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#ThrowbackRPG – Tales of Phantasia Characters

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Tales of Phantasia is the first installment of the Tales series which was released in 1995. Firstly made for SNES, Tales of Phantasia successfully caught the attention of gamer. Not long after its release, Tales of Phantasia became popular and was known for a unique kind of RPG which can push the classic console to the limit. That popularity made the developer of this game decided to re-port it in later console.

The story begins with a battle of the four heroes with the evil Dhaos.  They actually won the battle, but unfortunately Dhaos has succeeded to escape through time. Then another four unknown heroes succeeded to seal Dhaos using mysterious pendants.The story continues to the adventure of Cress Albane and his companions where they realized that they are the next heroes who bear the burden to defeat Dhaos once again.

PlayStation, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation Portable, and even iOS have the opportunity to taste the greatness of the pioneer of Tales series. Tales of Phantasia surprisingly dominated the RPG scene at the moment when it came out with a unique battle system and voice act. Not only that, it also has interesting characters with their own abilities. Here are the Tales of Phantasia characters that you should know.

1. Cress Albane

Cress Albane - Tales of Phantasia

Cress is a young swordsman who lives in the small village of Toltus. Being the son of Miguel Albane, the famous swordmaster, Cress has trained with swords since his childhood. His journey begins when he found out that his village has been destroyed while he was going hunting with Chester. He realized that his family kept a pendant that Dhaos need; that pushes him to go on a journey to save humankind.

Being the first swordsman in the series, Cress’ fighting style became the archetype of the other swordsmen in the entire series. For example, Sword Rain (attacks the enemy with multiple stabs), and Beast (knocks the enemy back with lion-shaped force). Not only offensive, Cress also has supportive artes such as Coil which boosts his attack and Inspiration which can heals himself in the battle.

2. Mint Adenade

Mint Adenade - Tales of Phantasia

Mint is a young healer who met Cress in the prison. She is the successor of her mother, Meryl’s healing technique. At first, she was captured by Mars Uldole and her pendants was taken. Later she was rescued by Cress who was helped by her mother’s spirit. As a healer, Mint has a gentle and shy demeanor, but she proves to be very useful when it comes to battle.

Being a healer, Mint’s skills focused on supportive magic. Her skills can buff the party or inflict statuses to the enemies. She is the only character who can use magic to heal others. She possesses First Aid (heal single ally) and Nurse (group healing). She can also boosts the party offense with Sharpness and lower the enemies’ defense with Acid Rain. Her ultimate support arte is Time Stop.

3. Chester Burklight

Chester Burklight - Tales of Phantasia

Chester is Cress’ childhood friend who also lives in Toltus. He lost his parents while he was a kid, and he relies heavily on his sister Ami Burklight. Together with Cress, he witnessed his village got attacked and destroyed by the army led by Mars Uldole. Swore a vengeance together with Cress, he decided to let Cress go forward to Euclid while he stay to make proper burial for the villagers.

Chester uses a bow as his weapon, makes him to be the first archer in the series. As an archer, Chester has no arte to use at first, but he made up for it with his high attack power. As time goes by, he will learn variety of archery-based arte, making him more dexterous and providing him with elemental strikes.

4. Claus F. Lester

Claus F. Lester - Tales of Phantasia

Claus is a professor who studies magic. He becomes a teacher in Euclid due to his prowess in magic. Cress and Mint come searching for his aid to defeat Dhaos. He refuses at first, but changed his mind after Cress and Mint helped him in calming the wind elemental spirit, Sylph. After being told by Sylph to visit the Great Tree Yggdrassil, Claus decided to joins the party.

Claus is a summoner, thus makes him carry a book as his weapon. With his summoning technique, he is able to call spirits such as Undine, Maxwell, Volt and Origin to aid him in the battle. With his book as his weapon, he is an awful melee-fighter, but his summons can deal a lot of damage to the enemy. His only weakness in summoning is that it takes time to cast summons, making him vulnerable.

5. Arche Klein

Arche Klein - Tales of Phantasia

Arche is a half-elf who lives with her father in a house near the Lone Valley. Being a half-elf, she is a powerful magic user for the party. But her status as half-elf makes her an outcast to her race. Arche decide to join the party after Cress and the other helped her avenge the death of her friend, Rhea Scarlet who was killed by Dhaos minion’s Demitel in the village of Hamel.

Arche is another mage who is capable of attacking beside Claus. Being a spell-caster, she can use her mana to cast powerful elemental magic to hurt the enemies. As a mage Arche learns her spells through spellbooks that can be found across Aselia. Uniquely, she rides a broom in battle, making her immune to some enemy attacks and spell such as Tractor Beam, since she is not on the ground.

6. Suzu Fujibayashi

Suzu Fujibayashi - Tales of Phantasia

Suzu is an optional protagonist and an NPC in the SNES version of the game. To recruit her, we need to finish her sidequests beforehand. In-game, she is known as the granddaughter of the chief of Ninja Village. She meets Cress’ party when she was being saved by them from the rogue ninja who betrayed the village and decided to serve Dhaos.

Suzu uses the Igakuri School of Ninja Arts fighting style. As a ninja, she is swift in attacks and movements but lacks in defense. She has a variety of artes such as Hell Rush (front line strikes) and Crow Blade (long-ranged attack). Not only that, she also has item-stealing technique called Secret Thief and summoning arte: Jiraiya, in the shape of a giant frog.

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As the pioneer of the Tales series, Tales of Phantasia caught the attention of gamer with the unique game mechanics they brought into the game. It successfully introduced the linear battle system that no other game uses at that time. Following its success in SNES, Tales of Phantasia has a re-port in PlayStation, PlayStation Portable, Game Boy Advance, and iOS.

Do you have your favorite Tales of Phantasia characters? Or have you decided to play it once more? Please share your thoughts below.

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