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Top 10 RPG of 2016 – Fruitful Year for Square Enix and Atlus

Top 10 RPG of 2016

The end of 2016 is nigh. For us RPG lovers, it’s fair to say that this year has been quite a fruitful one considering numbers of good RPG released. Some developers even released quite a lot of titles this year, whether it’s on console or handheld. Well then! Without wasting no more time, let us take a look at my top 10 RPG of 2016.

10. Mobius Final Fantasy

Mobius FF artwork

An amnesia pretty boy travel through various world to fulfill the prophecy of becoming the savior. That’s basically the gist of Square Enix mobile game, Mobius FF. With high quality graphics, and an opportunity to play as other character from FF universe, Mobius has become on of the coolest mobile game of 2016. Not to mention its unique class based character development, similar to FF X-2 that will allow you to change the appearance of your character and equipment, based on his/her class. And the summon animation is just splendid. (more about Mobius Final Fantasy here)

9. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth cover

Set in an advanced alternate version of Tokyo, you play as an amateur hacker where people all over the world use a virtual reality network called EDEN. Problems occurred when EDEN infiltrated and taken over by Hackers, disrupting life between real world and Digital World. There is also Eater, creature who inflicts digimons and some part of the world with digital virus. Along with your friends, Shiramine Nokia and Sanada Arata, you’ll meet Kuremi Kyouko who then recruits you into Kuremi Detective Agency. Using Digimon Capture as your device to befriend Digimons roam inside EDEN, it’s your responsibility as Cyber Sleuth to stop the Hackers and Eaters! (more about Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth here)

8. I am Setsuna

I am Setsuna artwork

Embark on a journey with your friends to save the world, and get the happy ending. That’s the kind of mainstream RPG we know. Only part of it can be applied to describe I am Setsuna, where the protagonist (Setsuna) chosen by her village to become sacrifice in order to calm a violent fiend in the land. Cruel? Yeah. Sick? Mmhm. Perhaps not your common RPG plot, but for me this what makes I am Setsuna stands out. Fan of Chrono Trigger will be feeling nostalgic as this game battle system said to be inspired by Chrono Trigger’s. If you a JRPG hardcore fan who enjoy an impactful story (although sad), this game should be in your next-to-play list. (read more about I am Setsuna here)


Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE characters

You play as a young boy named Itsuki Aoi and his friend Tsubasa Oribe. You’ll be fighting entities called Mirage by becoming some kind of idol in entertainment world, uncover and stop their plot. Although it’s a crossover between Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem, the game mostly resembles the SMT system. There’s the ‘Session’ gimmick, which is similar to ‘All-Out Attack’ on Persona series. The portion of FE in this game came from the Mirage, taking the form of FE heroes and villains. If you haven’t got yourself the copy of this game, now is the perfect time to spend the rest of 2016 indulging yourself in this exciting crossover! (read more about Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE here)

6. Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse

Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse artwork

The story revolves around a lone Hunter named Nanashi who unfortunately meet his demise only to be brought back to life through some kind of pact with a certain god, in return for the Hunter’s  loyalty to the God. Together with his fellow Hunters, they must take a stance in the war between gods. One similar aspect with the previous SMT game you can find in this game is the demon summoning via smartphone. Bizarre? Yeah. But that has been some kind of SMT’s unique trait. You can also collecting your demons legion by making a pact with them, or even tell them to just die after you beat them to a pulp. (more about Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse here)

5. Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III map screenshot

As the fourth installment of the Soul series, it has all the elements you expect as their successor. Dark and grim world, depth and extensive yet subtle lore, extraordinary graphic and landscape, and of course fan favorite difficult, death inviting game play. As a conclusion to the series, no wonder DS III became Bandai Namco‘s fastest selling game in their history, selling over three million copies worldwide two months after release.

4. Pokémon Go

Pokemon GO catching pokemon

The game that took 2016 by storm. Pokémon GO has created worldwide phenomenon that unite gamers and non gamers alike. A semi augmented reality game play where you can find and catch 150 first generation pokémon in the real world definitely attracts attention. By the end of the year, the hype has really gone down though. Some people said it’s the lack of stories, and another blame the simplistic catching system and bland battle mechanics. Nevertheless, Pokémon Go could be a foundation to a much more awesome Pokemon game int the future. (more about Pokémon GO here)

3. Persona 5

Persona 5 cover

As a fan, the release of Persona 5 is one thing that I really look forward into this year. Prepare yourself for another plot twisting storyline, hours of grinding, repetitive dungeon, dilemma for your social links (or ‘cooperation’ now), and Shin Megami Tensei familiar fusion material creature, all that we love from Persona series. Embark on a daily school life of the signature silent protagonist, while leading the ‘Phantom Thieves of Heart’ to steal ill intent form the hearts of adult. Non-Japanese speaking gamers please wait patiently until April 2017 to journey to the velvet room. (more about Persona 5 here)

2. Legends of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II

Legends of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II artwork

Continue where he left off after his battle with former classmate Crow, Rean Schwarzer found himself stranded on the outskirt of his hometown, Ymir. Accompanied by The Ashen Knight Valimar, he must reunite with his friends scattered all over the continent. Together they must take a stance in the middle of conflict between the Noble Faction and Imperial Army, put an end to it, and ‘become the foundation of the world’. One interesting aspect from Legends of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II is, later in the game you may choose one of the female character with whom you develop romantic relationship. It’s not like you can ask her to go out on a date (as if in Persona 3 and 4), but it’s still quite an exciting feature from the sequel. (more about Legends of Heroes series here)

1. Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV party

Finally, fan’s 10 years of waiting are paid off, with the release of FF XV last November. Beautiful graphic, open world mechanics, lovable character, exquisite storyline, bad ass summon, and a fluid battle system that I called ‘adult Kingdom Hearts’, have satisfied all gamers worldwide. It’s safe to say that FF XV has become on of the best in the saga, definitely a positive comeback from the series latest installment in console. If you haven’t grab yourself a copy, go right now to take the mantle of Noctis in his journey to reclaim the throne of his homeland and restore peace in Eos. (more about Final Fantasy XV here)

That sums up my ten favorite RPGs of 2016. Not quite an easy list to make, as there are a lot more good titles that could have been easily make it into the list. One thing for sure is that 2016 has been quite a fruitful year for Square Enix and Atlus, and it can only serves as good news for us to enjoy more of their great works. Especially for me, as I have been one of  their biggest fan (who doesn’t?). I might have missed more recommended titles, so feel free to let me know.


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