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Top 5 Android Retro RPG

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Retro RPG, now who wouldn’t want that? Old school players would revel in joy as they play in the waves of nostalgia of the good old days in the 90’s. But wait, I’m not talking about the real old school retro RPGs, I’m talking about the new and improved retro RPGs that are available on your android mobile phone. Yessiree,  8 to 16-bits, ready to go, RPG goodness at the palm of your hand. Even to you eighth generations console users, could join the fun in the old yet gold third and fourth generations console graphics.

Without further ado, let us begin the journey to retro-land, starting off with:



A-top-down-vertical-endless-runner-action-game-with-an-RPG-twist (wow, that was a mouthful). In this game, you will control a hero in his quest to beat up the Lich and save… his uncle? Well, maybe it’s the world he wants to save, snatchin’ some damsels in distress too. There are no damsels? No? I guess it’s just saving the world then. Our nameless hero who doesn’t have any ulterior motives has to fight his upward way to the Lich castle and defeat it to save the world, and his uncle, or was it his grandpa?

You can equip your hero and based on your equipments, the hero will change classes accordingly. You can turn to one of three builds as a warrior, a rogue or a mage to fight your way in the game. We also have a hands-on article about this game made by my colleague here.



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A Many Men Online Role Playing as Gir- , uhhh– I mean, a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game where you can challenge the quests and dungeons with your friends, online. Still on a three-basic class basis as players could pick one from a knight, an archer or a mage. But wait, drum roll please, ba dum tsss… you can change classes at any time you want!

For those who had a thing for 8-bit blood, there are PvP systems too, where you can attack an innocent player and turn yourself to a cursed player, who will get a reduced overall stats and could be killed by neutral players for no penalty. There are still some spots that are in dire need of updates, but still an overall good MMORPG nonetheless.



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Unlike Dash Quest up there, Dungeon & Pixel Hero goes by a horizontal side scrolling adventure where you control a knight in his quest for the fortune hidden inside the vast dungeon. Throughout the game, you can upgrade your equipments to help you delve deeper into the deep dungeon.

There is also a feature to speed up the game to 1.5x the normal speed for players who just want to finish the dungeon quickly. You can also get gems to upgrade your hero from the mine system, using gold to upgrade the miner so he could work faster and haul more gems.


4. Minute Quest

unnamed (1) unnamed

Minute Quest, where you don’t actually use just a minute of your free time to play. This one-finger-retro-RPG would test your abilities in moving back and forth in a quest to defeat… wait for it… ….the demon lord! What a (rather not) surprising plot! Players will start as a weak character with basic weapons and sent forth by the king on his quest, and along the way you can collect gold and item drops to support the cause of killing the demon lord in the long run.

Players can also change their classes according to their equipment respectively, like knives, staffs, swords and maces. You can also upgrade your characters status as they level up with stat points, further pushing you to your optimal build with your equipment sets. The graphics are also made as a throwback to 8-16bit side scrolling adventure games.


5. Cardinal Quest 2


Cardinal Quest 2 is another free to play retro graphics RPG, unlike the others above, players could choose one of seven classes provided by the game on their quest. Players will actively uses all the items loot and spells they found inside the dungeon to make their way into the innermost chambers of the dungeon. Where glory and riches awaits them.



There are three different acts to explore in which the players will face different enemies and environments to conquer. There is also an endless tower system where you can challenge yourselves within.


And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, our top 5 retro RPGs for Android system. I would also recommend you to also read another of my article about retro RPGs here. There are also a lot of other retro-ish RPGs out there in the playstore, if these five doesn’t quench your thirst for old-school 8-bit adventures. Or maybe you are searching for a more specific kind of gameplay and or playstyle. I suggest thee to search the vast network of playstore and maybe, just maybe, you would find more suitable games for you. It is all depend in your preference in RPGames.

Thank thee for thee kindness of reading this article, may the gods of RPG graces me the strength to write another article next time, until then, peace out and keep on gaming my brothers (and sisters).


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