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Top 5 Mystery/Horror Visual Novel Games With School Setting

Students on evening after school festival

Warning! The picture in this article contain blood, please proceed with cautions. But if you are fans of visual novels especially the “messed up” one. Then this list is might interest you.

For quite some time visual novel genre has been around within inside gaming community. It often played for the incredible stories, great character design, and the feeling of being the main character within. But you might want to think twice before becoming the main protagonist on these visual novel list. I’m not talking about jump scared scary, it’s about psychologically kind of scary. A murder on the loose, multidimensional specter, ghost, ghoul, curses, and what better place to release these character than school? Remember when you were a student and walk a long empty hall where nobody is there yet feel somehow not alone? Unfortunately in these visual novel, there “could” be someone with you when you look back.

Without further ado, here are Top 5 Mystery/Horror Visual Novel Games With School Setting.

5. Gore Screaming Show


A Visual Novel made by Black Cyc in 2006. With a title like that, we could already guess what kind of scary stuff waiting for us.

Jinno Kyouji has at last returned to his childhood home after years of absence, staying with his aunt while he parents are working overseas. He is just an ordinary student until he met Yuka, a girl who is sweet and kind towards him, but utterly loathsome to his companions.

It contain rape, murder, gore, and various violent act. Yet it still contain many twists that are meaningful, and there is a great theme of loyalty and friendship undercurrent as well.

4. School Days

Kotonoha Katsura holding douzuki

Personally, I can’t even finish watching the anime adaptation of this game. Developed by Overflow, this game is labeled Harem/Drama. “Then why does it’s on this list?” Here is why :

This game is popularly for it’s bad endings. One of the most known bad ending is called “The Bloody Conclusion“, a character’s neck is slit open with a douzuki, causing her to collapse and die in a fountain of blood to the manic laughter of her assailant. The others bad endings is not too pretty as well.

Despite the minimal gameplay, the story itself make yourself think how messed up a relationship between people can be.

3. Danganronpa Franchise

Infamous Monokuma

Danganronpa is a Japanese video game franchise created and developed by Spike Chunsoft. The stories revolves around Hope’s Peak Academy (希望ヶ峰学園 Kibōgamine Gakuen), a school filled with “Ultimate Students”  and one average “Ultimate Lucky Student” who got into by lottery.

If you want to know how the gameplay works, for me it’s basically like you enroll yourself into a school with Saw as the Headmaster. On Danganronpa : Happy Trigger Havoc, the students are trapped in inescapable school, they only able to graduate by killing another student and get away with it. If they got caught, then they got execute in suniquely strange yet look painful manner.

Personally, this franchise offer quite unique gameplay, art, music, and story. Reccomended for those who like solving murder-mysteries game such as Ace Attorney rather than gorry messed up ones. You can read more post related to Danganronpa Series here.

2. Corpse Party

Blood dripping from another student

Corpse Party is not the party you wish to be invited to. Created Makoto Kedōin and then developed by Team GrisGris, this game has been around giving people nightmare since 1996.

It’s about a group of students from  a high school called Kisaragi Academy (如月学園 Kisaragi Gakuen) that has been built on what used to be Host Elementary School (天神小学校 Tenjin Shōgakkō), one fateful evening  after celebrating their school’s culture festival, a group of students are telling ghost stories when their class representative decides to perform a charm called Sachiko Ever After. Sudden earthquake transfer them into another dimension, where Heavenly Host still exists and is haunted by the ghost of former students who got murdered there.

The disturbing graphic, scary sound, and “messed up” bad endings really what make this game appealing. I would recommend this one for those love gore and scary stuff.

1. Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni

schoolgirl hanging around the class

This one got praise from otakus all around the world. Produced by 07th Expansion, this series will stir your bladder despite released without any voice-actor filling the character voices.

The stories start just fine and dandy filled with pranks between students, cute little girls, and refreshing sight of rural village until the annual Watanagashi Festival, a celebration to commemorate and give thanks to the local god,Oyashiro. From here the stories start to get a little darker.

If you like to see little girl stabbing each other, splatting blood, and psychologically messed up stories, this could be your best choice.



In a world filled with casual and bright visual novel, there will always be dark visual novel like these. But every visual novel  has that one “true ending” that is worth to achieve by going through bad endings repeatedly. Just like life itself.

Well before I get too deep. Let’s just grab our console, put out the light, wear your headphone, let’s challenge these scary visual novels and find those “true endings”

And don’t forget, don’t look back.

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