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Top 7 Epic RPG with Shortest Storyline

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RPG or role-playing game is a genre known for its deep plot and long-duration gameplay. For players who have completed their favorite RPG, they usually spend about 30 or 40 hours just to complete a title. However, there is some epic and unique RPG who have relatively short story compared to other popular RPG out there. So here are the top 7 epic RPG with shortest storyline that you can finish in less than 25 hours.

7. Final Fantasy XV (20-25 Hours)

Final Fantasy XV Wallpaper

Final Fantasy XV is the fifteenth installment in the main Final Fantasy series. The game was released worldwide in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and later for PC in 2018 as Windows Edition. The modern touch in this game is the open world gameplay and the real-time battle system or known as Active Cross Battle System, where the battles take place in the current environment.

The story tells about Noctis (the main protagonist who is a prince from the kingdom of Lucis) with his three companions: Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto who fights together to reclaim his throne and must go on to fulfill a greater destiny. This game’s prominent themes are friendship, destiny, and legacy. Final Fantasy XV places the characters in a more realistic setting than most Final Fantasy games.

6. NieR: Automata (20-25 Hours)

Nier Automata main pic vuhds

NieR: Automata is an action RPG developed by PlatinumGames and published by Square Enix. The game was released for PlayStation 4 and PC in early 2017 and later an Xbox One port in June 2018. NieR: Automata is the sequel of NieR (2010), as spin-off sequel of the Drakengard series. Upon its release, NieR: Automata was met with positive reviews along with critics praising the game’s elements.

The story set in the midst of a proxy war between machines created by otherworldly invaders and the remnants of humanity. The story follows the battles of our main protagonist, a combat android, with her companion and a fugitive prototype. The gameplay combines RPG elements with action-based combat and mixed genre gameplay similar to that of NieR.

5. Fallout (15-20 Hours)

Fallout Wallpaper

Fallout is an open world turn-based RPG developed and published by Interplay Productions in 1997 for PC. This game is considered to be the spiritual successor to the 1988 RPG: Wasteland. The game was critically acclaimed and a financial success. It was followed by a number of sequels and spin-off games, collectively known as the Fallout series.

The game has a post-apocalyptic and retro-futuristic setting, taking place in the mid-22nd century decades after a global nuclear war in an alternate history timeline. The protagonist of Fallout is an unnamed inhabitant of a Vault, part of a network of long-term nuclear shelters, who is forced to venture out into the wastes to find a replacement Water Chip and save their fellow Vault inhabitant.

4. Fable (15-20 Hours)

Fable Wallpaper

Fable is an action RPG, the first in the Fable series which was developed for Xbox, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X platforms by Big Blue Box Studios, a satellite developer of Lionhead Studios, and was published by Microsoft Studios. The game shipped for the Xbox in 2004, then an extended version of the game titled Fable: The Lost Chapters was released for Xbox and PC a year later.

Fable takes place in the fictional nation of Albion. Players assume the role of an orphaned boy who realizes his dream of becoming a hero. The choice players make in the game affect the perception and reaction to their Hero by the characters of Albion, and change the Hero’s appearance to mirror what good or evil deeds the Hero has performed.

3. Suikoden (15-20 Hours)

Suikoden Wallpaper

Suikoden is a RPG published by Konami as the first installment and the beginning of Suikoden series. The game was developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo and was released initially in 1995 for PlayStation console in Japan, and worldwide a year later. The game was also released for Sega Saturn in 1998 but only in Japan. In the same year, Suikoden was released for PC in Japan.

The game centers on the political struggles of the Scarlet Moon Empire. We will control Scarlet Moon Empire General’s son who is destined to seek out 108 warriors that was known as Stars of Destiny in order to revolt against the corrupted sovereign state and bring peace to a war-torn land. With his comrades and followers, the main character must build an army capable of fighting the Empire’s.

2. Chrono Trigger (15-20 Hours)

Chrono Trigger Characters

Chrono Trigger is a legendary game from SNES which was developed initially in 1995. It has a good storyline, great battle system, and nice graphics that will pamper us RPG lovers. Although it is old enough, it still proves to exist in the modern platforms nowadays. Because of its popularity, Chrono Trigger is available in multiplatform, not only SNES but also PlayStation, DS, Android, iOS, and PC.

In this game, we will play as Crono, a swordsman from a small town who travels time to prevent the world from destruction caused by Lavos. A princess, a frog swordsman, a prehistoric blonde girl, and a robot will be your party members as you progress through the story. The battle system focuses on opening encounters, meaning that the enemies that we will fight can’t be seen in the field.

1. Transistor (5-8 Hours)

Transistor Wallpaper

Transistor is an action RPG developed and published by Supergiant Games, which was known for the critically acclaimed Bastion. The game was released in 2014 for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux, then a year later also released for iOS devices. Transistor sold over one million copies across all platforms by December 2015.

Red, a famous singer in a city called Cloudbank, is attacked by the Process, a robotic force commanded by a group called Camerata. She manages to escape and comes into the possession of Transistor—the great sword-like weapon she was to be assassinated with. The Camerata continues to track Red and the Transistor down with the Process, wanting the weapon for some yet-unknown cause.

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So now we already know those short RPG that are worth to play. Although they have relatively short storyline, it doesn’t mean that they have bad quality. You can even find popular game like Final Fantasy XV, but my favorite goes to Chrono Trigger once again. But considering its super short storyline and simple mechanics, Transistor becomes a candidate of the many that I need to try.

Which one is your favorite epic RPG with shortest storyline? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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