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#ThrowbackRPG – 7 Classic RPG with Unforgettable Plot Twists

Final Fantasy VII Remake Wallpaper

Role-playing game or known as RPG are one of the most popular genre that gamer loves to play. The strength in RPG lies in the storyline, where it is very important to stay on the track of the main story. Unlike the other genre, gamer who plays RPG needs to pay attention to what the game tries to tell us by talking to everyone we meet. That is the essence of playing classic RPG, and why people love it.

Good plot has become the strength of classic RPG since it has been used a lot in many games. There are some which use plot twist to make players getting more excited as the truth slowly revealed. Among all of the good RPG titles, there are some that has a shocking, unforgettable plot twist that can’t be easily forgotten. Here are 7 classic RPG with unforgettable plot twists that you should know.

1. Chrono Trigger

chrono trigger

Chrono Trigger is a legendary game from SNES that is impossible to miss by RPG lover. It has a good storyline, great battle system, and nice graphics also. In this game, we will play as Crono, a young swordsman along with his unique companions. A princess, a frog swordsman, a prehistoric blonde girl, and a robot will be our party members that we will be using a lot as you progress through the story.

Aside from those all, we should never forget the plot twist when Crono dies at the hands of Lavos. This might be one-of-a-kind RPG where the main character died trying to save the world from a monster boss. But luckily, since this game has time travel plot, there is a possibility to bring Crono back before he finally beat Lavos once and for all, although it requires some time-consuming efforts.

2. The Legend of Dragoon

The Legend of Dragoon Dart & Shana

For ‘90s RPG lovers, The Legend of Dragoon is a title that is hard to miss. Although Final Fantasy series ruled the PlayStation games list with the release of several titles, but this game is still one of the favorite beside the mainstream titles of that era. Basically, this game tells the story of warriors with the ability to use dragons’ power, with Dart as the main protagonist with his fire dragon’s power.

Since the beginning, we learn that Dart has a grudge against a monster called The Black Monster, as the one responsible for destroying his hometown. As the story goes, he meets with Rose, a person who awakens his dragoon power. Near the end, he realizes that Rose has a connection with The Black Monster and the fact that his girlfriend Shana is the Moon Child who has to be sacrificed to save the world.

3. Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII Remake Had Cloud's Design Changed

Final Fantasy VII is without a doubt one of the greatest creations of Square Enix. There are too many reasons why this title feels everlasting; now it even has a remake on PlayStation 4. For those who have played the game, maybe we only focused on the fight between Cloud, Sephiroth, and Shinra. But there is a moment where one of the main characters dies in front of the main protagonist.

Although it isn’t as bad as Chrono Trigger where the main character dies, it is still shocking to witness the death of Aeris after being slain by Sephiroth. And to make things worse, she will never join the party again because of that, unlike Crono. There are even rumors going around saying that there is a possibility to make Aeris alive. But it seems that it is only a rumor and never been proved to be true.

4. Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X Characters

In its era, Final Fantasy X is a star of PlayStation 2 console. Everybody is going crazy about playing the sequel of Final Fantasy series after the last Final Fantasy IX on PlayStation. As the first Final Fantasy series to arrive on PlayStation 2, Final Fantasy X has a lot of quality to make it become one of the best RPG on PlayStation 2. Nobody doubts the good deliverance of the romance, but there is more than that.

The story begins smoothly when Tidus introduced as a blitzball player and suddenly an enormous monster called Sin destroy his hometown. Being thrown thousand years in the future, he notice that he need to help a summoner named Yuna in collecting Aeons to defeat Sin. They went to the ruins of Tidus’ hometown just to find out that they have to defeat Jecht, Tidus’ proud father in the form of Sin.

5. Persona 4

Persona 4 Wallpaper

Persona 4 is the last Shin Megami Tensei series that was released on PlayStation 2. Shin Megami Tensei series is known to have excellent plot for every of its game in every platform. Many people think that Persona 4 is a game where you will experience plot twist after plot twist. Actually this game starts simply when the main character going to live with his uncle and cousin in rural area of Japan.

The strange things begin when murders start to happen in the town he was in. While police is still dealing with the case, there is a rumor that something will happen if you watch TV Midnight Channel; he saw a girl inside and almost got sucked into the TV. The next day, he found out the girl disappeared and murdered, as a beginning of the unusual things that happen throughout the game.

6. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Star Ocean - Till the End of Time - Hero

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is the third main game of the Star Ocean series which was released for PlayStation 2 in 2003. Nobody has questioned tri-Ace’s quality since the first Star Ocean game made in 1996. The graphics, the gameplay, and especially the battle system astonished the players ever since the beginning up until now. But I think, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time has the best plot twist.

The game starts with Fayt Leingod, the main protagonist having vacation on a giant spaceship. Later, he was forced to escape through an escape pod when the ship was attacked and ended up in an underdeveloped planet. His story continues until one day he learned that outside of their 3D world they live in, there were 4D beings in the fourth dimension that they have to defeat to protect their own existence.

7. Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Shadow Hearts Covenant Wallpaper

Shadow Hearts: Covenant is the sequel of Shadow Hearts game and the second entry in the Shadow Hearts series. Its story starts a few months after the “bad ending” in the first Shadow Hearts. Similar with Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, this game keeps the plot twist up until near the end of the game. The game sets in alternate time line during the World War I, with Yuri Hyuga as the main protagonist.

In Shadow Hearts, Yuri saved the world as a nonhuman called Harmonixer who can convert the soul of monsters and use it to defeat the other. But that makes a secret society hunts him and sends Karin Koenig to erase his existence. To stop the secret society, Karin ended teaming up with Yuri and travel back a hundred years ago. The scene ends with Yuri’s father holding a picture showing himself, Karin, and a young Yuri.

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All those game above might be old, classic, or whatever you name it. But the quality is timeless. For RPG lovers like me, they don’t mind playing old games as long it has quality. Furthermore, those games are a hit in their respective platform. If I have to choose, the concept of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is the best. Imagine that you are only a character in a game world created by 4D beings. Cool or scary?

Which classic RPG do you think has the best and unforgettable plot twists? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

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