fantasy XII will be insanely difficult. Its physical attacks deal massive damage, and it has some ridiculously annoying skills such as: Growing Threat, Reflectga, Regen, making it impossible to defeat Yiazmat in just an hour. If you are lucky, you can finish it in less than three hours.

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For me, whether you like the challenge or not fighting secret bosses is a must as part of the game completion. Although some of them are insanely difficult, they are created to be fought; running is not an option for me. Besides, it is somewhat fun when you’re sweating and struggling a lot just to defeat one single superboss such as Yiazmat, where you might end up spending the whole day just to defeat it.

Which one do you think is the hardest one? Do you know any tricks to beat them easier? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

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