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#ThrowbackRPG – Male Playable Star Ocean: The Second Story Characters

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Star Ocean: The Second Story is the second installment of the Star Ocean series made for PlayStation in 1998 (this game also has another title: Star Ocean: Second Evolution for the PSP remake). This game gives the player a choice to play in Claude C. Kenny or Rena Lanford’s scenario (the two main protagonists) with all its consequences to the story in-game; resulting in different possibility of recruitable characters.

Star Ocean: The Second Story has the real-time combat system that tri-Ace is famous for. The reason why I chose this game instead of the remake is because it is basically the same game with minor improvement. Star Ocean: The Second Story is the original version that I have played before, that is why I can recommend you to play this amazing game. Here are the male playable characters of Star Ocean: The Second Story.

1. Claude C. Kenny

Claude C. Kenny - Star Ocean The Second Story

Claude is the main protagonist of the game and son of the famous Admiral Ronyx J. Kenny from Star Ocean: First Departure. Although he has the ability and talent to be an officer, he lives in the shadow of his popular father. But above all, Claude is generally a nice guy and passionate about what he thinks is right. His adventure begins when he was teleported to planet Expel due tu some accident.

Although he seemed to have no experience in battle at first, he seemingly uses Edarl sword style which he learned in his studies in Basic Combat Arts. His first sword was given from Regis, the village elder of Arlia. Claude can wield a single longsword and heavy armor in battle, and extremely capable and versatile melee fighter with self-healing ability and both close and long-range combat arts.

2. Dias Flac

Dias Flac - Star Ocean The Second Story

Dias Flac is a famous swordsman from Star Ocean: The Second Story who was known for his prowess in swordfighting. Dias is a cool character, seldom speaks a lot, has a cool-headed behavior and rebellious. In the game, he was described as a childhood friend of Rena in Arlia and thinks of her as his other little sister. A certain incident has left a deep scar within him and changed his behavior.

There’s no swordsman who doesn’t know Dias Flac. He can win tournaments without using any effort at all. Because of that his opponent even goes as far as stealing his weapon so he can’t participate in the tournament. Although he isn’t special anymore near the endgame, he joined amazingly strong at the first time, making him a popular and unforgettable character of the game.

3. Ashton Anchors

Ashton Anchors - Star Ocean The Second Story

Ashton is a swordsman from Expel who seems to be good being an unlucky person. He is actually an honest, modest, and timid person, but it seems that his life is full of unlucky events. The peak is when he accidentally merged with a two-headed dragon after trying to kill it at first. Apparently Ashton is the only one who can communicate with the dragons, making all of them a good partner in the end.

Ashton is a Symbological swordsman, meaning that he can utilize his twin-short swords in conjunction with Symbology to imbue himself and his attacks with magical power. He can equip some of the post-game bonus dungeon swords that come as a single blade. Not only that, he can equip heavy armor, making him a formidable fighter with good offense and defense at the same time.

4. Bowman Jeane

Bowman Jeane - Star Ocean The Second Story

Bowman is a playable character in Star Ocean: The Second Story and its remake, Star Ocean: Second Evolution. He is a pharmacist who runs a drug store in the town of Linga with his wife. As a pharmacist, Bowman possesses martial art skills. The first time the party run into him was when Claude and friends were looking for someone he knows. Bowman then joins the party later on.

Bowman has everything required for people to like him. He is well-mannered, smart, strong, and also passionate about everything he interested in. He is also a devoted husband to his wife Ninay, although sometimes he flirts with girls when she isn’t around him. With knuckles as his weapon, Bowman is a skilled martial artist. He is a favorite for every melee fighter-type characters lover like me.

5. Leon D. S. Geeste

Leon D. S. Geeste - Star Ocean The Second Story

Leon is a genius despite of his appearance as a brat. He is a researcher in Symbological weapon field, and an expert in it, making him act arrogant sometimes. He meets with Claude and the others in Laucer caste basement, when Claude eavesdropping him speaking about an expedition to Hoffman Ruins. Their trip to Hoffman Ruins develops a sort of friendship with Claude and begins to call him “Big Brother”.

Leon holds a spell books in battle which can be used to summon a female ice spirit to strike with a sword when delivering normal attacks. Surprisingly, his regular attack against aerial enemies is the second fastest among the team. Although his book is not quite strong as a weapon, it boosts his magic and the power of his Symbology. He also has the highest INT growth in the game.

6. Ernest Raviede

Ernest Raviede - Star Ocean The Second Story

Ernest is an adventurous archaeologist from Tetragenesis. His thirst for exploring the ancient ruins of the universe is above all. The party first encountered him in Krosse, where he is seen running down the streets. Later, after Claude meets Opera, he remembered about the three-eyed man, Ernest. Claude and Opera eventually team up to search for Ernest who was living in the Mountain Palace for a while.

Ernest uses whips as his weapon, making him having an advantage with longer attack range. He also has an ultimate weapon called the Cat o’ Ninetails, which allows him to hit the enemy three times in a row. All of his Special Arts has low proficiency and MP usage, so we can upgrade it faster. As a fighter, he can only equip medium-weighted armor, making the other character can surpass him easily.

7. Noel Chandler

Noel Chandler - Star Ocean The Second Story

Noel is a zoologist in charge of the Nede Endangered Species Protection Zone. He loves animals and nature so much. Normally gentle and friendly in demeanor, he can get furious when it comes to the animals and the environment. He is the other character in the party beside Rena who can use healing Symbology.

Same as Rena, Noel uses knuckles is battle but with higher attack values. Just like her, Noel is not a primary fighter and much rather relies on his wide range of healing spells and Wind and Earth elemental Symbology. Although he is versatile in every aspect, he lacks of STR and Special Arts to make him a fighter, and doesn’t have enough INT as a dependable mage in battle.

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This game may be old, may it never stops me from playing it again. The game mechanics, skill system, active battle, and the great plot are always a good reason to play it over and over. You will spend hours just to accomplish all the possible achievements. My favorite characters are Dias and Ashton. Dias is cool but unfortunately he becomes mediocre near end game, as for Ashton, he is a beast.

Which one is your favorite Star Ocean: The Second Story character? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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