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#ThrowbackRPG – Top 5 Strongest Einherjar in Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

Valkyrie Profile is one of the best classic masterpieces that classic consoles ever had. Known first in PlayStation, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is also available in later console such as PSP. The story is about Norse Mythology involving gods and mortals, who were in cooperation to prepare for the Ragnarok, the war between gods.

In Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, we will play as Lenneth, one of the goddess of battle who was searching the suitable human to help in facing the upcoming Ragnarok. Those people are later called Einherjar, the soul of mortals who were recruited in assisting the Odin’s army. The Einherjar consists of swordsman, mages, and archers. Here are the top 5 strongest Einherjar that you must pay attention to.

5. Gandar

Gandar - Valkyrie Profile Lenneth

No, he is not the one from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbits series. That one was Gandalf, and this is Gandar (though both are mages). Gandar is a sorcerer employed in the Villnore Army. He is a crafty and ambitious old mage who said to never lose in battles. His ambitions drove him to seek for the Dragon Orb, and challenge gods himself. Gandar can be recruited in Chapter 8.

Gandar is one of the best mages, and probably the best mage in game with highest stats when he joins. The only disadvantage is that he joins too late in the game, making players needs more effort to grind him until he becomes the best playable mage in game. His starting spells consists of some of the best in the game. Unlike the other mages in the game, his familiar is the coolest, a dragon.

4. Lucian

Lucian - Valkyrie Profile Lenneth

Lucian is a young warrior dressed in red armor, originally from Villnore Region. He is also the boyfriend of Platina (Lucian’s childhood friend, whom also being the vessel of Lenneth’s sleeping soul). He is one of the important characters that are related directly to Lenneth. As an Einherjar, it is possible to send Lucian to Asgard, but I suggest that you know about what chapter you should send him.

Lucian joins in Chapter 5, with his useful skills in battle. He might not be one of the Einherjars with nice Purify Weird Soul (finishing move) but his Shining Bolt attack is top-notch. By implementing that move in battle, you can get all crystals, purple gems, and treasure chests that you need. Shining Bolt can inflict damage with multiple hits that will break through enemy defenses and damaging it while in mid-air.

3. Lawfer

Lawfer - Valkyrie Profile Lenneth

Lawfer is another young warrior, a spearman originally from Artolia and a close friend of Arngrim. He dressed in silver armor, decorated with some gold pattern. He is the son of the Captain of the Royal Guard. He is a kind of good guy with the appearance of blonde-haired knight. Anyone can notice easily from the start that he is a character with good traits, since he is a typical good hero.

He will join the party in Chapter 2, which is very good because you will have a lot of time to grind him and exploiting his useful combo and the strongest Purify Weird Soul (Justice Stream). What is good about Lawfer is that he has nice sets of combos, which will generate quite a lot of energy. Another good thing is that he can equip the strongest spear in the game: Great Spear Dinosaur.

2. Jelanda

Jelanda - Valkyrie Profile Lenneth

This cute and noisy girl is the First Princess of Artolia. Her trademark is her razor-sharp tongue that you will notice in her scenario. As a princess, Jelanda isn’t graceful at all, she is more spoiled and temperamental than elegant. She has a close emotional relationship with Arngrim, as he is rescuing her when she is becoming a monster after swallowing Ghoul Powder.

Jelanda is the first mage who joins your party earliest in the game in Chapter 0, which make her very possible to become the best mage. She also has balanced attack and restorative spells when she joined. She might be an average mage in early level, but if you trained her enough since the moment you got her, she will become one of the best mage in late game. Her familiar is a parrot.

1. Arngrim

Arngrim - Valkyrie Profile Lenneth

Arngrim is the first warrior who joined the party and will become the strongest Einherjar if you trained him well. Arngrim is depicted as a silent mercenary, wielding a great sword. Skilled and powerful as a warrior made him become arrogant, which is why he is unfit for Valhalla. Being a strong mercenary doesn’t make him ignorant to his handicapped brother Roland, whom he cares so much.

Arngrim will join the party as early as the game start. That makes the possibility for him to become the strongest in the game if you trained him well. He might have a mediocre set of combos, but he has a very high DME (health) and a very damaging Purify Weird Soul (Final Blast). If you keep using him since the beginning, he will become a real powerhouse, as the strongest Einherjar in the game.

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I will choose Arngrim as my favorite as well. The advantage of having him in early game really helps, making it easier to train him as early as possible. He also has a nice multiple hits finishing move, along with a very high DME to make him a tanker in the team. Most players considered him to be the best Einherjar that joined in early game. Which one is your favorite? Share your comment below.

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