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#ThrowbackRPG – Tales of Destiny 2 Characters

Tales of Destiny 2 Wallpaper

Tales of Destiny 2 (the name also used for translated version of Tales of Eternia) is the fourth mothership title in the Tales series. This Japanese RPG was co-developed by Wolfteam and Telenet Japan in 2001 for PlayStation 2. Tales of Destiny 2 is the sequel of Tales of Destiny that was released in PlayStation few years back. Like usual, Tales of Destiny 2 adapts the Linear Motion Battle system.

The story begins with Kyle, the main protagonist and son of the hero of the previous game embarking on a journey to save the orphanage that his parents run from financial ruin. During his quest, he finds a giant Lens, from which a mysterious girl named Reala emerges and said to be in search of a hero. Knowing his heroic bloodline from his parents, Kyle helps Reala to prove his capability.

Firstly introduced in PlayStation 2, the developer decided to port it to PlayStation Portable with the same title, probably because of the good response from the audience. But unfortunately, the official English version was never released, leaving the non-Japanese audience with curiosity. The famous composer, Motoi Sakuraba was involved in the music composing alongside Shinji Tamura.

1. Kyle Dunamis

Kyle Dunamis - Tales of Destiny 2

Kyle is the son of Stahn Aileron, the hero of the first Tales of Destiny. His personality is really similar to his father, but unfortunately Kyle remembers little of his father as he was told that his heroic father left on a journey when he was young. His best friend Loni, also shares the same absolute faith that they both will become a hero just like Kyle’s parents: Stahn and Rutee.

Kyle is a fast physical attacker who fights with swords in a wild sword-fighting style. He has a good reach of attack as well as aerial combat skills. He has unique artes, but when the game was released he was the only main protagonist of the series who cannot use the signature swordsman projectile attack: Majinken or also known as Demon Fang.

2. Reala

Reala - Tales of Destiny 2

Reala is the heroine of Tales of Destiny 2 who came out of a giant Lens found in the Laguna Ruins. Her background is surrounded by mystery while she has an ethereal quality about her. Her presence is the catalyst for Kyle’s journey as he chases after Reala in order to become the hero that she is searching for.

Reala is primarily an elemental spellcaster who has access to all spells and extensions associated with the standard elements: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. She also has access to a few physical attacks that allow her to deal melee damage and drain enemy’s HP to share with her allies. While she is not the only spellcaster in the team, she is the only one who can obtain a resurrection spell: Raise Dead.

3. Loni Dunamis

Loni Dunamis - Tales of Destiny 2

Loni Dunamis is another protagonist of Tales of Destiny 2 who acts as a big brother and a protector to Kyle. He is a member of the Order of Atamoni and wields a poleaxe as his weapon. Although they don’t share the same bloodline, Kyle and Loni uses “Dunamis” as his last name since Stahn and Rutee decided that all the kids in the orphanage should bear the same last name.

Loni burdens himself with guilt over the death of Kyle’s father, Stahn. He tries to protect Kyle but ended up being saved with Stahn’s life as the risk. Loni is fascinated by beautiful women and humble in their presence, until one day he finds himself thwarted by Nanaly’s bold demeanor. This hostility eventually dissipates over time, and the two manage to build a trust as time goes by.

4. Judas

Judas - Tales of Destiny 2

Judas is a mysterious swordsman in black cloak, until later he was known as Leon Magnus from Tales of Destiny. Eighteen years after they died, Leon and Chaltier are brought back to life by a woman named Elrane. In return, she asked Leon to help her rewrite the history of the world, but he refused. As a result he was banished back to the world and wandered the world alone.

Both Stahn and Leon’s name are marked in history, although Leon was marked as a traitor. Because of that, he decided to cover his face using a skull mask made from dragon cranium. He also changed his fighting style; now he uses Chaltier and another sword in the other hand instead of a shield. After saving Kyle and Philia Felice in Straylize Temple from Barbatos Goetia, he agrees to join Kyle in his quest.

5. Nanaly Fletcher

Nanaly Fletcher - Tales of Destiny 2

Nanaly is a female character who hails from the future era of Tales of Destiny 2. She is a strong girl who who takes care of orphaned children in her hometown. She was born in Hope Town, nine years after Stahn and the others defeated Kronos. Her journey triggered after she met with Loni and Judas, whom separated from Kyle and Reala. Unknown to the group, she is also dragged through time assisting Kyle and the others.

Nanaly is using a longbow as her weapon, making her an expert ranger capable of fighting physically from safe distance as well as casting a rounded repertoire of spells. She has access to strike artes and magical artes of varying elements, with her focus being the element of Fire. She is the only character in the game to possess mystic arte: Wild Geese, a physical attack which extends from her spells.

6. Harold Berselius

Harold Berselius - Tales of Destiny 2

Harold is another playable character in Tales of Destiny 2 and known as the creator of the Swordian. Due to her name and accomplishment, she often mistaken as a man. She was a major character in the Aeth’er Wars, as she turned the tides of the fight by developing powerful Lens-based sword called Swordian.

Harold is an offense-oriented spellcaster who equips rod in her main hand and a dagger in the other hand. Due to her role and capability in the game, she is the most powerful spellcaster in the team while being significantly less potent in close range combat. She can casts healing spells such as Cure and Resurrection but she is unable to resurrect allies like Reala since she doesn’t have access to Raise Dead spell.

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This time the roster consists of 6 characters with 3 males and 3 females, less than some other Tales series game’s protagonists. My favorite goes to Judas. He was a pro with his Swordian, Chaltier and now he can even fight better with both swords in his hands. If before his attacks is quite damaging to enemies, I’m sure this time he can unleash more deadly combos with dual-wield swords.

Which one is your favorite Tales of Destiny 2 character? Please share your thoughts below.

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