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#ThrowbackRPG – Grandia Characters

Grandia Wallpaper

As far as I can remember, Grandia was one of my most favorite PlayStation RPG which I can’t ever forget. Grandia is the first installment in Grandia series and was released for PlayStation in 1999. Although Grandia is not a best selling game like the mainstream, popular games such as Final Fantasy series, it has fanatic fans, especially those who love this kind of turn-based RPG like me.

The story is about Justin, a young wannabe-adventurer who lives in a seaside town. Together with his best friend and surrogate sister Sue, he left the town for a real adventure, confronting Garlyle Forces, and uncovers the secrets of the Spirit Stone that his father left him. Along the way, he meets with amazing friends, until later he realizes that the world’s depends on his hands.

Nicely rendered 3D graphics, awesome turn-based battle system, and challenging dungeon exploring with respawnable enemies makes Grandia is really exciting. The good news is, this game will be remastered on Nintendo Switch, which means you can play this nostalgic game once again. But before going any further, you should be acquainted first with Grandia characters.

1. Justin

Justin - Grandia

Justin is the spirited and impulsive main protagonist of the game who lives in town of Parm. Most of his families were adventurers, except his mother who was known as an infamous pirate “Lilly the Skull”. He sets out on his journey firstly with the assistance of Sue and Puffy, as his childhood friends. As an all-round character he can equip swords, axes, and maces; his final weapon is the Spirit Sword.

2. Sue

Sue - Grandia

Sue is the first companion that came along with Justin. She is an energetic little girl from the town of Parm who use her pet, Puffy as her ribbon and as a weapon sometimes. Together with Justin, she sets out on a journey to find Alent and discover the secrets of ancient Icarians. Sue serves as a support character for the team. She uses maces and ranged weapons, and her final weapon is Angel Darts.

3. Feena

Feena - Grandia

Feena is another main character of the game that joins later after Sue. In the game, she begins as professional adventurer and also a poster girl for Adventurer’s Society. After she meets with Justin and Sue, she decides to join them finding Alent. And later, it turns out that she has important role in the story. She uses knives and whips in battle, and her final weapon is a whip called Whip of Light.

4. Gadwin

Gadwin - Grandia

Gadwin is a playable character who came from the village of Dight in the Lost World. He is known as a master in combat and often asked by the elder to finish specific mission for the village. Gadwin is what you call a powerhouse character, but he isn’t a typical knight/warrior character as he is also proficient in using magic. He can only use sword as his weapon; his final weapon is Swordfish Sword.

5. Rapp

Rapp - Grandia

Rapp is a young humanoid from the village of Cafu in East Elencia. He joins with the party as soon as Justin and the others saved his village from the Garlyle Forces. Rapp has a tragic background; his parents were petrified by Gaia. Rapp is classified as a speed attacker as he is agile and attacks fast. He can equip swords and knives, but his final weapon is a projectile type of weapon called Evil Shuriken.

6. Milda

Milda - Grandia

Milda is a playable character who came from Laine. As a Lainian, she possesses awesome strength. And just like any other Lainians, although she is deadly in battle she can’t cast any form of magic. Milda is quick to anger, but during the time with the party she shows her motherly figure towards them. She can wield weapons just like Justin but she doesn’t have any magic. Her final weapon is Earthen Ax.

7. Guido

Guido - Grandia

Guido is a playable character in Grandia in the form of a talking rabbit. He is the elder of all the Mogay in Zil Padon. As a traveling salesman, he meets with Justin and the others several times before he finally joins. Guido is the only character in the team who can unleash three combo hits instead of two. He can equip swords, knives, and projectile and his final weapon is the Evil Shuriken.

8. Liete

Liete - Grandia

Liete is the last playable character in the party. She is the High Priestess of Alent who was seen by Justin through projection in Sult Ruins. When Justin meets her in person, he convinces her to join him in fighting Gaia. In the team, Liete is the best supportive spell caster and she has access to unique spells. Just like Gadwin, she can only use mace as her weapon. Her final weapon is the Spirit Staff.

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Grandia is truly one of my favorite PlayStation RPG ever. While people put more attention in Final Fantasy series, I found a lot of excitements in playing Grandia. Its unique turn-based battle successfully caught my attention as I never found one like that in any other games. And for you who feel excited to try or you who wish to play it again, the remastered version will be ready for you this year!

Do you have a favorite Grandia characters? Are you ready to play it once more? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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