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#ThrowbackRPG – Tales of Eternia Characters

Tales of Eternia Characters

Tales of Eternia (or known as Tales of Destiny II in North America release) is the third mothership title in the Tales series. Tales of Eternia is the successor of Tales of Destiny that was released in PlayStation few years back. Like its predecessors, Tales of Eternia adapts the Linear Motion Battle system which allows players to attacks and moves freely, but Tales of Eternia has more advanced battle system.

The story begins when the two first main protagonists noticed that there is something different with the realm beyond the sky: Celestia. Suddenly a spaceship fell down in front of their eyes and a mysterious girl and her cute-looking pet came out from the ship and ended up telling them that the world is in danger. Together, they uncover the secrets of Craymels of the two worlds, Inferia and Celestia.

Firstly introduced in PlayStation, the developer decided to re-port it to PlayStation Portable, probably because of the good response from the audience. With all its excellences and uniqueness, Tales of Eternia became one of the worth-replaying PlayStation games (read the list here). Before you decide to try or play it again, here are the Tales of Eternia characters that you should know.

1. Reid Hershel

Reid Hershel - Tales of Eternia

Reid lives in a village called Rasheans with his childhood friends: Farah and Keele. He learns to live independently as the townsfolk started to distance themselves after a tragedy in the village caused by those three. After those three being apart for their own interest they begins to reunite again as soon as Reid ask for Keele’s help regarding the mysterious girl which fell down from Celestia.

Reid is a master of swordplay with his vast array of powerful close-combat abilities. His fighting style is kind of wild and self-taught, divided into slash and thrust attacks. He can wield large variety of weapon such as axes to enhance his slashing attacks capability, spears to enhance his thrust, and swords to balance both. Reid cannot use magic, but he will be the one possessing the Divine Aurora power.

2. Farah Oersted

Farah Oersted - Tales of Eternia

Farah is the lead heroine in Tales of Eternia, and also the first companion that will be joining for Reid’s team. After feeling guilty about the tragedy that was happened to the village of Rasheans, Farah joins the Regulus Dojo and trained as a monk there. After getting tired of living in solitude, she came back to the village as a farmer. Her adventure begins as soon as she meets a mysterious girl from Celestia.

Because of her training as a monk, Farah is a master of martial arts using her knuckles. Her attacks consist of deadly combination of punches and kicks. All of her strikes separated into different categories: ground, mid-air, air, and power. She may not be as strong as Reid; she can’t use weapons and armors like him, but her healing artes is enough to make the party depends on her all the time.

3. Meredy

Meredy - Tales of Eternia

Meredy is the mysterious girl with her pet Quickie that was found by Reid and Farah beside her spaceship called Craymel Craft. When she was found, she is speaking in a strange language which makes Reid and Farah had no idea about her background. Later, after using a certain device all of them can understand each other and that is when Meredy told them that both worlds are in danger.

Meredy is a Craymel Mage, meanings she can take advantage of the power of Greater Craymels through her device called Parasol. Because of that, she has access to high level Craymel Artes and she can even summon them in battle. Meredy can’t fight physically even though she holds a whistle as a weapon. But using that, she can commands Quickie to attack the enemies during battles.

4. Keele Zeibel

Keele Zeibel - Tales of Eternia

Keele is the childhood friend of Reid and Farah whom later become a scholar at the age of 13 in Mintche University. He is also with Reid and Farah when the tragedy to his village happened. In Mintche University, he became a research assistant in the Light Craymelology Department but got kicked out and left for Mt. Mintche Observatory, where he meets with Reid, Farah, and Meredy.

Keele is a mage and he starts with Inferia-based elemental magic such as: Fireball, Aqua Edge, and Wind Blade. Those three basic elements are the basic element of Craymels that Inferia has. Although he studied in Light Craymelology Department, he doesn’t possess Light Craymel Artes. As a Craymel Artes user, he is required to be able to combine elements/fringe with the Greater Craymels that Meredy has.

5. Chat

Chat - Tales of Eternia

Chat is the pilot of her maritime vessel which will be used in-game, named Van Eltia. The party meets Chat in her home in Celestia right after leaving Gnome’s Cavern. When the team entered her cottage, they got knocked out by sleeping gas and forced to find their way out. Later, Chat greets them and explains that she needs crew to maintain her ship, the legacy of legendary pirate Aifread.

Chat’s weapon is kind of unique; a choice of handbags. Using handbags as her weapon, she utilizes it very well that it can annoy the enemies in battles. She can throw hammers which came out from her handbags (Pow Hammer) and she can also steals from the enemies with it (Rover Tool). As an optional character, Chat isn’t as stand-out as the other characters, but her skills might be useful at a time.

6. Max

Max - Tales of Eternia

Max is the leader of a resistance group called Shileska Freedom Army. Shileska was founded to challenge Balir, a reigning tyrant of Celestia and bring him down; just to establish Max as the next ruler of the world. Although his primary motive is world domination, his subordinates supports and shows loyalty to him. Max’s team decided to cooperate with Reid’s party to make an assault upon Balir Castle.

Max uses a shoulder-mounted Craymel Gun cannon to attack enemies from afar or to whack the enemies in close-range combat. Because of his cannon is a Craymel-powered weapon, it takes time to execute the artes. As an optional character, Max is useful due to his long-ranged attacks and high damage but his artes really takes time to charge. Later, he can be equipped with Canceler to solve that problem.

7. Rassius Luine

Rassius Luine - Tales of Eternia

Unlike the other, Ras is a temporarily playable character in Tales of Eternia. Ras is a member of the nobility within Inferia Empire and holds a position as a Senior Knight. He holds the Inferia Empire’s treasures called Seyfert Key as the King request him to find out what it is trying to tell. He first met Farah in Barole, and decided to help the party finding Sylph within Sylph’s Cavern.

As a Senior Knight of Inferia Empire, Ras is adept at swordplay and possesses strength and agility. His lack of being unable to equip armor helped him to move swiftly and wildly in battle. His skills consist of high-speed techniques such as Dragon Swarm and Dragon Flash. As a temporary playable character Ras is gifted with above-average speed and deadly techniques, making us want to use him more if possible.

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Not only has an interesting plot, Tales of Eternia has a linear battle system which is rare at its time. That battle system is what has caught my attention and ended up falling in love then get addicted to it. Moreover, Tales of Eternia has voice acts which make the game even merrier. Nice graphics, good plot, great battle system, and voice acts is what a good game supposed to have; this game has those all.

Do you have your favorite Tales of Eternia characters? Mind to play it once more? Please share your thoughts below.

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