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#ThrowbackRPG – Tales of Destiny Characters

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Tales of Destiny is the successor of Tales of Phantasia and was released in 1998 for PlayStation. As the second game of the Tales series, this game adapts the same mechanics and systems that its predecessor used. The Linear Motion Battle System is still the main attraction of the game. It allows your characters to attack freely without delay and executing combo attacks in linear movement.

The story begins when a young adventurer named Stahn found a talking sword in the storeroom of an airship as a stowaway. The talking sword appears to be one of the 5 Swordians which can be used to save the world. Together with his friend, Stahn sets out on a journey uncovering the secrets of Eye of Atamoni. To know more about them, here are the Tales of Destiny characters that might interest you.


Playable characters who wields a Swordian with them as a weapon.

1. Stahn Aileron

Stahn Aileron - Tales of Destiny

Stahn is the main protagonist who lives in the village of Lienea with his grandfather and his sister. Getting bored of his normal life, he decided to travel the world, hoping that he can become a soldier of Seinegald in the future. He sneaks out of the village and slips aboard the flying ship Lumina Draconis. A certain occurrence met him with Dymlos, the talking sword.

Stahn is able to use sword, axe and spear. Wielding Dymlos as his main weapon, Stahn is a powerful sword-based fighter. His Swordian, Dymlos contains the soul of the Division Commander of the first Er’ther Army unit named Dymlos Timber. Swordian Dymlos possesses the power of flame and known to be able to enhance physical power.

2. Rutee Katrea

Rutee Katrea - Tales of Destiny

Rutee is a Lens hunter who came from Cresta. Together with her partner, Mary, she collects Lens from defeating monsters and sends it to Oberon Corporation for Gald. Rutee has a greedy and selfish personality at first, but as time goes by it turns out that she has more noble goals to the party. Rutee’s Swordian is Atwight, which has been with her since long and is like a mother figure for her.

Rutee’s weapon is mainly swords. Her Swordian, Atwight contains the soul of Atwight Eks, a Medical Corps Colonel during the Aeth’er Wars and also the crush of Dymlos Timber. Atwight is the only healing-oriented Swordian and capable of boosting the status of the party. Atwight has water-based element, and suited to Rutee’s piercing attack style.

3. Leon Magnus

Leon Magnus - Tales of Destiny

Leon has a birth name Emilio Katrea, and also a young prodigy of a swordsman from Seinegald. Due to his prowess in sword fighting, at his young age he becomes the Captain of the Kingdom of Seinegald. Although he looks cold-hearted and often shows cold demeanor to his associates, he has a concern to his surroundings. Leon’s Swordian is Chaltier, which has earth-based element.

Leon is a master in using swords. His Swordian, Chaltier contains the soul and personality of 2ndEr’ther Army Squadron Leader, Major Pierre de Chaltier. As a Swordian, Chaltier is very loyal to his master, Leon even if he didn’t like the order. With a slim-shaped figure, Chaltier is very suitable to Leon’s agile fighting style.

4. Philia Felice

Philia Felice - Tales of Destiny

Philia is an apprentice priestess from Straylize Temple who loves to study about science. She has a kind, polite, and naïve demeanor as what a feminine woman would be. Even though she is a priestess, she doesn’t use healing type skills in battle, she relies heavily on offensive magic. Her Swordian, Clemente is very reliable on that part.

As a Swordian Master, Philia can wield rod and mace, not to forget Clemente as her main weapon. Philia’s Swordian, Clemente contains the soul of Laville Clemente, the Chief of staff of Er’ther Forces (where Atwight served as his physician). Clemente has a lightning element and shaped like broad sword in the tiny hands of Philia.

5. Garr Kelvin

Garr Kelvin - Tales of Destiny

This blue-armored swordsman is a prince of a snowy kingdom of Phandaria. Despite of having a big figure, Garr is a kind an honorable man. Not only keen to his surroundings, he also possess logical mind as a noble man. He is the second playable character after Stahn crashes into the realm of his kingdom. Garr possesses Igtenos, his Swordian which has wind-based element.

Garr can wield sword, spear, and bow beside his Swordian Igtenos. His Swordian contains the soul and personality of Igtenos Minarde, the leader of Er’ther Intelligence Unit. With his abilities, Garr possess the most fighting styles of all Tales of Destiny characters. With Igtenos, he can use wind-based elemental magic attacks.


Playable characters without Swordian and also play minor role in the game.

6. Mary Argent

Mary Argent - Tales of Destiny

Mary is Rutee’s friend, even though she was being used most of the time for Rutee’s personal gain. Despite of her fierce look, she is rather submissive towards Rutee. Due to her memory loss, Mary has no goals or ambitions, making her follows Rutee wherever she goes. Mary doesn’t wield a Swordian, but she is a reliable physical attacker. She defeat the enemy using her ability to use sword, axe, and spear.

7. Chelsea Torn

Chelsea Torn - Tales of Destiny

This sweet looking girl comes from a noble family in Phandaria. Chelsea has small stature with a green eyes and pink hair. Although she has cute look, she can use short bow very well in battle. Her long-ranged attacks placed her in a safe position, while the other will attack from close distance. She possesses chain attack skills and also bows skill called Cupid Arrow, which can heal the party members.

8. Karyl Sheeden

Karyl Sheeden - Tales of Destiny

Karyl is a son of an aristocratic family from Sheeden who chose to be a bard over his family’s wealth. He uses musical instruments in battle, and able to support the party members through the song played from his lute. Karyl has no Swordian, but that doesn’t make him to be useless. He proves to be useful enough in battle through his songs.

9. Bruiser Khang

Bruiser Khang - Tales of Destiny

Khang is a skilled fighter and the reigning champion of Neuestadt Arena. Due to his minor role in-game, there is not much to describe about him except his rivalry with Stahn as he sees him to be equal as his opponent. With his knuckles, Khang uses devastating attacks in battle. His weakness is her slow movement, but he has more agility in mid-air, and not to forget, his brute strength.

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As a classic game, Tales of Destiny has a simple but exciting plot to follow. The existence of Swordian and each with their own personality makes the party livelier. As an RPG lover, I like a game where each character has their own personal weapon and specific characteristic. And thankfully, I found that in this game with the character development of the protagonists and the unique Swordian.

Which Tales of Destiny characters are your favorite? Now, do you think of playing it again after reading this article? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

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