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#ThrowbackRPG – Top 7 Breath of Fire IV Dragon Forms

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Breath of Fire series is one of many classic consoles’ masterpieces. With its trademark (blue-haired, silent protagonist named Ryu) Breath of Fire series proved to be on top of mind of classic gamers like myself. Started from Super Nintendo, Breath of Fire series continued to latter consoles. One among them lays Breath of Fire IV, one of the greatest Breath of Fire sequels in my opinion.

Still with its usual trademark, the protagonist named Ryu will not speak at all. But gifted with dragon genes, he will be able to transform into mighty dragons using Dragon Gems. In Breath of Fire IV, we will be able to play as Fou-Lu, the main antagonist, and Ryu’s other half who also able to transform into dragons. Here are top 7 Breath of Fire IV dragon forms that you should know.

7. Aura

Aura - Breath of Fire IV

This dragon form is the first dragon form that is usable by Ryu. Aura dragon form is obtained right after Fou-Lu obtained Astral dragon transformation. This is a basic dragon form of Ryu, similar to Whelp in Breath of Fire III if you have played it before. You will be sticking with this one long enough before you can get the other dragon form for Ryu.

6. Astral

Astral - Breath of Fire IV

Astral is Fou-Lu’s initial dragon form, similar to Ryu’s Aura form. This is the first dragon form you will get in the game, even before having getting Aura. This will be Fou-Lu’s only dragon form for a long time. Unlike Ryu, you will be able to use Astral’s breath attack as soon as you get it. The breath attack: Eraser is powerful enough to get us through most of Fou-Lu’s scenario.

5. Wyvern

Wyvern - Breath of Fire IV

Wyvern is a dragon form for Ryu, obtained after getting the Flame Gem from the Mount Giga area. It grants Ryu fire-based powers but leaving him vulnerable to water and ice attacks. Its breath attack is called Gigaflame. It can be upgraded to the Weyr form, after reaching certain game points. In Weyr form, Ryu is much stronger that almost on par with Kaiser dragon form.

4. Serpent

Serpent - Breath of Fire IV

Serpent is Fou-Lu’s version of Wyvern dragon form. Fou-Lu will learned this dragon form after getting the Water Gem in the Sanctuary. In opposite to Wyvern, Serpent holds ice powers and its attacks are more reducing enemy’s abilities than increasing party’s abilities. It has the breath attack called Waterspout. This form can be upgraded into Peist dragon form later in the game.

3. Myrmidon

Myrmidon - Breath of Fire IV

Myrmidon is Ryu’s dragon form with the shape of a knight. Myrmidon is a wind-based dragon which has a unique breath attack called MetaStrike where Ryu will turns into a really tall human in a suit of armor. Later in the game, it can be upgraded into an even stronger form called Knight, with its useful sets of skills. This form is best for its physical attacks.

2. Tyrant

Tyrant - Breath of Fire IV

Tyrant is the ultimate dragon transformation used by Fou-Lu, and is considered an upgrade to the Astral form. Fou-Lu will automatically get this form the first time you control him after Ryu get his Kaiser dragon form. Its breath attack: Dark Wave has some similarities to Bahamut ZERO’s attack in Final Fantasy VII. The Tyrant’s form is nearly identical to Ryu’s Kaiser form.

1. Kaiser

Kaiser - Breath of Fire IV

Kaiser is the second dragon form you will get in the game for Ryu. For your information, it is also Ryu’s strongest dragon form. Then how can it come so easily to us? Worry not; this form is in berserk mode, uncontrollable until we found all the dragon summons. Although it on berserk mode, Ryu will usually uses its strongest breath attack: KaiserBreath. Unfortunately, it attacks a random target.

The only form of Ryu that is close to Kaiser form in strength is Wyvern. Kaiser will become the real strongest form of Ryu after we get all of the seven Dragon Evocations. Without them, Kaiser form will somewhat remain useless although it can still perform KaiserBreath attack. Once we finished talking with all the dragons, the party begins; Kaiser is in the house!

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Although I put Kaiser form on the first (since it is so popular as the main protagonist’s final dragon form), my favorite goes to Myrmidon. The appearance is unique compared to the other dragons; it resembles a human knight. But if we are talking about strength, of course Kaiser is the first choice, especially in the final battle against Fou-Lu. Which one is your favorite? Please comment below.

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