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#ThrowbackRPG – Female Playable Star Ocean: The Second Story Characters

Star Ocean The Second Story Wallpaper

Star Ocean: The Second Story is the second installment of the Star Ocean series made for PlayStation in 1998 (this game also has another title: Star Ocean: Second Evolution for the PSP remake). This game gives the player a choice to play in Claude C. Kenny or Rena Lanford’s scenario (the two main protagonists) with all its consequences to the story in-game; resulting in different possibility of recruitable characters.

The reason why I chose this game instead of the remake is because it is basically the same game with minor improvement. In the prior article, we already know about the male characters, now we are going to discuss the female characters since they also hold specific and important role in the game along with their exciting combat skills. Here are the female playable characters of Star Ocean: The Second Story.

1. Rena Lanford

Rena Lanford - Star Ocean The Second Story

Rena is one of the two main characters available in the scenario selection screen, alongside Claude. She is a bright and positive young girl, mature for her age. She also possesses a mysterious healing ability that no one else in planet Expel are able to use. Although she seems cheerful at the surface, she is longing to discover her past, as she learns that her parents are not her biological parents.

Rena is the primary healer of the team, and the strongest among the other. She equips knuckles as her weapon, but apparently her melee combat ability doesn’t excels very well as we proggres; however, many of her weapons grant bonuses in her magic. She is also the only character in the game that can resurrect party members, while also learns supportive and offensive magic at the same time.

2. Celine Jules

Celine Jules - Star Ocean The Second Story

Celine is known as a treasure hunter and a symbologist from the village of Marze on Expel. Her interests include wealth and fashion, although her taste leaves a bit to be desired. Not well suited for melee combat, she uses destructive Symbology to keep her safe from monster while she hunts for treasure. She also stars in some of the Star Ocean series as a playable character.

Celine is very dependable with her offensive Symbology that primarily revolves around Fire, Wind, and Light elements, with a few buff and debuff spells mixed in. She uses rod as her weapon, and she can equip mage robes and special wizard hats. As the only female spellcaster, there is a number of earring accessories that only Celine can equip. She has the second highest INT growth in the game after Leon.

3. Precis F. Newman

Precis F. Newman - Star Ocean The Second Story

Precis is the daughter of a machinery researcher/inventor in the town of Linga. As a daughter of a scientist, she also has interest in machinery. Her greatest invention is a robot named Robbie that can transform and help her effectively in battle. As a bright and free-spirited teenager, she has a schoolgirl crush on Claude and is utterly clueless about Ashton’s feelings toward her.

Precis is a close range oriented character, with a mechanical rocket-powered arm she has strapped to her backpack used as a weapon. She can equip all of the normal fighter equipment, including some heavy armor. Same like Opera, with her Machinist talent she can create some Special Arts and some equipment. Most of her Special Arts revolves using her mechanical arm as well as Robbie.

4. Opera Vectra

Opera Vectra - Star Ocean The Second Story

Opera comes from a noble family on her home planet Tetragenesis. She arrives on Expel in search of her lover, Ernest. The party first find Opera in a bar in Hilton, where she is asking for information about a man with three eyes. After Claude tells her that he saw a man like that in Krosse, she introduces herself and run off. She joins the party when Claude and the other visit Krosse Mountain Palace.

Opera is a character that excels at hitting enemies from afar, known to possess effective skills such as Tracking Plasma who can follows opponent and hit even the fast ones like Ethereal Queen. She also the only character in the game who has a Killer Move: Healing Star, which can heal all party members. She uses a weapon known as Kaleidoscope Ray Gun, which uses special ammunition that can be equipped.

5. Chisato Madison

Chisato Madison - Star Ocean The Second Story

Chisato is a journalist married to her job. Her passion for work borders on an obsession, making her craving for the newest information to scoop for the competition. As a journalist, she can perform Jingu-style martial arts, which will help her when entering dangerous area for the sake of collecting information (although she is known to equip a stun gun).

Chisato is a very versatile character on the battlefield. Though she looks like fighting with bare fists and kicks, she uses tasers as her weapon. She has the highest movement speed in the game and strikes quite fast. She also has powerful close range Arts as well as a variety of elemental based Special Arts. Her most deadly Art is Tear Gas, which can be amazingly lethal to cornered enemies.

6. Welch Vineyard

Welch Vineyard - Star Ocean Second Evolution

Welch is a special character who is recurring in some titles of Star Ocean series (available only in the remake version of this game). This blonde girl has a cheerful and eccentric personality, but also helpful to the party. People assume that she being controlled by or are a Fourth-Dimensional Being. We can recruit her in a Private Action in Lacuer Castle, immediately after Lacuer Armory Contest.

Welch wields a “handy stick” as a weapon. Unlike the other female characters, she can wear a heavy armor like the male. Her Special Arts aren’t that stunning as her true strength lies in her normal attack. Her final Special Arts can be obtained by having Symbol of the Gods; simply craft Smooth Crystal. But first, we must get the Smooth Crystal in Eluria Castle (via VR Expel only).

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Playing Star Ocean series is never boring, especially the classic ones since it focuses more on the gameplay instead of graphical beauty. You will spend hours just to accomplish all the possible achievements. My favorite character goes to Welch. Everyone knows that she is a beast with just her normal attacks. Moreover, if you have her ultimate Special Arts: Nibelungaling!; game over for the enemy.

Which one is your favorite Star Ocean: The Second Story character? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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