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#ThrowbackRPG – 5 Best SNES RPG (Part 1)

Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES in short, also known as Super NES and Super Nintendo is a 16-bit game console developed by Nintendo and released initially in 1990 in Japan and South Korea. Although it sounds old, but too many great RPG titles you know today started from this classic machine. So today, it is the time for us to reveal the first part of 5 best SNES RPG you can play.

1. Terranigma

Terranigma Wallpaper

Terranigma or also known as Tenchi Sozo in Japan, is a 1995 action RPG for SNES developed by Quintet. Manga artist Kamui Fujiwara is credited with the character designs. The game was published by Enix in Japan before Nintendo localized the game and released English, Germany, French, and Spanish version in Europe and Australia.

Terranigma tells the story of the Earth’s resurrection by the hands of a boy named Ark, and its progress from the evolution of life to the present day. The fight between God and the Devil taking place, more fiercely than ever. The conflict culminated in a final battle in Antarctica, with neither of the two forces was victorious. The continents submerged into the sea and the under world was sealed away.

2. Breath of Fire II

Breath of Fire II Wallpaper

Breath of Fire II is a RPG developed and published by Capcom. First released in 1994, the game was licensed to Laguna for European release in 1996. Breath of Fire II is the second entry in the Breath of Fire series. The game was later ported to Game Boy Advance and re-released worldwide. The game was also released in Wii’s Virtual Console in North America in 2007.

Unlike later installments in the series, Breath of Fire II is a direct sequel to Breath of Fire. Set 500 years after the original game, the story centers on an orphan named Ryu Bateson, whose family vanished mysteriously long ago. After his friend is falsely accused of a crime, Ryu embarks on a journey to clear his name.

3. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars which was released in 1996 adapts the gameplay mechanics that Square used in all of its creations. That is why, although it is a Super Mario game, the gameplay of Super Mario RPG is FF-alike. The battle system is a simple turn-based battle with unique features. For example, if we press a button upon attacking we can unleash greater damage to the enemies.

In Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, we will fight the bad guys who drove out Bowser from his own castle. The game begins with Mario battling Bowser as usual, but suddenly Bowser’s castle struck by a giant living sword. Then after that incident, Mario must go on a journey alongside Peach, Bowser, and other characters to restore the Mushroom Kingdom back to normal.

4. Soul Blazer

Soul Blazer Wallpaper

Soul Blazer, or also known as Soul Blader in Japan, is an action RPG for SNES developed by Quintet and published by Enix. Soul Blazer was scored by Yukihide Takekawa and was released in 1992 in Japan and North America, but not released in Europe until 1994. In this game, the player frees a series of town by fighting monsters in traditional dungeon crawl battles.

We will play as the Hero (Blazer) as the protagonist, a divine angel, deity or lesser-deity, or avatar sent by The Master to restore the world’s creature to life. Skilled with a sword and possessing the ability to speak with any living thing can be understood, he battles hordes of Deathtoll with the assistance of his Soul helpers.

5. Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride

Dragon Quest V Wallpaper

Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride is a RPG developed by Square Enix and also the fifth installment of the Dragon Quest series. It was the first Dragon Quest title to be released on SNES, and later re-released for PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS. Because of its popularity and loyal fans of Dragon Quest series, the developer made it available for Android and iOS in 2014 (Japan) and 2015 (worldwide).

The game takes place over roughly thirty years of the main character’s life, from when he is born through to when he gets married and has a family. So, the game will follow the hero from his childhood to adulthood to parenthood. This divides the game into 3 separate eras. The game retains all of the typical elements of Dragon Quest series with respect to enemies, levels, equipments, etc.

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Started in 1990, it means 30 years have passed since the first launch of SNES too long ago. Personally, playing SNES is one of the most unforgettable moments I can’t forget, especially with all those great RPG starting in it. Speaking about a favorite let me choose Breath of Fire II over the other four. If you ask for my reason, maybe it is because the gameplay was so classic and entertaining at that time.

Which one is your favorite SNES RPG from the list? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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