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#ThrowbackRPG – Male Tales of Symphonia Characters

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Tales of Symphonia is a Japanese RPG released for Nintendo GameCube on August 29, 2003 in Japan. Published by Namco, this game has become the core product of the Tales series and the fifth main game of the series (eleventh game released in total). Because of the positive response from the audience, the developer decided to port it for PlayStation 2 at first and later also for PlayStation 3 and PC.

Tales of Symphonia follows the adventures of Lloyd Irving as he and his friends work to help Colette Brunel regenerate the world. This title brought the Tales series a new battle system in 3D, in which the player-controlled character moves on a 2D plane, except when physically attacking an enemy located off the plane. Within the game, here are the Tales of Symphonia characters that you should know.

1. Lloyd Irving

Lloyd Irving - Tales of Symphonia

Lloyd is the main protagonist in this game. He was once a simple country boy, until one day he is thrust into the outside world following a raid on his village. After being exiled from his hometown of Aselia, he joins Colette, the Chosen One on her Journey of Regeneration. Although he, as a young warrior plays no part in the prophecy, he is a strong optimist and a good leader for the team.

Lloyd is a melee fighter, so he focuses on dealing melee physical damage with concentrations in speed and combo building. We can see it how agile he is by watching his move while using Sonic Thrust and Sword Rain, sacrificing his damage output and durability. Like most swordsmen in the series, his only ranged capabilities involve Demon Fang and related artes.

2. Genis Sage

Genis Sage - Tales of Symphonia

Genis is one of the main protagonists in Tales of Symphonia and also a friend of Lloyd and Colette. He is the younger brother of Raine Sage, and a prodigy in academics and magic. In the game, he is depicted as a somewhat off-putting and sarcastic person at first, but as the story goes we can feel that he can be one of the group’s most mature members.

At the beginning of the game, Genis only has access to a simple magic such as Fire Ball, Stone Blast, Wind Blade, Aqua Edge, Lightning, Icicle. As the story progresses, he develops and becomes a great mage. While his magical abilities are the best among the spellusers in the game, he possesses no close-ranged skill other than attacking with his kendama. He has access to most of the elements except the dark-elemental spell.

3. Kratos Aurion

Kratos Aurion - Tales of Symphonia

Kratos is a key protagonist from Tales of Symphonia and also the fourth person to join the party. He aids Lloyd, Collete, and Genis in the battle at Martel Temple. He takes on the job of guarding the Chosen of Mana on her Journey of Regeneration. He is also one of the four heroes who ended up the Kharlan War, along with Mithos, Yuan Ka-Fai, and Martel.

Kratos’ fighting style is similar to that of Zelos Wilder, though it seems like Kratos has better reach. Kratos has some useful offensive and healing spells, together with the Angel Skill Judgment, although he is best suited to fight in the front line. Although he uses the same weapons and armors as Zelos, his swordplay is stronger, reflecting his strength rather than his finesse.

4. Zelos Wilder

Zelos Wilder - Tales of Symphonia

Zelos is a key protagonist in Tales of Symphonia. He is also the Chosen of Tethe’alla. The first impression that Zelos gives is that of a pervert, irresponsible, and immature man, however he has more internal conflicts and emotional pain deep inside. The group first meets Zelos with his entourage in Meltokio, where he attempts to disturb Colette and Raine.

In the game, Zelos is described as a Magic Swordsman, meaning he is capable of using sword to attack close-range as well as cast a spell from afar. His fighting style is similar to that of Kratos, though they still have differences. Zelos possesses some useful spells, although he prefers to fight on the front lines. Zelos’ swordplay is quicker, reflecting his finesse rather than his strength.

5. Regal Bryant

Regal Bryant - Tales of Symphonia

Regal is another playable characters in Tales of Symphonia and the last member who joins the group. Regal is a very serious convict that was sent by the Pope of Tethe’alla to capture Colette. The party first meets him at the Meltokio Sewers after defeating minor convicts. He joins the party due to his curiosity upon Presea and her Exsphere.

Regal uses his kicks as his weapon in battle. He is a fighter supplemented by small amount of chi magic such as Healer and Grand Healer, similar to Farah Oersted if you play Tales of Eternia. Using handcuffs as a promise not to kill with his hands anymore, he fight exclusively using his feet and uses greaves to enhance his kicks. His battle style is a departure from the rest of the characters who have a base-master-arcane style.

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Tales of Symphonia is known as one of the best games in the entire series. Whatever it has, is successfully enchant the players to love it to become one of the top Tales series. My favorite character? Of course it is Regal, since I’m a melee fighter lover. But Kratos is also cool with his role in the game and his fighting style that uses swords in battle, making him suitable as one of the best badass characters in RPG.

Which one are your favorite Tales of Symphonia characters from the above list? Now don’t you want to try or replaying it again? Please share your thoughts below.

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