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Pokémon Series – Evaluating the Evolution!

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon: Z Rotom Power

Pokémon is like the shining gem among Nintendo’s products which has proved to be glowing enough even after more than 20 years since its first debut. Pokémon games might have started “modestly” in Game Boy, but now it has a lot of amazing improvements that makes it survived the warfare in the clash of next generation engines. Now Pokémon series already has 7 generations with all of its differentiation.

People have their own opinions about which generations are best and which generations are worst. Some of them even argued about it, since every generations of Pokémon series has its differentiation and how good it is really depends on our taste. For you Pokémon lovers, or for you who wants to know deeper about it, let’s rank Pokémon games from worst to best.

7. Generation VI: X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

This generation was known to be the first to provide a significant leap in graphic quality. The 6th generation was the first main series games to be in 3D visuals. It also introduces 71 new Pokémon and a new type of Pokémon: Fairy type. What is great about this generation is the Mega Evolution, where the previously fully evolved can now go one step beyond using the Mega Stones.

Although all of the Pokémon series are interesting and fun to be played, there are some people who think that this generation is the most inferior compared to the others. First, would be because of the amount of the freshly added Pokémon were the lowest among all other generations. And second, because of the story of the games that isn’t as fun as the other, some even find it boring to be played.


6. Generation IV: Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold and Soul Silver

Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold & Soul Silver

The 4th generation was able to provide better graphics compared to the previous generations (although the difference isn’t as huge as which the 6th generation brought). It also has beautiful soundtracks which would easily become memorable to players. What is nice about this generation is the 106 new Pokémon which was introduced along with the female champion: Cynthia, ready to fight.

Some players might found that this generation can’t help the games to be loveable enough (although the soundtracks are good). Some also thinks that this generation lacks of memorable parts. The difficulty of traveling from places to places, battles with long animations and slow paced story might be the cause that it did not succeed to become a favorite of most players.

5. Generation I: Red, Blue, and Yellow

Pokemon Red,Blue & Yellow

This is the first generation which has introduced the most memorable 151 original Pokémon. This generation is the beginning of all the great Pokémon we know today. The straightforward story, the traditional gameplay, and the Pokémon rosters will be a good combination to feel nostalgia about this generation. In the Yellow version, we can even have Pikachu following the main character anywhere.

Because this is the first generation of the series, of course there are a lot to be criticized. The limited bag space is really annoying compared to the later games. Upon learning new moves, we can’t get a proper description about the moves itself. Psychic Pokémon are too powerful in this generation. And last, the inability to sprint is of course become a huge gap if compared with the present games.

4. Generation V: Black, White, Black 2 and White 2

Pokemon Black, White, Black 2 & White 2

The 5th generation introduced 156 new Pokémon, which is also the most introduced compared with the other generations. The graphics are a huge improvement from the 4th generation. This generation is also the first of any Pokémon games to receive a direct sequel. The story is also better than the prior ranks on the list above. You can find the changing seasons too, which alternates every month.

The 5th generation has all it needs to be loved by players. The exciting story, better graphics, a bunch of addition to the roster, and the friendly rivals: Cheren and Bianca are why this generation takes the fourth place of the entire series. Two years after the first games, the sequels came out with the better quality but the story is much more accessible if we play the previous version first.

3. Generation II: Gold, Silver, and Crystal

Pokemon Gold, Silver & Crystal

The 2nd generation introduced 100 new Pokémon and two new types of Pokémon: Dark and Steel. There are also new many Pokeballs introduced in this generation; catching Pokémon can be easier somehow with Great and Ultra balls. There are another two kinds of Pokémon, Baby and Shiny Pokémon. This generation learned from the previous mistakes and proved to create better sequels.

The 2nd generation tries to max out the ability of what Game Boy Color can provide. Although the story is nothing compared to the 5th generation, it is good enough for Game Boy Color era. The character development is also something new for classic console. The other interesting thing about this generation is the ability to travel to Kanto Region after completing the Pokémon League in Johto.

2. Generation VII: Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

The 7th generation was the latest installment of the Pokémon series. We can feel that this generation is the most cinematic Pokémon games so far. It is now equal with those which adapt classic mechanics of RPG. Pokémon games now have cutscenes, stunning visuals, a deep plot, and the ability to free-roam. Not only that, 80 new stunning Pokémon will be ready to be catch by players.

If we pay attention, the soundtracks of the 7th generation is also nice, some even thinks that this one is the best so far. Unlike the previous versions, the 7th generation has more interesting and important character of the story. There are some big changes in this generation: the gameplay is much faster, availability of Poke Ride, gym leaders are now replaced with Trial Captain.

1. Generation III: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red and Leaf Green

It is kind of surprising to know that the first on the list was not the latest generation of the whole series. There have to be a big reason why the 3rd generation can outlast the other generations. Most people might easily remember their favorite Pokémon from this generation (I cannot ignore the charm of Rayquaza), as this generation has some memorable Pokémon.

The pace of this game isn’t slow, and the opening didn’t take too long to finish, which is good to stay excited instead of bored. The gym leaders are all great, and for that reason this generation has the best Elite Four of them all. I think the starter Pokémon is memorable enough, even if compared with the later generations. This generation’s story is also nice, with the addition of Battle Frontier for Emerald.

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It is never boring to discuss about Pokémon generations. With its whole lot of series, it is always fun to compare between each generation and which are the best. Every player has their own way of enjoying Pokémon. What you should know is that there are no bad Pokémon games. All of the series were good, but if I had to choose I will choose the 3rd generation (along with my favorite Rayquaza).

What about you? Which Pokémon generation do you like? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

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