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#ThrowbackRPG – Male Playable Star Ocean: First Departure Characters

Star Ocean First Departure Wallpaper

Star Ocean has its first debut in Super Nintendo in 1996. Surprisingly, that title became a successful franchise with it continuance in the next generation consoles. I found out that I have become a tri-Ace’s games addict since I played Valkyrie Profile, and Star Ocean: the Second Story in PlayStation. And after I tried the later version of the first and second Star Ocean in later console, I got addicted even more.

Star Ocean: First Departure is still adapting the same battle system they used in prior version. It has a lot of similarities with the Star Ocean: the Second Story battle system in PlayStation. In short, the battle system is very dynamic and eye-catching to gamers such as me. Before you decide to start playing it, here are male playable Star Ocean: First Departure characters that you should know.

1. Roddick Farrence

Roddick Farrence - Star Ocean First Departure

Roddick is the main protagonist in the game, with blue colored hair. He is a Fellpool, a species descended from feline that has a close resemblance with Earthling. He lives in planet Roak, and he becomes a guardian of his hometown, Kratus along with Millia and Dorne. His journey began when a certain virus plagued nearby town and infected Dorne. He then look for Serum as cure for the virus.

Roddick wields a sword, and he is proficient with long swords. He learned a certain fighting style called Edarl sword style from his father and modified it himself to sharpen its deadliness in combat. Roddick has a lot of good sword skills, and it can be upgraded by having Omega, Four Beasts, and Wyrm King SFT (Secret Fighting Technique).

2. Ronyx J. Kenny

Ronyx J. Kenny - Star Ocean First Departure

Ronyx was the captain of Earth Federation Starship called Calnus. A later event propelled him to the status of Admiral, especially after the Roak incident. Along with Ilia, he was sent to Roak to help the people there, and he ended up bringing Roddick, Millie, and Dorne inside Calnus. Together, they find a way to cure the petrification virus, which already infected Dorne.

Ronyx uses bow and arrows as his weapon. He was taught Symbology (magic) by Millie. He has initial fire, wind, earth, and light spells, and he is the only mage in the game with dark elemental spells. Because he is a hybrid-type fighter (warrior-spellcaster), his weapon didn’t give him any magic boosts unlike other mages. But still, he has some decent items spell that you can get later in the game.

3. Cyuss Warren

Cyuss Warren - Star Ocean First Departure

Cyuss is one of the earliest characters we can recruit in the game. He is a Highlander living in Astral City. He has unpleasant manner sometimes, but he is a good friend and rival for Roddick. He met Roddick and Ilia in Haute, when he warns them for buying fake weapons. To recruit him, we must assist him first with his quest in Portmith. After that, we will have the option to recruit him.

Cyuss wields a great sword. He is also a sword specialist like Roddick; you will found that both of their Special Arts shared some similarities. The difference between him and Roddick is that he has more elemental-based weapons. To upgrade his Special Arts, first we need to have Omega and Four Beasts SFT. If we recruit Cyuss, we can’t recruit Ashlay and Erys later in the game.

4. Ashlay Bernbeldt

Ashlay Bernbeldt - Star Ocean First Departure

Ashlay is a swordsman of Roak who lives in Tatroi. He is also a master of Edarl sword style. He climbed the rank rapidly in Tatroi Colosseum, making him a famous swordsman. He will appear in Tatroi arena if we didn’t recruit Cyuss; he will be present in the audience stands, where he complains about the weak fighters. Then clear a round in the arena (any rank) with Roddick, and talk with him in the docks.

Ashlay wields a sword as his weapon. He has balanced stats, with his attack a bit higher than the rest of his stats. He has similarities in Special Arts with Roddick and Cyuss, but he only needs Omega SFT to upgrade his Special Arts. If we recruit Ashlay, we will not be able to recruit Phia in early game (means we can recruit her later). And if you want to recruit Erys, you must have Ashlay in the party.

5. Ioshua Jerand

Ioshua Jerand - Star Ocean First Departure

Ioshua is a Featherfolk, who lives in Roak. He meets Roddick at the Purgatorium, and explains that he is looking for her sister, Erys. To get Ioshua, after doing the quest to Astral, go to the Purgatorium when given the chance. Find the secret entrance of Purgatorium and you will meet Ioshua there. He will request for a company exploring the ruins. After the quest ends, you can choose to recruit him.

Ioshua wields rod as a weapon, making him a spellcaster. He has an accessory slot filled permanently with Feather Ring (+5 Defense). Ioshua has some nice sets of Symbology; more attacking than healing. He is proficient in Water, Wind, Light, and Earth Symbology. Having Ioshua in the party is necessary if you are going to recruit Erys later in the game.

6. T’nique Arcana

T nique Arcana - Star Ocean First Departure

T’nique is a Lycanthrope, means he can transform into a wolf in battle. He meets Roddick in the Tatroi arena. He is a martial artist who loves to fight, beside of his cheerful personality. To recruit him, we need to go back to Tatroi arena during the Emblem quest. Then clear the arena at least as far as rank D. T’nique will jump in at the final battle, defeat him and make sure you have 6 characters or less.

T’nique is using spears and staves as his weapon. He wears robes and shoes like any other martial artist. As a Lycanthrope, he will turn into a wolfman in battle. He has some nice sets of skills, and we can upgrade his Special Arts by having Omega and Bagua SFT. If you have more than six members in the party after defeating him the arena, you will not be given the option for him to joins.

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I will choose Roddick as my favorite. Maybe if T’nique was using bare knuckles as weapon I would choose him, so I guess I’ll choose Roddick this time. Roddick might be similar with the other swordsman, but he has more upgradeable Special Arts than the other. Besides, as the main protagonist, he would never be so standard.

Which one is your favorite Star Ocean: First Departure character? Please share your thoughts below.

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